**Time to Stand Up and Be Counted!**


I realize that this page is pretty forceful and in your face and I apologize for that but the simple truth is that we Christians are about to face unprecedented persecution! COVID19 is NOT a killer virus and has nothing to do with keeping people safe! This is about getting everyone vaccinated (trans-humanism) and micro-chipped aka the mark of the Beast... period!

Anyone who knows anything about the Bible knows that Satan and his angels are our enemy and the enemy of Jesus Christ. To put this in simple terms they are out to destroy the children of God aka Christians!

AND this is Satan's final move!

He knows that his time is short!

I will put up some things that need to be considered on the Mark page, please take the time to read the updates on that page, If you do you will understand why I am being so forceful on this page. We are rapidly running out of time!

Because of this fact I decided to leave this page as is.


Christians it is time to get off the fence! We cannot afford to sit idle anymore!
The question is are you really a Christian or is it all talk and just for show?
Unfortunately there are far too many people these days that claim to be a Christian but when it comes right down to it they are just not willing to do the work of a Christian!
The fact of the matter is that a great many Christians these days won’t even tell people that they are Christian let alone actually make the attempt to actually witness for Christ!
They seem to feel that it is better to allow people to perish in the name of political correctness than to throw a life line to people who are drowning in sin! WHY?
I agree, it is not comfortable to speak to people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ but isn’t it worth a little discomfort if it means that even one person finds their way home to Christ?
Isn’t this what Christians are supposed to be doing…..helping people find the truth?
We can make a million and one excuses not to do what we know to be right, but while we do nothing, the enemy is gaining ground! He is stealing our loved ones, he is stealing God’s loved ones…….Do you care?
I will tell you right up front that I do NOT believe in the pre-trib rapture, I know where rapture theory originated and I do not believe that it is a Biblically sound belief, I hope that I am wrong but even if I did believe it, I think that far too many people use it as an excuse to be half-hearted Christians!
I have heard far too many people say that they have written letters or have an e-mail campaign ready to launch when they have been raptured for those who are left behind.
This is nothing more than a cowardly excuse to do nothing!
We don’t have to do the uncomfortable work of telling people who might not want to hear it or who might be openly hostile to it, about the truth of God’s grace. After all, we left a letter or an e-mail so we are covered….right?
After all, that’s what it means to be a Christian, right? Not having to get our hands dirty? Right?
After all, isn’t that what the disciples did? Nothing…..
If you know anything about the Bible and about the disciples then you know that they faced torture and even death to spread the truth of God’s love to people.
So explain to me why it is that we feel that we are somehow better, or more privileged than these people? Why we feel that we don’t have to do things that are uncomfortable or even dangerous for our faith?
Are you really being a Christian if you have this attitude?
Are you aware that 4 Christians die every minute somewhere in this world FOR THEIR FAITH!
Can you not see that we have become the church of Laodicea? Lukewarm and worthless?
It is time!!!!! Time to decide what you really believe! Time to take a stand! Time to tell those who are trying to silence Christ; “No MORE! The line is drawn right here!
We have a right to our beliefs; we have a right to say what we want and a responsibility to share the truth with anyone that we can!
They have every right to believe whatever they want to and they don’t have to listen but they will NOT force us to their belief systems! They do NOT have the right! It is TIME!!!!!
Jesus Christ will return soon! It is time to STAND!