The Test

When the COVID scamdemic first started and the kill shots began I honestly believed that the shots were the mark of the beast however as things unfolded and doctors, scientists, etc began publicly announcing the findings of of what was actually in the shots I realized what the shots actually are... the name and number of the beast.

I recently posted a video on the signs page by a pastor Farag in which he talks about the shots and how terrible they are.

I noticed that he was very careful not to connect these shots to the mark of the beast and at about the midway point he made the claim that once saved, always saved and Christians who have taken the shot(s) would still be in heaven.

I am going to address this here.

How many of you know that Charles Darwin, the man who invented the theory of evolution began as a Christian?

Mr Darwin abandoned his 'faith' when one of his children died!

He then proceeded to try and prove that God didn't exist and became the father of the evolutionary model taught in schools today!

Charles Darwin died a broken, fearful and deeply disturbed man!

Do you honestly believe that having led so many people away from God and having never repented that he is now in heaven?

I don't know if you know this but many evolutionists (atheists) and Satanists etc. actually began as Christians!

When they die in their sins without repenting do you honestly think that they go to heaven?

That is like saying that if you are a born again Christian that you can fall away from your faith and do whatever you want to without any consequences what-so-ever!

You never have to repent of doing so!

Does this make any sense to you?

Think about this: If this were true why would Jesus say that we should pray that we be found worthy when he comes for his bride?

He isn't talking to the world here, he is talking to his people!

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that there are a great many people in the world today who claim to be atheists who are in fact actually Satanists! Although I cannot prove this, the Holy spirit tells me this is true!

Please understand that I am NOT saying that a Satanist or an atheist cannot be saved, in fact there are many-many very devoted Christians who began as Satanists but saw the truth and came out of it and turned their lives over to Jesus Christ.

What I am saying is that the issue here is repentance!

Now I have said that the shots are the name and number of the beast and to be absolutely honest I have looked and looked at this and cannot see this as anything else!

The lipid nano particles that doctors and scientists are finding which emit a mac address also contain the quantum dot microchip chip which carry the patent number 06060606 that Bill Gates is so very proud of and this is the number.

The mRNA is literally rewriting our DNA and replacing the name of God with the name of Satan!
This is the name!

Then there is the fact that fetal tissue from aborted babies is contained within these shots which seems to me to be a blood sacrifice to their god.

Then there is the luciferase... yet another tribute to their god and an indicator of who has and has not obeyed (worshiped) their god and the list goes on...

I honestly do not know if people who have the name and number of the beast can still be redeemed but I will say that anyone who has taken the shots for ANY reason should get down on their knees and repent with everything they have and beg God to forgive them and remove this nightmarish garbage from their body!

The thing is that I don't see people repenting of this!

What I DO see is people making excuses and using scripture to try and justify themselves!

Satan uses scripture too!

The still small voice deep down inside of me keeps saying that the shots were a test!

A test to see who would obey God and who would follow the world!

Many-many failed!

When these shots first came out God was actively warning all of his children not to take the shots! But these warnings were written off as crazy conspiracy theory etc. etc etc. by many.

'They' told people that the scary boogieman virus was going to kill them and that the shots would protect them and the fearful took the shots!

Then 'they' said that you cannot travel unless you take the shot and those who wanted to travel.... took the shot!

Then 'they' said you have to have the shot to keep your job and those who trusted in the time and effort which they had invested in their job and livelihood before trusting God.... took it!

Do you see a pattern here?

It seems that all of these people took the shot out of fear and how many times in the Bible does God say “DO NOT FEAR”?

Do you see the test here?

People trusted the fear and NOT GOD!

People were afraid of losing some worldly thing and gave into the fear instead of trusting God!

I have to say that my life has not been an easy one and my husband and I have been put through the trials and fire of learning to trust God above the world and I am extremely grateful for these trials now!

When the job mandates first started my husband was working at a school via a side contractor and we decided that no matter what he would not take the shot! Even if that meant homelessness!

We put our trust and faith in God and he brought us through!

I find it funny that most of my life people have looked down on me for not having a lot of worldly things. In fact most of my life I have been treated as an outcast for not putting my faith in the world but in all honesty I wouldn't change a thing!

The simple truth is that the “things” of this world are about to come crashing down and this will be devastating for many-many people!

I truly believe that Jesus is coming for his bride soon and that those who failed the name and number test will not be going!

They may get another chance but if they so easily accepted the first two parts of the mark will they be able to stand against the mark itself?

I mean they gave into the fear of losing something the first time, what happens when the stakes are even greater?

What happens when you lose your home, your life savings, your comfort and even your ability to have the very basic things that you need to live like food or water or even your life itself?

There are also a vast number of people who have not taken the shots but who have not yet fully submitted to Jesus Christ either.

These people will be left behind as well and will face the same tests!

I really truly believe that this is the group that will yield the most fruit and from which will come the tribulation saints!

This group passed the first test and many of these will be given the strength and courage to stand for Jesus Christ and be a witness for him and a testimony for the truth and power of God!

These are the tribulation saints and they stand as a final declaration of the victory of Jesus Christ over evil itself!

These saints will have to face a time of trouble and trials such as the world has never seen before and they will triumph!

Satan and his minions want us to believe that he will succeed in his plans to eradicate all of Gods creation and although he will attempt everything in his power to accomplish his goals, he will NOT succeed!

The Bible makes this quite clear that for the sake of the elect these days will be cut short!

The end is already written Jesus wins..... We win!