real or illusion?

I am a suspicious person by nature and sometimes I see things or patterns that I find alarming... I am seeing this now and feel that this must be addressed.

There is a movement of over a hundred thousand Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists and health care professionals who are supposedly fighting back against the COVID nonsense, the PCR tests (which are now conveniently being replaced) the lock downs, the vaccines, etc, etc.

They are calling this crimes against humanity and even genocide which of course it is, and this sounds really good, it sounds like somebody is actually standing up to these monsters and fighting for humanity but I wonder if this is actually true!

They are even starting trials in September of 2021 which are being called Nuremberg 2 trials to hold these monsters accountable but.....

I can't help but wonder if this isn't just part of the whole charade.

Think about this, if you are really trying to pull off a world wide take over and enslavement of humanity wouldn't you want to control All possible aspects of the whole process?

Including the opposition?

Although I do believe that there are actually people in this movement who are the genuine article, I have serious doubts about many of the people involved in this movement.

Oh I bought into it at first too.... Until I started seeing the red flags and there are too many to ignore!

Let's begin with the questions:

Most people do not know this and you will NEVER hear this from the main stream media traitors but 5 different presidents from 5 different countries have been assassinated withing the last few months and they all had one thing in common they had all said that they would not allow the vaccines into their countries!

Their predecessors are now afraid to stand up against the genocide of their people in fear for their own lives!

So the question is why were these people who form this alliance not silenced from the beginning? Why are the trials being allowed to commence?

Unless of course the ruling elite are not afraid of the outcome!

Then there are the questions that arise about some of the people who form this alliance.

I have heard many of these people make statements that are very new-age in nature!

For those of you who do not know this the new age movement is basically paganism or even white witchcraft!

Which could easily imply that they are actually in another branch of the team trying to pull off this world wide takeover.

I want to talk about some of the things that I have heard some of these people say that are very much new age theology.

Reiner Fuellmich
This is the lawyer heading up the charge for the Nuremberg 2 trials.
The statement that he made went something like this:

“I am not a spiritual man but I believe that the outcome of this will be a new golden age of peace and prosperity for humanity.”

This screams of new age theology! Why did he say this?

Dolores Cahill
A doctor from Ireland had made the statement more than once that we will win this battle and that she believes that the end result will be a new golden era of peace and prosperity for humanity.

Once again new age beliefs.

Carrie Madej
A doctor in the US who is supposed to be a Christian.
She talks a lot about what the enemy of humanity is trying to do through the vaccines and about the contents of these vaccines.

The thing that she talks about that throws up a big red flag for me is when she talked about attending a meeting where they were talking about human 2.0 in which the presenter of these talks were discussing merging humans with machines and how this would be such a good thing.

The question in my mind is this:
Why was she even invited to this event in the first place? Certainly anyone who would have been invited to this event would have been screened before they were invited... The people putting this thing together would almost certainly have been aware of her religious beliefs and that their presentation would be directly in contrast to the Christian values. So why was she even invited?
Red Flag!

Celeste Solum
She is supposedly a whistle blower who works for FEMA but she strikes me more as a plant or someone who was planted there for the specific purpose of leaking information to the general public.

Understand that Satan has to tell us what he is doing but also understand that the best lies always contain elements of the truth!

I can guarantee you that some information is being presented in a way that is designed to make anyone who believes it look foolish even if it is true!

There are many more but I will leave it here for the moment although I may add more later.

I am aware that different people have different views but I am also aware that the new age movement has crept into the Christian church and has been functioning within it for several years.

How many Christians read their horoscope before they leave for church? This is astrology and is forbidden by God!

Yoga... many churches are involved if this nice little work out routine but Yoga is Hindu prayer! Aka paganism!

This is not up for debate... this is what this is period!

CS LEWIS and I know this one upsets people but these stories are loaded with paganism and witchcraft!
In other words things which go against God!

Then there is the music movement which places music at the center of their worship. Unfortunately much of this music and it's presentation contains Satanic or pagan images and messages!

The mega churches which preach the prosperity doctrine.

This is not Biblically sound doctrine but it is very much a Satanic teaching!

People don't follow Satan and worship him because they love him, they do so because they get something out of it!

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

I honestly believe that we have reached a point where there are very few real Christians left!

The Bible doesn't say that when these things happen humanity will fight back and prevail, the Bible says that when these things happen that we are on the threshold of the worst time in human history!

In fact the Bible says that unless these days be shortened no flesh would survive!

The Bible says that the end result of this will be the complete destruction of Satan and his allies and that we will have a new heaven and a new earth!

I guess that the message I am trying to get across here is this:

Christian beware!

Maybe even Humanity beware!

The simple truth is that the agenda of the ruling elite may very well include many different aspects and in all honestly the illusions and deceptions will penetrate every aspect of our lives!

Don't be deceived!

I am also fully aware that one aspect of the new age movement is a belief in benevolent space brothers or aliens who will make their appearance on earth as the 'saviors' of humanity!

Don't laugh... many world leaders are working toward pulling this scam off right now!

We will be presented with a messiah or savior from another world here to help pull us into a new golden age for humanity!

Sound familiar?

Of course Christians will see this charade for what it really is and their so-called messiah for what he really is... the anti-Christ!

This is why Christianity must be eliminated and why the anti-Christian movement is now in progress.

Have you heard about President Biden sending people door to door to try and coerce people into being vaccinated? Did you know that there was more to that statement? He actually wants people going door to door removing Bibles and guns from homes!

Yes...BIBLES and GUNS!

What does this tell you?

Did you know that the Chinese government is demanding that all Bibles be re-written?

This is just the tip of the iceberg Christian persecution is on the rise world wide and is being ramped up! It is going to get a lot worse!

Daniel 7:21
I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;

Revelation 13:7
And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Christian brothers and sisters you must prepare for this!

You must settle this in your heart, mind and soul!

But fear not!

The beast may be able to overcome us in this world but he cannot defeat us unless we give him permission to do so!

This world is NOT our home!

It has occurred to me that this group of people who are supposedly fighting against the ruling elite might somehow miraculously win the battle against the COVID hoax but if this does happen there will be another “mark” introduced possibly a requirement of the 'benevolent' alien anti-Christ.

Or who knows there might be another scenario played out all together but anyway you look at it the end result will be the micro-chipping of all of humanity or the cold blooded murder of anyone who refuses!

The ultimate goal of these people is that every human being will worship the beast.... Satan!

This is where this is all headed... the worship of the beast!

They will pull out all of the stops and use anything and everything to accomplish this!

You need to understand also that the starvation scenario is in full swing now as well and will strike every corner of the world!

To put it bluntly if you refuse their mark, their poisoning, their control measures you will starve!

I guess you could call this the weeding out process in reverse!

Jesus told the parable of the wheat and the tares but Satan seems determined to destroy the wheat and keep the tares!

Brothers and sisters stand your ground! Try to get information out to anyone who will listen! Don't be concerned about what people might think of you, we are literally in an all out battle between good and evil here! You never know what tidbit of information might save someones life!

Saving a life is far more important that hurt feelings! Forgive because you didn't understand once yourself!

Information can be a seeds which grow!

Plant them!

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