Puzzle Pieces
Seeing the Big Picture

This entire website has been devoted to trying to make sense of world events in connection with Biblical prophesy.

The first page in this site is about understanding who and what you are so that you can withstand what is still coming.

There is still a lot more coming!

Anyone who is paying close attention to what is really going on in this world has to realize that this is an all out effort by the forces of darkness to completely destroy humanity aka the children of God!

Make no mistake this is their entire agenda!

Satan knows that his time is short and he also knows that it is the children of God (human beings washed in the blood of Christ) who will stand in judgment on him and all of his minions!

Satan and his minions have declared war on us, they just don't have the decency to tell us this directly!

Of course they can't because if they do we will destroy them and they know it so they operate through trickery and deception.

Unfortunately most of the worlds people are only too willing to believe whatever they are told without ever questioning why and this includes the majority of Christians even though their own Bible warns them against doing this!

I have believed from the beginning that there are rules in place that even Satan cannot violate and I still believe this to be true even though the enemy is doing everything in his power to convince us otherwise.

I have also been telling people that what you believe is vitally important especially now which is why the powers that be are doing everything possible to take control over your beliefs! Satan knows exactly how powerful your beliefs really are!

For him to destroy you he MUST gain control over your beliefs!

If you believe his lies then he controls you... it is as simple as that!

And he understands this only too well!

Over the last several years we have watched as one Biblical prophesy after another comes true.

We have seen the rebirth of Israel, we have seen the reappearance of the star of Bethlehem, we have seen waters all over the world turn to blood, we have seen famines, plagues, earthquakes, wars and rumors of war, we have seen fish and animal die offs.

We have seen the riding of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, even though the fourth horseman the pale horse is just really beginning his ride here in the US and other more wealthy parts of the world.

Never the less it is beginning here as well!

We are now watching as the one world government and one world religion are coming together as well!

And of course the beginning of the mark of the beast!

I have said that I believe that the vaccines are the mark of the beast or at least part of it.

I do not however believe that the mark of the beast is necessarily just one thing.

I honestly believe that the mark of the beast is anything that connects you to the beast system which the vaccines definitely do!

And yes this will result in a microchip or quantum dot micro-chip in the right hand or forehead!

Your 'hand' in ancient Biblical terms can mean anything from your fingertips to your elbow and in some cases even your shoulder!

The mark of the beast is also something that violates the temple of God aka the human body! Which again is something that the vaccines do!

I also firmly believe that anyone who is trusting in these so-called vaccines to “save” them from the imaginary monster (which we are constantly being told exists despite what our own eyes tell us), instead of trusting in what God has told us about these days is in fact worshiping the beast!

I know that this is a hard pill to swallow... believe me I know!

And of course Deception!

Deception... the very first thing that Jesus warned us about concerning these days!

I said that there are rules in place that even Satan cannot violate, one of these rules is that he must tell us what he is doing … and he is!

Every evil, vile despicable thing that these evil people are doing is in plain view, they are in fact telling us everything!


You don't have to look at it, you don't have to believe it!

And through the weaponizing of the words “conspiracy theorist” they can insure that most of the people will refuse to look at the truth even though it is easily available!

They are also doing everything possible to silence those of us who are fighting to get the truth out to anyone and everyone who will listen!

Most people are aware of the censorship taking place via the news media and social media and of course the 'fact checkers' all of whom are bought and paid for by the very people pushing this agenda through in the first place but they are now starting to ramp it up!

On Tuesday May 4th 2021 Bill Gates asked for the CIA and the US military to treat the anti-vaxers as terrorists and to treat us as they would Muslim extremists and the wording was such that it was pretty clear that he wants us dead!

What this means is that the truthers are having a serious impact in terms of people waking up! I recently saw a statistic which said that over 54% of republicans are refusing the vaccine!

I guess old Kill Gates was wrong... we DO have a choice!

Truthers are now being threatened with everything from harm to their families, pets and even their life in an attempt to silence them!

Of course my little web page isn't a serious enough threat to them yet to warrant such threats against me but I am sure that in time they will get to me too.

I am not afraid!



There is a coalition of over 100 thousand doctors, lawyers, scientists and health care professionals (including the ex vice president of pfizer) coming forward trying to stop these evil people and their evil agenda and we need to stand with them!

We need to make our voices heard and we need to do so NOW!

The pieces are coming together there can be no doubt that we are indeed witnessing the end of days!

For those of you who are unaware these evil people crowned their AI (artificial Intelligence) God on October 31st 2019.

What this means is that their AI messiah is already controlling much of what is happening in the world!

Once you are connected to the beast system it is too late for you... you are doomed!

Although there may very well be an actual physical person anti-Christ, make no mistake this AI system is a big part of end days events!

Will we stop them? I don't know. I tend to believe that we won't!
I tend to believe that we are in fact witnessing the end of this world and that they will succeed to some degree.

However, that being said, I still honestly believe that we MUST take a stand and that we must do so NOW!


