For the trolls and spies!

Normally I wouldn't even cover this but since The satanists and usurpers have taken it upon themselves to try and keep people from the truth by trying to shut down those of us who are trying to save lives with the actual facts, I guess it has become necessary!

Let me begin by saying that you cannot stop the truth! Whether you like it or not God has the final say! NOT YOU and NOT your MASTER!

Now I want to ask you a few questions...

Has your master Satan ever lied to you? You know, like he has you lying to and deceiving others?

You do not need to answer because I know that he has!

So here's the next question, If he is lying to you about smaller things then what on earth makes you think that you can trust him with your eternal life?

Do you truly believe that Satan loves you or respects you?

I have a news flash for you!

Satan hates you!

He hates you just as much as he hates the rest of the human race but you are useful! He can use you to help him destroy the human race! In other words he needs you to help him accomplish what neither he nor any other angel can do, murder people!

If you are truly into Satanism, witchcraft or the occult then you know that there are limitations on what you can do as far as Christians aka the children of God is concerned.

Yes there may be loopholes which you can exploit but there are still major limitations and deep down you know this to be true.

Once you have served your purpose you will be destroyed! You will not be glorified, you will not have riches or power. But you will live forever!

Stop for a moment and let your mind play out what the worst possible version of eternity would look like for you... Tortured, hungry, thirsty, afraid, in constant pain.. whatever your worst fears and nightmares consist of is what your reality will be for eternity!

Is this really what you want?

Cut off from light... cut off from love?

Now I know that you probably think that you know what Christianity is all about but I really doubt it!

Let me describe for you what is in the future for Christians...

Imagine a place where you are loved and accepted.....Loved more completely and wholly than is even possible here on earth!

A place where there is no fear, no anger, no hatred, no pain, no suffering, no ugliness of any kind, no selfishness... only complete love and acceptance!

Imagine a place of incredible beauty and great joy! A place where you always feel welcome and wanted! A place of endless wonder and peace!

This is what awaits Gods children!

All because we made a choice... we chose to believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God who was born here on earth, lived and died for us!

We chose to repent of our sins and invite Jesus to come and live inside of us. We chose to turn our lives over to him and allow him to change us and make us whole!

And I have never met a true Christian who ever regretted doing so!

Please understand that these things that you are getting which are born out of your beliefs are temporary! They will not last forever! In fact I dare say that they will likely be gone far sooner than you expect!

Then there will be darkness and fear....forever!

It is not Gods will that any shall perish... not even you!

Please surrender yourself to Jesus Christ now! Ask him to forgive you of your sins, ask him to come and live inside you! Take the time to learn what it means to live in Christ … and come home!

This just might be your last chance!