Letter from the USA

Why isn't America fighting back?
The question on everybody's mind these days... including the minds of many Americans!

I guess the primary focus here should be on what is happening here in the US and the plan to bring the US down and then discuss the mindset of the average US citizen.... the coming disaster!

To begin with let me say that they need to bring America down a little differently than most other countries.... because we are heavily armed in this country, people have guns here.... and lots of them! After World War 2 the question was asked to the Japanese of why they did not attack the main land of the US and the reply was that they knew there would be a gun behind every blade of grass and that was probably pretty close to the truth!

So they need different tactics here than the typical brute thug mentality.

I hate to say this but I think that it is quite possible that the average American mind set is probably why they started the whole scamdemic in the first place!

The fact remains though that they HAVE to bring America down for their New world order plans to succeed!

Let's start with the guns.... They cannot directly just take the guns although they would like to because if they did the US citizens might wake up and fight back which is what they are trying to avoid. So they try to ban certain, more specific guns such as assault rifles!

Then people like Soros buy the ammunition factories and jacks up the price of ammunition and limits the amount of ammo that citizens can purchase!

Then dictator Biden stops the import of ammunition into the US and then we have states which are involved in the NWO plan who are taxing the gun manufacturers to the point that they cannot afford to stay in business! Of course as of right now other states still welcome the business so....

I guess for those who do not understand this, the USA works differently than other counties in the world, in that we have state governments which can override and work independently of the Federal government.

Next we have the city governments which can override the state governments down to the level of our local sheriffs and police.

This presents a unique problem for the NWO ruling elite.

Add to this the fact that all police and military personnel in this country swear an oath to defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic which many don't really take seriously but many do!

So we also have something called the militia here.

This consists of ex military and police who are all heavily armed and willing to defend this country to the death!

So then the question arises of how to bring down many of these people without their awareness? Or without them waking up to the plan?!

I guess that you first need to understand that most Americans watch a lot of television and listen to radio and very few of them really understand that these are mind control devices.

They call it programming for a reason.

Then we have our schools and churches which are heavily relied on to keep the masses dumbed down and controllable.

All of which is simply mental conditioning.

Enter the COVID plandemic!

911 showed just how easy it was to mesmerize the masses into believing whatever they are told, predominantly without question!

So now we start announcing on TV every few minutes that there is this terrible killer disease that will wipe out the world! The hospitals are filling up and people are dying in droves!

Of course this isn't really happening and people are reporting as much but the trusted TV is telling them that this is happening so it MUST be true despite the fact that their own eyes tell them differently!

So they jack up the numbers by labeling everything that they possibly can COVID19 and then introduce killer treatments and then say “look at the rising numbers!”

Which is how you get motorcycle accidents and suicides listed as COVID deaths and yet the overall annual death rate is the same as the last 5 years yet hardly anybody bothers to check the facts!

After all the great and wonderful TV wouldn't lie!

(Of course all major media in this country are owned by the very people trying to bring the USA down but hey, we can trust them....right?!)

Of course by killing off the elderly in nursing homes they can not only jack the numbers to scare people into submission but they also eliminate most of the people who have the knowledge of how to survive the really hard times which are most certainly coming!

And then of course there are face masks which many Americans wear almost fanatically which not only weaken their immune system but also do a lot of brain damage so that they can no longer think in an efficient and coherent manner!

Which is of course the whole point!

I should mention here that the words “conspiracy theorists” were weaponized back in the 70s to silence or discredit anyone who would dare come forward and speak truth!

I must grudgingly admit that this was actually a brilliant stroke because it keeps people from looking too closely at the facts and this mind set is still heavily in play in most of the American population today!

People are afraid that they might be labeled a “conspiracy nut” if they look too closely at the truth!

There are however a lot of people fighting back in this country and we actually are winning some battles


Here is where things get really interesting!

Although some of what is happening here is happening in other countries there are a few more specifically targeted things going on here.

Revelation 14:8
And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

The first time that I read REV 14 in the Bible many years ago, the very first thing that popped into my mind was “OMG this sounds just like the USA”!

I truly believe that it is! And I am not alone in this belief many others see this too!

And there are many who also believe that the USA is also new Jerusalem as well which may also be the case so keep this in mind.

America has long been called the worlds food basket because for 2 centuries this has been predominantly a very stable country without a lot of inner turmoil so the agricultural aspect could thrive.

Our government is destroying the food supply!

They have been forcing farmers to destroy their own crops via threats of financial destruction if they refuse!

Hunger and starvation are coming to America on a massive scale!

And only a few seem to realize it!

Next we have the 5G towers which are going up everywhere that will work in conjunction with the nanites, graphene oxide and quantum dot computer chips within the “vaccines” in peoples bodies!

(more on this coming in the Days of Noah article which I will put up soon)

Basically put they will use the “vaccinated” to attack the un-vaccinated!

Now for the REALLY interesting part!

Our leaders have armed our enemies against us!

First they are weakening our military through mandatory vaccines and then there are the many acts of outright treason committed by many of our leaders who have been making all sorts of deals with our enemies which weaken us even further and leave us vulnerable.

Then dictator Biden deliberately hands over major stockpiles of weapons, military equipment, ammunition and CASH to our mortal enemies while opening the borders to allow them free access!

None of this is by accident!

I wonder how many people even know that there are Chinese military troops stationed on the US borders in Canada and Mexico?!

They have been there for months yet hardly anyone even knows about this!

Next we have draconian censorship to make sure that very little actual truth gets out and that anyone who tries will be ignored or “punished” via various methods!

Of course we must also mention the de-funding of police, followed by the further loss of even more of our police through vaccine mandates!

Are you seeing the bigger picture yet?

The USA is being systematically weakened from within to ensure our defeat!

They will keep us fighting each other so that we will have no ammunition left to fight with, then our enemies can simply waltz across the borders and take care of the rest!

The USA will not be coming to the rescue of the rest of the world. We are under attack from within! And if you believe for one second that Trump is a good guy then think again! He is simply a player in this whole charade!

Now let's talk about their crowning achievement.... the mind control of the American people!

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that the vast majority of the American people are dumbed down sheep who will do as they are told!

I honestly believe that they just plain do not want to know!

I guess that it is just so much easier to just shut up and do as you are told and simply believe that everything will be fine if you just comply rather than question anything.... even if their common sense tells them differently.

For those of us who are actually awake and see the truth this is a source of endless frustration! I have been trying for 25 years now to get people to look at the truth but the vast majority simply refuse!

They do not want to know even if it means their own destruction or the destruction of their family!

Now although I do believe that we should fight back with everything we can, I have to say that I do not believe that we will win this battle!

I do honestly believe that we are well into the tribulation period!


We WILL win the war!

Why do I believe that we should fight back?

Because this isn't about winning the battle it is about getting people to safety!

The safety of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The only place where there is true safety!

There may actually still be some people out there who are questioning and seeking the truth, if they see us standing for the truth, standing for humanity and standing for righteousness even in the face of overwhelming opposition, even in the face of death they may wake up to the fact that there is an alternative and that there is hope!

This is why we must stand and this is why we must fight... those few are worth it! They are precious to God and he wants them too!

Time to get your house in order people!

Jesus is coming soon!