Time is Up!

Are we coming down to the end of it? I believe that we are!

Lately there is an increasing effort to stop Christians from getting information out to people. I know that the attacks against me have been steadily increasing!

Spiritual attacks, frequency attacks, attacks on my computer and internet connections.... the list goes on!

Fear Not!

I believe that we are at the point where we are coming down to the wire and the return of Jesus for his people and the final judgement is imminent!

The eclipse coming in April I firmly believe is Gods final warning to the USA and his judgment with all of his wrath will follow!

Time is up!

There are so many things associated with this eclipse that simply cannot be ignored or even treated as anything other than a direct message from God himself!

There are simply too many things about this eclipse that cannot be ignored! This eclipse takes place exactly 6 years, 6 months and 6 days after the last one! Wow, where have we heard that number before!!!

It crosses over 7 cities named Nineveh in the US and one in Canada!

Did you know that there was an eclipse in Nineveh the day that Jonah came to deliver his message of repentance to Nineveh?

This eclipse enters the US at a place called Eagles pass and this name is associated with the rapture of the church!

I will try and get some of these videos on this posted on my signs page as quickly as possible, bear with me though because lately everything that I try to put up on that page has been a fight! I literally have to do it a little bit at a time and often over and over again! Sometimes what should take me a few minutes will take several hours so please be patient.

I didn't believe in the rapture for a long time but as you may already know, God himself changed my mind on this.

If you are anything like me then you are feeling deep down in your spirit that something huge is about to take place!

Does this mean that the rapture will take place during or around the time of the eclipse? I don't know I hope so!

I do know that humongous changes are about to take place and that Babylon/USA will soon be gone forever!

What I do believe with every fiber of my being is that this is a last call to repentance before Jesus takes his people!

If you have any sin in you that you have not repented of then NOW is the time! If there are people in your life that you have not forgiven, do so immediately!

Many, many people who believe that they are Christians and that they will be taken away in the rapture will not be taken!

Now is the time to search your soul and be certain that you are right with God!

Now is the time to be praying earnestly for God to find you worthy to go!

The many who have refused to search their own souls and truly repent and or forgive, or those who refuse to walk away from those things causing them to sin, will not be taken!

Far too many people who call themselves Christian will find themselves in a position where they will have to search out (probably for the first time) what the Bible really says instead of simply trusting what their pastor says and going along with the crowd.

I can foresee people who will refuse to believe that it could have been the great snatching away because they are still here and certainly God would have taken them! Their ego will simply not allow them to see the truth.

Then there will be many who will feel betrayed and will fall away not fully understanding that it was their desire to form God into the image that they wanted that kept them from searching out the truth of who God really is! They will simply not be able to accept that God did not live up to their expectations!

Then there will be the remnant few who will see their mistake and truly seek out God but it will be very hard for them and they will have to endure a truly horrendous new reality!

They will escape eternal hell but will have to experience hell on earth for a while!

God has his reasons for this I am certain but then the end will come and evil will be destroyed forever!

Keep your head up and your eyes on the sky brothers and sisters we are now entering the end game and we all know that God wins!

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