144000 and the Muslim? AntiChrist

I watched a video a couple of nights ago which featured a man named Walid Shobat. In which the claim was being made that the writers of the Bible didn't understand what was being referenced in regard to the mark of the beast and the 666 number.

I have watched this man before, years ago and in all honesty disregarded him. Now I have not really taken the time to really dive into his more recent videos.... I will admit this right up front but the video that I watched a few days ago had some very serious flaws in the reasoning that I will adress here. I will also try and add the link so that you can watch this for yourself.

I should start by mentioning that Walid Shobat was once a Muslim terrorist who came to Christ or at least this is what he claims.

The problem is that he is now a Catholic or at least he was when I watched him years ago.

I will come back to this.

In this video he claims that there were Arab letters which were mistranslated as numbers and this was how the original Bible writers came up with the familiar 666 number.

To begin with nobody will ever convince me that the God who knows the end from the beginning didn't foresee this as well as all of the current confusion within the church today... which I am going to address in this article as well.

This could be a long article, God has been pressing on me to write this and for some reason there is an urgency about this article, something important about it!

The first thing that I feel the need to discuss is the illusion that Jews and Muslims are at war with each other this is just an illusion and the Muslims are in fact under the control of the Satanic Jewish elite just as the vast majority of the world is right now and yes this includes the USA.

The fact that most of the Muslims are ignorant to this fact is irrelevant.

How do I know this?

All three world wars were planned out by a Satanic Mason named Albert Pike a long time ago, He was a 33 degree Freemason and a Satanic Jew. In his description of world war 3 he said that they would use the Muslims to destroy Christianity.

Sound familiar?

How many people out there know that the Muslim religion was actually created by the Catholic Church using psychadelic drugs, kidnapping and well planned orchestrated events?

I read about this years ago and to be honest have forgotten much of it so I will try and get the facts dug out and posted for you. I mention this here because there is a connection to be made.

Anyone who is really paying attention will be aware that the Papacy and the Catholic church are in fact under the control of the Jesuits aka Satanic Jews!

The next thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that the “Jewish” Noahide laws and Muslim Sharia laws are nearly identical!

For anyone who doesn't already know this the Noahide laws are being pushed by the Satanic Jews and have been signed into US law by every President for the last several decades.

The very first of these laws make Christianity a crime punishable by death..... by beheading!

The Muslims use swords but here in the US guillotines are being housed in multiple military bases awaiting the day they will be used!

Oh and there are many Muslim groups here as well!

To put it in simple terms the Satanic “Jews” are the puppet masters behind everything evil happening in the world today.... yes everything!

Satan is their master and he is an absolute master of deception and misdirection! Thus his flunkies are masters as well!

This is my main concern with Walid Shobat, if he is truly following Catholic teachings then he hasn't changed sides in the war but rather just changed camps within the same side.

Of course it is also possible that he is truly ignorant of this but anyway let me get back to the points I want to make.

Now Mr. Shobat claims that the antiChrist will be Muslim and that the rags that they wear on their heads and hand is the proof of this.

This is ridiculous because these are things which can be easily removed and for that matter this would be true of a tattoo also.

Christianity is not allowed in most Arab countries and yet Christianity is on the rise there and has been for many years!

Jesus Christ has been appearing to many-many Muslims in dreams! So much so that Christian groups within these countries are putting up billboards saying that if anyone has seen the man in the white robes in their dreams to contact them because he has a message for them!

Would Jesus be doing this if these people were not redeemable to him?

The thing that he seems to be missing here is that the mark of the beast is something that makes people irredeemable to God, in other words it changes them in some way and once it is in you it cannot be removed!

It is also a world wide event!

There is only one thing that has happened in the last few years that fits that description, only one thing that can change you into something that God doesn't recognize as his own creation.... the DNA changing shot!

Something that was planned out for decades before the actual scam was perpetrated on humanity.

The fact that the Muslims will indeed play a major role in this end time scenario is a given, there is no denying that they are in fact already playing out their part and will continue to do so but they are only a piece in a much larger picture.

Now I want to address the confusion within the Christian church and Christian community in general.

Most people these days understand that the Catholic church is for the most part a Satanic organization and this includes much of the Catholic clergy, there are many priests taking a stand against the church leaders and speaking out against the evil that they are witnessing.

However they are far from the only evil, deceptive church in the world today. The Latter Day Saints aka the Mormons, the Johovah Witnesses, the Seventh Day Adventists as well as the prosperity churches are all actively engaged in teachings based on false prophets or deceptive twisting of doctrine more than the Bible and they are leading their people straight down the path to damnation but again they are NOT the exception!

In fact it seems that nearly every church on Earth has been infiltrated to some degree with Satanic influences and this is NOT by accident, it is by design!

Unfortunately it has now reached the point where most Christians cannot even speak to each other unless they attend the same church and even then it is questionable!

