For those who do not know Christ.
Seek the truth!

A couple of years ago I had the misfortune of having to take a late night ambulance ride and there was a nice little gal in the ambulance with me. Somehow I happened to mention that I was a Christian and she said “You're a Christian?” and I said yes and then she made the statement “Oh I try not to judge”. However it was clear to me that I was being judged! Since then I have seen this same attitude repeating over and over again.
It is clear to me that these people really think that they are somehow justified in their apparent contempt for Christians but I can't help but wonder if they really understand what it is that they are rejecting?!

Do you non-Christians really understand what Christianity is really all about? Have you taken the time to actually look into it to see what it is all about or are you rejecting Christianity because of the world views that have been pressed upon you? *

I believe it to be the latter and I can and will explain this in full detail....all I ask is that you take the time to read this thoroughly and do some research try to either disprove or prove the statements here because at some point you will realize that your life really does depend on it!

So what exactly is the problem here? Why do so many people these days have the anti-Christian attitude?

In a word....programming! People are being programmed or conditioned to think in very specific ways and this is nothing new...mind control programming has been going on for a long time, long before I was born and I am 67 years old!
Quite simply nearly every form of media these days is spouting anti-Christian headlines and stories and it is being done deliberately with the intention of destroying Christianity.

They actually want YOU to hate Christians so much that you will want to murder them! ….This is the objective! AND it is working!

But Why? You might ask.

To fully understand this question you need to understand who or even what is running the world! However before we get into this subject, I want you to look at and think about a few things, because you need to see the foundations of this for yourself.

What religion is NOT allowed in school? Islam? No it is welcome! Hinduism? No, it also is welcome. Witchcraft? No, it is actually a dominant religion in many schools these days. Paganism? No it is allowed. Evolution....(and yes the theory of evolution is very much a religion)? No it is cultivated. Buddhism?
Nope it is there too.....................The list goes on and on. But What about Christianity? Is Christianity allowed in school? NO! WHY?

Christianity is absolutely FORBIDDEN in school....WHY?

How about TV or movies? Have you noticed that Christianity is almost non-existent in TV or movies and when it is there it is ALWAYS marginalized or made to look weak or ineffective? This is ALWAYS by design!

Over and over you will see this same theme repeating, either Christians are weak or they are haters and neither of these views is real! *School, movies, TV, games, etc...the anti-Christian message is everywhere.....WHY?
(*There is also a campaign of subliminal programming going on as well...more on this later in this web site.)

What if all of this programming has a agenda?

AND what if one of the primary objectives of this programming is not only to get YOU to destroy Christians,,,,,but to ultimately destroy YOU!? Would that be of interest to you?

What if the real reason for destroying Christianity is so that YOU can be destroyed? Think about that....let it sink in!

Do you really believe that the world leaders have your best interest in mind? Please take the time to look up agenda 21 (although it might be called agenda 30 now). And if that doesn't get your attention look up the Georgia guide stones. Both of these are about destroying BILLIONS of people....all in the name of global warming! AND you might want to look up the site “”.

BUT What if global warming isn't actually real but is actually part of an agenda by a small elite group of people who want the entire world for themselves? Would you still want to get on their band wagon?

You might want to do some research on this and not just blow it off as fake news........ the new term being used to discredit anyone who might be trying to get important need to know info out to people while there is still time! Did you know that there are actually tens of thousands of scientists out there who are saying that global warming is NOT happening?! AND many of these scientists are being imprisoned for saying so!

One thing that I have watched the media do over and over again is to pick one thing in the Christian beliefs.... to focus on so that they can imply that Christians are haters who are just trying to indoctrinate people into their cult (their words not mine).

What if the exact opposite is true? What if the Christians are actually trying to save your life? Would you want to know that?

The controlled media will pick one thing in the Judeo/Christian faith to focus on such as abortion or homosexuality and say 'see this religion is about hate...they don't want you to live your life your way....they want to control you!'.
But what if it is the other way around? And it is the media who are trying to control your beliefs and actions? What if they are the ones perpetrating hate?

See the truth is that sin is sin....period! AND there is nobody on earth who has NOT sinned! Not you, not me....NO ONE!

Another inconvenient truth about sin is this; Sin doesn't lead to leads to despair, obsession, depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear and every other negative emotion in the human spectrum. AND it is ALWAYS about self!

Sin is self serving! It is never about love......real love anyway.

Now let me ask you a question. Would you sit back and let a 2 year old stick a fork in a light socket or would you stop him? After all he really wants to do it. Shouldn't he be allowed to? Shouldn't love allow people to do what they want? Even if it self destructive?

That sounds like a silly question but it really isn't.

You see at it's very core Christianity is really about LOVE!


Love for Me!

Love for Humanity!

Jesus Christ aka YeShua (his real Jewish name) the son of the one true God was born...lived a sinless life …..and sacrificed himself as an offering for YOUR sin! So that YOU can be forgiven of all of your sin and be found blameless before God aka YahVeh.
He loves you SO Much that he was willing to endure horrendous torture and one of the most brutal deaths imaginable so that you can be with him someday in eternal life.......this is your inheritance ...... But you have to be willing to claim it and that comes with a price. That price is this: You must be willing to confess your sin and turn away from yourself....from your sin and accept that Jesus/YeShua made this sacrifice for you and accept him as your lord and savior.

