Real or Illusion

Lately I have been seeing videos of people supposedly being force vaccinated which makes no sense to me.

I have maintained from the beginning that the mark of the beast aka the vaccines are something you have to accept and that cannot be forced on you.

So how then can they hold people down and forcibly vaccinate them?

A few possibilities come to mind.

1 They actually are being forcibly vaccinated in which case God will not hold them accountable.

2 The people supposedly being forced are paid actors playing a role. Much like the media and crisis actors in their staged events.


3 This is an illusion to make people think that they can actually do this!

After praying about this and giving it a lot of thought I have come to the realization that it is most likely #3 0r possibly #2 and #3 combined that are the most probable.

Let me explain why I think this must be the case.

I have said many times before that what you believe is everything. If they can make you believe something is true then for you it is true.

Nothing demonstrates this fact more clearly than the billions of people who lined up to take the “vaccine” despite the fact that their own eyes were telling them that nothing was out of the ordinary!

To put it simply, if you believe that they can do this then they can!

Because your beliefs give them permission. Although I tend to believe that there are limitations to this as well.

Secondly if they can really do this then why do they need to use bribery, threats and coercion and even forced tyranny to get you to comply?

Thirdly if they can actually force 'vaccinate' you then why do they need to build 'quarantine' aka concentration camps for those who refuse?

Although they claim to be building them now these camps have actually been in place for some time now.

I remember people reporting seeing guillotines on Army bases 25+ years ago so this has been an ongoing operation for some time now.

This has been the plan for a long time but it is now being implemented!

For those of you who might not realize this, it is literally impossible to produce billions of doses of vaccine in 9 months!

They have actually been producing their bio-weapon 'vaccines' since at least 2001!

Let that sink in!

For anyone who might not be familiar with Agenda 21, Agenda 30 or the Georgia guide stones then I strongly suggest that you look these up NOW!

I do want to add here that if there are people who truly are being forcibly injected that they are possibly or even probably being injected with something other than the 'vaccine'. It has been reported that 30% t0 50% of the vaccine injections were actually placebos! In other words saline!

Which explains why some people become magnetic and have their veins glow under UV light and others do not or why some people have horrible reactions and others are fine.

So it is possible that they are injecting people with a placebo! Which would not require consent! Then these people believe that they have been vaccinated and are now willing to take the next shots!

Trickery and deception!

It bears mention that many (if not all) of these people are given psychological evaluations before the so-called injections! WHY?

Now we are hearing reports of them 'vaccinating' children without their parents consent or knowledge.

This one has been bothering me a lot. So I have been praying about it a lot.

The answer that I got from God was simply “Trust Me”!

So once again I have been giving this a lot of thought.

I always thought that “Biblically” speaking the age of consent was 13.

Yet now they are giving vaccines to children 12 and up.

In Biblical terms when you turn 13 you are an adult and responsible for your own choices and decisions.

So why 12?

For many years now they have been giving things to our children via vaccines and food, etc to cause them to begin puberty at younger and younger ages. I have heard of girls beginning their menstrual cycle as early as 10 as a result of this. Which makes me wonder if the age of consent or adulthood actually begins at puberty?

It makes me wonder if adulthood begins when you are able to bear children?

Thus making you responsible for your own choices when this happens?

This could explain why they think that they can get away with this!

If a child is of an age of consent or can legally (by Gods standards) give their consent then a child can be convinced or coerced into giving consent, it is their choice!

If this is the case and I think it might be then parents need to be talking to their children and making it clear to them that they have a choice!

That they have every right to refuse!

Create an escape plan with them and help them to understand their personal power!

Illusion and fear mongering is the name of the game right now.

There is a reason why the Bible says “do not fear” 365 times! Fear serves the enemy and makes you more vulnerable and the enemy knows this very well!

Now lets talk about younger children.

They are claiming that people used to have ownership of their children but no longer do.

I believe that this is another psy-op!

By Biblical standards parents have authority over their children until the age of consent!

Do NOT let the enemy fool you into believing that you do not!

Claim your authority!

Pray Gods protection over your children!

Satan CANNOT violate Gods Law or your free will unless you allow it!

Fight BACK!

Stand on Gods word! Stand on Gods authority! Stand on your authority in God!


STAND on that power! STAND on that authority!

And above all TRUST GOD!

I will make a quick note here before I close this article:
One thing that I do not know is if both parents must give consent for the violation of their children or if it can be done by one.

I have heard of people having their spouse locked up for mental evaluation for refusing to accept the “vaccine” but I have to believe that God will protect the children of his people one way or another if we trust him to do so!

Take heart brothers and sisters! Stand on Gods promise.... Stand and fight like your lives depend on it because we are deeply entrenched in a full scale spiritual war and they do!