Make no mistake this is deliberate!

The objective of this division is to keep the church of Jesus Christ from coming together and rediscovering their true power as children of God!

This is the one thing that the ruling elite fear more than anything else!

They understand full well that if Christians actually realize their potential as the genetic and spiritual children of God whose name is written in every single strand of our DNA that we can and will, destroy them!

I keep hearing people say that 'this' is the great end times delusion or 'that' is the great delusion... some say 'aliens' some say the rapture, among other things but personally I believe it will not be one thing but a series of things, remember Satan and his minions are the masters of deception and delusion and they know the Bible very well!

With all of the confusion though I have to wonder just how many people actually think to ask God directly about this?

I did and he answered me and I certainly trust him over the thoughts and understanding of anyone on earth!

Now the last thing that I want to discuss here is the 144000.

As I was thinking through all of this information I suddenly had an epiphany about the 144,000 and the 12 tribes that had not occurred to me before and although this may upset some people I truly think that this needs to be mentioned here because for some reason it is important that I do so!

First off I do not believe that 144,000 is a specific number of people but is in fact the number associated with those people who have un-defiled DNA or the double helix strand of 144,000 genes which contain the very name of God!

Anyone who is paying attention to the real story understands that the “shots” are being used to change humans into trans-humans in the image of Satan, which is why this must be voluntary!

You must willingly accept it!

I keep asking myself why the Satanic Jews want to completely destroy the white race, that evil little redheaded woman said that her answer to vaccine refusers is to kill off all white people but this makes no sense!

There are many peoples of all ethnic groups all over the world who are refusing the shots.... so why the 'white' race?

Unless of course they have reason to fear the white race!

They are certainly doing everything in their power to create murderous contempt for the white race throughout the world right now so why?

Then it dawned on me!

The whites are the original 12 tribes of Israel!

Bear with me, there is a reason why this matters.

The Bible talks about 144,000 and about 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.

Now I do not believe that the fact that human beings happen to have 144,000 genes in their DNA is a coincidence, so could it be that God was sending us a message in the book of Revelation about who this end times army is made up of?

If I understand this correctly then 144,000 is not the number of warriors in the army but an army who's DNA is virgin and not defiled by the enemy aka the whore of Babylon!

The 12 tribes would then be the un-defiled Israelite's who will lead the pure blooded peoples of the world against them!

The people with virgin, un-defiled blood who carry the name of God within them!

Looking at it from this perspective you quickly realize that they are trying to stop this from happening! They are attempting to stop the prophesy!

They seem to think that if they can get the other ethnic groups to rise up against the whites and destroy the tribes of Israel that they can escape their fate however the other ethnic groups are waking up as well!

1 Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I truly think that much of what we are being told about putting mRNAs in our food supply and water supply etc is propaganda.

Oh I do believe that they are poisoning our air, food and water etc but anything that will alter your DNA has to be accepted.... willingly!

God will not allow them to do this!

I truly think that the point of this propaganda is to make you think that it is already in you so you may as well take the shots and anything else that they want to inject you with so that you can at least buy food and supplies. (A scenario that is rapidly approaching)

I will also say that I do not trust many of these so-called doctors on-line who are claiming that if you live with someone who has been injected that you now have the mRNA within you as well.

Nor am I at all convinced that the test swabs that they are putting up peoples noses are being used to inject mRNA through the blood brain barrier.

If you have a black light or a device that can pick up blue tooth devices you might want to test this for yourself. I do know that many if not all of the people who have been injected glow under a black light and I personally know people who have had the nasal swab who do not glow!

I also know that airports around the world are checking people under a black light to see if they are truly vaccinated or trying to pass a fake vaccine passport and there are many people stuck in other countries who are unable to get home because of it!

Don't be deceived seek out the truth!

You must willingly allow them to put something into you that will change your DNA!

If they could do this through food or water etc they would have already done so!

God will not allow this!

I do believe that they have in their possession all kinds of mind boggling technologies to make you think and believe all kinds of things but be careful and test it against scripture... we have the Bible for a reason!

The Satanic Jews or serpent seed already know that they have lost and are doing everything in their power to keep you from finding this out!

I keep telling people that what you believe is everything! Our enemy knows this only too well!

I do believe that there will be some type of rapture event in the very near future and this will likely be the event that will awaken the rest of the 144,000s or pure blooded humans.

This is the beginning of the end for the serpent seed and they know it!

I have to say that I genuinely believe that the 1000 year reign has already happened and this is literally the end of the end for serpent seed!

They certainly are not acting like they will get another chance!

In fact they act like desperate individuals doing everything that they can to destroy as much of their enemy as possible!

Those who awaken to the truth about who and what they really are will need to embrace their true connection with God and the power contained within their very being.

This awakening is on the way and the enemy is scared!

Their time is very short!


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