Now you might be asking 'but why doesn't God just accept me as I am? Why do I have to change? After all God made me'.

First off, sin is a choice....when we sin it is a choice that we make! We have free will....the right to choose for ourselves and that means that we have the right to reject God! He will not force us to choose him or our eternal inheritance....we have every right to choose self over God!

Secondly, take a good hard look around you. Is this world really getting better? OR is it getting worse? Be honest.

Back in the 1950s and 60s Children could go outside and play all day and their parents didn't worry about them. Pedophiles were pretty rare. There was no such thing as school just didn't happen! Things were more wholesome, in general and children could be children. Am I saying that pedophiles didn't exist then? NO! In fact I know people who went through a lot of things back then. What I will say is that some of the worst mind control programming began back then and much of it began with children being molested by people they should have been able to trust.

Before I get into that subject though, the point that I am trying to make here is that the world is getting worse and worse with each and every passing day! It is NOT getting better!

If you are being truly honest you have to admit this!

What changed?.......2 things.

1 Christianity was removed from school and forbidden to even be discussed.
2 The theory of evolution replaced it!

Now what happens when you remove Christianity? You remove moral absolutes! Christianity no longer dictates what is right or wrong....we do! We become our own gods and we can do what we want! This is the movement that began in the late 60s early 70s the era of free love, drugs and rock and roll!

Yes this was and still is mind control programming! Remember... all movements, all revolutions begin somewhere! Does it not make sense to you that those seeking to take over and control the world would be the ones initiating and manipulating what happens on the world stage?

Those who run the world also control the information and those who control the information control the population! Unless of course you are able to think outside the box and are willing to seek out information for yourself.....people like this are pretty rare although there seem to be more people waking up to the truth these days. Of course anyone who actually thinks for himself is quickly labeled something negative like conspiracy theorist or conspiracy nut even though 99.9 percent of what they are telling you is not a conspiracy at all but is actually a matter of public record! But yet this labeling serves it's purpose well! People do NOT want to be categorized so they will not even look at the information available for fear that someone might think that they are not normal! Peer pressure is always used as the trump card!

I will interject here with a quick note; the Bible says over and over again that we are to seek knowledge and we are responsible for knowing the truth! It is our individual responsibility and if we choose not to do so then we alone are held accountable! When you stand before God you will have no excuse!

Now let's discuss the theory of evolution. I mentioned earlier that evolution and we are talking about macro evolution here...not micro evolution or small changes that take place within an individual species, is a religion and I want to expand on that here.

I call evolution a religion because it requires a LOT of faith! In fact it requires more faith to believe that we evolved from a rock then it does to believe in a creator God! YES I said a rock!

Don't believe this? Then follow evolutionary teaching back to what they claim to be the beginning! Where you have the primordial pool after the rains beat on the rocks for centuries! Yes evolution does say we evolved from rocks!

The problem is that nowhere in evolutionary teachings can they prove any of this! There are no missing links in the fossil record ........ NONE they simply do NOT exist! Nor does any evolutionary teaching explain the complexities of the human cell! Darwin himself said that if cells were ever found to be more than just a blob of protein that his theory wouldn't hold up and guess what? Cells are infinitely more complex, in fact they are more akin to a tiny megacity of genetic information!

To put it simply: Macro evolution or the evolution of one species into another is IMPOSSIBLE! Yet we are taught this in school as absolute fact....why?

Quite simply the real purpose of evolutionary teaching is to discredit the very first page of the Bible! WHY is this even necessary? Think about that!

Add to this the fact that the Smithsonian regularly dumps fossil evidence that emerges which support Biblical teaching in the ocean! Why would they do this?

This speaks volumes as to the true nature of what is REALLY going on in the world!

So think about this, if Christianity isn't really a threat then why the need to destroy it? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...WHO is Christianity a threat to??? This is a very important question and you need to seek out an answer....because I guarantee that the answer directly involves YOU!

Those who control the world...control the information! Are you willing to look beyond? To seek out the real truth?

Believe it or not Christians do care about you very much!

PLEASE take the time to really look at what Christianity is really all about! Don't take anyone's word for it seek out the truth for yourself! Because almost nothing that you believe to be true actually is!

By controlling your information, the powers that be in this world are controlling YOU! Their Goal? To destroy destroy YOU! And what better way to do this than to get you to not only self destruct but to destroy others as well?!

According to agenda 21 (30?) the goal is to annihilate most of the worlds population and to control the rest from cradle to grave! Did I mention that there is a popular belief that most of the ruling elite are not actually human?

What this means is that they are afraid of you! Of US! Think about that!

So what does this have to do with Christianity?

Christianity is the one thing that can stop them and they know it!

Human beings were created to be a family to God! We are the children of God! Angels were created first but they were created to serve us! When you couple our heritage with the power of God ...the blood of Jesus Christ... WE have the power to stop them! The power to destroy them! AND they KNOW it!

PLEASE take the time to look at all sides! For your own sake and for the sake of the people you love...PLEASE!

Jesus loves you! And he wants the very best for you despite what anyone else tells you......don't you deserve to know the whole story? Don't you deserve to know the truth?

Think about it!

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.