Getting Ready!

The Idea Behind this is to give you a starting point for dealing with people in your life I know it might be too late for some of them but maybe not all of them!

This is in part a letter that I wrote in preparation for the coming rapture which I believe to be imminent.

I woke up this morning thinking about what information needed to be available to anyone who needs to deal with the aftermath of our sudden death or disappearance.

I truly feel that God was telling me to get up and deal with this now and not put it off!

I realized that there may be others who need to make these preparations as well so I decided to make a version of this letter to be available for anyone else who might need it so here it is. Please bear with me I had to change some things for this site.

In case of my sudden death or disappearance there are things that I need people to know. The letter below was written just prior to my departure and contains important information that you will need to survive what is coming.

I will leave a separate sheet of information regarding my personal effects.

I truly believe that the rapture of the church aka the children of God is imminent and must take place very soon but I really do NOT believe that it will be anything like most people believe it will be!

To begin with it will be a pretty small event, not many people will go. It WILL NOT take away all of the children! Only the children of the believers will go!

The idea that all of the worlds children will be taken comes from the left behind movies and is NOT Biblical!

The Bible compares this time to the days of Noah and to Sodom and Gomorrah.... In neither of these events were the children spared!

There is no reason to expect it to be different now.

Secondly most of the people who think that they will be taken... will NOT be!
In Isaiah 57 it says that the righteous perish …. none considering that the righteous are taken away to spare them what comes next (paraphrasing here).

Many people who are having rapture dreams right now are describing their souls being pulled out of their bodies as opposed to simply disappearing. This includes a young woman who had not even heard of the rapture before being told by Jesus that she would be raptured and then her soul being pulled from her body so....

This lines up with Isaiah 57 which was given to me by the Lord when I asked him about the rapture.

Nearly every rapture dream that I have seen lately says that this will be a small event.... not many will be taken!

With this in mind I felt led by the Lord to leave behind some basic instructions for what comes next.

The restrainer has been removed and things are about to get bad... very, VERY bad!

The next few years are going to be the worst in Earths history!

Please understand this: As bad as this is going to get... Hell will be much worse... because it will be an eternity of constant horrors from which there is no escape!

You have one more chance... I STRONGLY advise that you take it!

It is not too late to turn your life over to Jesus Christ and be saved!

Get yourself a Bible or Bibles (for others) and hide them because they are about to become illegal.

Understand that there will be many who will come to Jesus Christ during this tribulation period and many of you will die a martyrs death, but great is your reward in heaven!

The camps are already in place for those who resist the demands of Satan including the mark of the beast!

The entire world is now set up for the Satanic one world government and religion and they will demand that you become part of this system!

The penalty for refusal is death or worse!

Seek out web sites or Christian information such as this one to help you discover the truth which you will so desperately need in the coming days.

Do so soon because they will seek to remove these too!

Copy and paste the needed information and again hide it away, it will be illegal to possess!

You STILL have the right and the authority to refuse to accept the mark of the beast and/or any other injections they try to force you to take!

SO REFUSE! No matter what!

Understand that God warned us about this time and about what to watch for.... it is here now!

Turn your life over to Jesus Christ Right NOW!

Be prepared to stand through whatever comes and stand strong!

There is no going back!

For many the decisions that they have made are already permanent and it too late and many of these will turn on you so be prepared!

Being a Christian in the coming days will be incredibly hard... worse than you can possibly imagine but the alternative will be far worse!

You are here now because of the decisions which you have made in your life.... it is time to make better ones!

Jesus Christ is the only way out of this mess!

If you will turn your life over to him and trust his completely then he will bring you through these horrors and into an eternity of Joy, Love and Peace!

A place where there is no darkness, no fear, no pain, no suffering and no horrors!

An eternity of beauty and joy beyond your wildest imagination!

You can still have all of this!

But there is a catch! You have to stop trying to do things your way and start doing things God's way!

Only through Jesus Christ will you find your way out of the darkness and into the light!

I pray that you will!

As for me I am in eager anticipation of going home to be with the Lord! I find that I am so excited most days lately that I can barely breathe!

I hope to see you there soon!