Royal Blood
The Truth

God made this one very clear to me and honestly I don't know why I didn't see this before but when you put it into context with the rest of the puzzle pieces it makes perfect sense! The truth just might shock you!

I am sure that you have heard the term “royal blood” before and most of us associate this term with people like Queen Elizabeth or maybe wealthy sheiks or kings, queens and rulers of bygone days but what exactly does this mean?

In the past rulers were often conquerors or men who created kingdoms through force and conquest but what about today?

What if I told you that most if not all of today's rulers who believe themselves to be 'royal blood' are actually frauds? Or usurpers? Because that is exactly what they are!
In fact these people are not even human or at least fully human!

This is a deception! Just one of a great many deceptions being spoon fed to us on a daily basis!

They can get away with this because we have been so brainwashed over the years that we do not know our true identity! We have been spoon fed all of this garbage about how superior they are to us to the point where we just accept it as fact and it is anything but fact!
So what are the facts?

Fact 1: In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and everything in them in 5 days but on the 6th day God said let us make man in our image this is a very important piece of information! In other words we (human beings) were created to be a family to God! ROYAL BLOOD! God breathed his own breath into our nostrils and we are the ONLY creation that he did this with!

Fact 2: The angels were NOT created to be a family to God they were created to serve us and help us but that did not sit well with many of the angels! They wanted us to serve and worship them!
So they rebelled against God and started taking measures to destroy humanity. They mated with human women and had offspring with them called the
Nephilim or Rephaim thus altering our genetic code so that we were no longer fully human. This was an abomination to God! Genesis 6 And not only did they tamper with the human genetic code they altered animals and other life forms as well! Did you ever wonder where all of the so-called myths of creatures such as Giants, centaurs (half human, half horse), Satyrs or Fawns (half goat,half man) or even mermaids (half human, half fish) came from? Think about this! This was also the primary reason why God caused the destroy this altered DNA blood line aka royal blood as they call themselves! Noah and his family were the last true humans left!

(I should clarify here that there is a serpent seed living among us today that is mentioned in the Bible and this is what I am referring to when I say that these people are not human.) AKA the seed of Satan. Genesis 3, Luke 10:19, Revelation 10:9

And what are these evil people doing today? The exact same thing, tampering with human genetics! In fact they plan to completely and permanently change our DNA via various different methods including trans-humanism which is where the mark of the beast* comes into play, this is why you cannot accept it and be redeemed. And there is also the so-called Alien hybridization program in which humans are abducted and used for creating human hybrids. A little research will show you that these are the same evil entities of old only with a new spin!

Revelation 14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

Ladies and gentlemen if your church is telling you that you can take the mark of the beast ans still go to heaven you might want to re-read that last statement!

Now you might be asking 'why don't these creatures show up in the fossil record'? They do but finding these artifacts is usually a major search and you will probably not find them in places where people read their Bible!
Artifacts of such beings when found are usually destroyed but if you dig deep enough you will find them.

History is written by the conquerors aka the people with all of the power and money....this is a well known fact!
However there are exceptions to this rule such as the Bible. There is only so much tampering allowed to be done in the Bible although there has been some and these people (and I use the term loosely) are trying very hard to change and destroy the Bible and although they cannot directly destroy the word of God there are loopholes that they can exploit, such as getting people (the children of God) to do so (in a limited capacity) or getting people to ban the Bible altogether or to get people to doubt the Bible as in the theory of evolution!

If people read the Bible and really start searching out the truth they WILL find it! And these rulers know this! This is why they are declaring all out war on us! They have spent decades and even centuries instilling certain beliefs into people and for them to pull off their ultimate deception it is important that these illusions remain intact!

Make no mistake we are at war with them! They just don't have the decency to tell us this outright because they know that we can and will destroy them! God is on OUR side! However there are rules in place that even they must follow so they do tell us this in subtle ways! This message is in nearly every form of entertainment available today! Global warming, population control, agenda 21 or agenda 30, etc, etc, etc! They are telling us we have just been programmed not to listen! Not to believe!
Have you noticed that many of these so-called mythological creatures are showing up in our entertainment lately? Have you noticed that cannibalism is also showing up in many programs and movies as well? This is by design folks! Take note!

And it is high time that we started learning the truth and started fighting back!

This world was created for US.....NOT for them and WE are not the ones destroying this world....THEY ARE!
You might not think that we have the power and ability to do this but guess what?! We (the children of God) have ALWAYS had the ability and the power to destroy these usurpers....ALWAYS! And THEY know it!

Why do you think that they are trying so hard to control the minds of our children? Or why they are trying to exterminate us via medications and vaccinations as well as poisoning our environment and food? AND did you ever wonder where all of the human babies who have been aborted are going? Into our food! And why they are pulling out all of the stops to disarm us!
Don't believe me? Then go to these are the people doing the research, digging up the facts and doing their best to expose these evil people for what they are really doing! And by the way, the number one cause of death in the world right now is abortion!
Full term abortion is now being legalized because they need human sacrifices to their god(s). Murdering a baby as it is being born can serve no other purpose!
There is no possible way that this horrific act can effect the health of the mother...PERIOD! Folks when you are giving are giving birth and murdering your baby will not change that! But they have been putting up something called the Palmyra Arch all over the world which is actually the gateway to the temple of Baal, the demonic pagan god to whom our ancestors sacrificed their babies usually for financial gain amongst other things are you beginning to see the bigger picture? Of course this is not the only god to whom these babies are being sacrificed at on abortion clinic a few years ago a group of women showed up and chanted “hail Satan” so there are other gods to whom these babies are being sacrificed as well.

The point of all of this is that more and more people these days are literally selling their soul to Satan for earthly gain and have literally given up everything of real value that they possessed.....for gain.

And these are the people who possess the true royal blood! Human beings!
Unfortunately for these people the masters that they serve hate them as much as they hate those of us who know the truth and follow the light of the one and only son of God! Only they do not have the protection and covering that we have because they have rejected it. Just because they worship these entities it doesn't mean that they are loved by them any more than they love these entities. But when all is said and done the very essence of Satanism is self. It is sad that so many people these days are willing to give up the most precious and valuable gift every offered for material gain which will soon be nothing more than ash!

It is time for the true Royal Bloodline to stand up and be counted! We are at war and it is high time that we not only realized this but put on our armor and took a stand! They are brainwashing and killing our children! They are trying to exterminate the true royal bloodline just as they did in the days of Noah!

Jesus Christ will return soon folks anybody who is paying attention can surely see that end times prophesy is coming true at an astonishing rate now! Not only daily but sometimes even hourly!
And there are not many Bible prophesies that have not been fulfilled yet, but they are lining up!

So my brothers and sisters of royal blood do you stand with your father and creator? Or do you stand with the world....with the usurpers....the liars and phonies?

If you have not made a choice yet then you need to do so soon because if you don't the choice will be made for you!

God loves his children and wants them all to be with him but it has to be his way not ours! Our way doesn't work!

Do you want to know a deeper love than you have ever experienced before? Do you want to experience true joy and a peace that is supernatural? Do you want to spend and eternity in a heavenly inheritance where there is no such thing as fear, hate, pain or tears?

Then come to Jesus Christ... confess your sins, invite Jesus into your heart and into your life! Ask for and receive the holy spirit! And be willing to do whatever he asks you to do! Because you are Royal Blood!