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A quick word of warning!

I do not and will not respond to propaganda mail!
What I am referring to here is any kind of hateful, childish, name calling types of response!

If You do not like what I have to say here then don't visit my site. I am NOT forcing you to read my one is.

I am not forcing my views on anyone nor does anyone have a right to force their views on anyone else!

Propaganda is a method of coercion that attempts to force everyone into a specific belief usually through emotional manipulation such as implying that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid or in some way unacceptable to society.

Intelligent people look at all sides of an issue, do the necessary research and decide for themselves what to think and believe! AND they have every RIGHT to do so!

We have been told all of our lives what to think and believe but we can choose to wake out the truth and make decisions based on facts...based on truth!

AND whether you like it or not EVERYONE has the right to seek out the truth and decide for themselves!