Because this isn't about saving the world... it is about SAVING LIVES!

Satan seeks to destroy us not only in this life but in the next as well!

He wants to keep us from our eternal inheritance!

The vaccinated people are shedding! The poisons that have been injected into them are leaking out of them and the result is that un-vaccinated people around these people are developing the side effects and symptoms of the vaccines.

To put this simply: if the goal of the ruling elite was simply the destruction of humanity they have likely already succeeded in this. All they would have to do is tell people to take off the masks and resume life as normal!

Yet they are still demanding that everyone be vaccinated, WHY?

Because they want to destroy our soul! They want to turn us into something irredeemable to God, or into Slaves to Satan!

The FEMA (concentration) camps are already in place and functional and are already equipped with smart guillotines for the dissenters. We are now seeing help wanted ads for FEMA camps!

These camps will become fully operational and they will start beheading people who resist! But for this to work they must convince the vast majority of people that we are a threat to them so that they will willingly go along with the agenda.

Considering that the vast majority of vaccinated people will likely be dead within the next 3-5 years this will have to happen in this time frame.

Of course this is what all of the hate mongering in the media is about turning us against each other so that their plans can succeed!

Nobody ever seems to stop and consider who might be pulling the strings behind the scenes!

And once these vaccinated/chipped people are activated via the internet controlling their thoughts and beliefs to willing destroy anyone not going along with the agenda will be fairly easy for them to do!

I think that one of the main weapons being used against us right now is Psy-ops or psychological operations.

I believe that these are being used to further divide us, an example of this is that they will tell us something and then not do what they said then make it appear that anybody talking about it is some crazy conspiracy nut.

A while back there was a general on 60 minutes who was talking about operation warp speed. He said that when the COVID vaccines were ready that the military would go door to door and forcibly inject every American.

Of course those of us standing against the vaccine began warning everyone we could about this then the 'vaccines' came out and we were then told that the injections were voluntary and nobody would be forcibly vaccinated.

I believe that the point of this was to discredit anyone speaking out even though this was on public television.

This does however confirm in my mind that the vaccines are indeed part of the mark of the beast!

The mark is something that we must willingly accept!

Israel seems to be the poster child (so to speak) for the vaccine/mark agenda. There they are being told that they will not be forced to get vaccinated but they will not be allowed to participate in society unless they do.

They cannot attend any public events or ride a bus or even got to the store without proof of vaccination!

In other words they cannot buy or sell without it!

The Bible says that he 'causes' all not 'forces' all to receive the mark and it is pretty clear that the mark is something that we have to willingly accept!

Even Satan cannot violate this rule!

But there are psy-ops!

And now we come back to beliefs!

If they can make you believe that they can forcible vaccinate you then they can, because your beliefs give them permission to do so....see how this works?

Make no mistake the enemy knows this!

This is why old Bill Gates is so furious with us anti-vaxers! People are waking up! The great Crown/COVID deception is falling apart and his depopulation agenda is not going as planned!

The very fact that these 'vaccines' are going to kill not only the vaccinated but the unvaxed as well and yet they are still pushing the vaccines tell you just who and what is behind all of this....Satan!

This makes the true agenda very... very clear!

Before anybody starts thinking that they need to be afraid of the vaccine shedding let me say this: There is something in the vaccine that cannot be shedded, in other words something in the vax cannot be transferred to unvaxed people!

(Nor can I say with 100% certainty that unvaccinated people will die as a result of being exposed to vaccinated people, this is an educated guess.)

This could be nanites or nano particles or it could be a micro chip or both but there is something in it that must be willingly accepted!

I did see a video where they were experimenting with a magnet on a vaccinated person and the magnet responded to the injection site! They were saying that the guy had been chipped!

Of course this requires more investigation but it was an interesting video!

For those of us who have truly accepted Jesus Christ and refused their vaccine agenda there is nothing to worry about, neither should we fear death!

If we are indeed where I believe that we are in history then it is highly unlikely that this world will still be here in 2030!

The bottom line is this: It is time to act! We must be bold!

It is too late to reach the 'vaccinated' people their fate is already pretty much sealed but it was their own choice! They chose to trust in psychopathic liars and deceivers to save their lives instead of trusting in the word of God! And they will continue to follow through even when they are presented with the 'patch' booster vaccine which contains the Luciferase that seals the deal on the vaccines being the mark of the beast!

Many, many people who call themselves Christians will fall as a result of all of this and this number includes many pastors and clergy! This is a hard reality but again they failed to heed the warnings even though they were right in front of their eyes!

I wonder if when these people are putting the micro needle patch on their hand how many of them will even consider what this really means?!

Stand.... Fight... try to reach as many people as you can and don't worry if they think you are crazy! Get as much truth in front of them as possible and do it NOW!

Time is running out!

Matthew 16:25
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Mark 13:20
And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.

Matthew 16:25
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

Revelation 21:1
Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.