Going Home

I started to write a different article but for some reason I just couldn't seem to focus on it to get it done. I may yet write it but I feel that what I am writing now is more important.

Although I don't really know why.

Lately I am finding it increasingly difficult to focus on this world and the things happening in it.

Even the things that I used to enjoy seem trivial and unimportant to me now. I am an artist, wood carving, leather and bead work are my mediums and I have created some very beautiful things over the years but I am finding that I am no longer interested in any of this now, even though I have had people asking me for things.

The only thing that I seem to be able to focus on now is heaven!

I have reached the point where heaven seems far more real to me now than this earth ever did!

And I can't wait to go home!

I somehow feel that I am being prepared to leave this earth and in all honesty it can't happen soon enough for me!

Lately I find my attitude about things is changing.

For decades now my focus has been on trying to wake people up to what is coming and bringing people to Christ.

Part of loving Jesus is loving others and trying to help them find truth and redemption but it has been shocking to me to say the least how many people prefer the world to the truth.

Most people don't seem to want the truth, they only seem to want what allows them to feel comfortable or the sins that they enjoy.

Unfortunately there seems to be a small sub group in between that seems to want it both ways and this is the group that I find most worrisome.

You cannot have it both ways especially now with time being so short!
But yet these people seem to be very reluctant to fully commit to what they claim to believe!

They seem to want to cling to this world with one hand and to God with the other and although I think that we all have done this in one form or another during our life the simple fact is that nobody has the luxury of doing this anymore!

Everyone MUST choose which side they are on and they must do so NOW!

However as I said, my attitude has changed dramatically. I am now at the point where I have turned them over to God and have stopped worrying about them.

Anything that I could have done for them I have already done and after 2+ years of grieving nearly everyone I know and love, I am finished!

If the statistics are accurate and honest then nearly ¾ of the earths population have allowed the Satanic soul destroying bio weapons to be injected into them.

This leaves approximately 25% of the human population who still carry the pure human DNA given to us by our creator!

Of this percentage only a small portion are actually God fearing, Jesus loving, true Christian believers!

The rest, I believe, are those who will have to endure the tribulation! Some will come to the truth of Jesus Christ and some will fall away under the extreme pressure of this time.

I no longer feel any sense of fear or worry for these people and I have in fact pretty much isolated myself from those lost souls whom I love so much because seeing them and being around them just sends me back into a state of mourning and I need to be done with this.

It is time to go home!

Lately the anticipation in my soul has become so strong that I can barely breathe at times!

The almost overwhelming joy and excitement of going home to be with the Lord Jesus has become an almost constant companion to me and it has become so hard to even think of anything else!

And it is getting harder and harder to look at the dark things of this world!

I truly believe that Jesus is coming for us very soon!

God has always rescued his remnant... He will not fail this time!

For those of you coming to Christ after the rapture, I won't lie this is going to be very very hard for you.

You will witness horrors beyond your wildest imagination but be encouraged and stay stead fast in Jesus Christ because in the end it will all be worth it!

For all of my brothers and sisters in Christ I look forward to meeting you soon!