Questions we should be asking.

Lately I have been seeing videos of people basically declaring war against the ruling elite... aka the people trying to destroy humanity.

These people claim that we are going to fight this battle and that we are going to win!

Okay that's all fine and well but there are a lot of questions here that people should be asking yet nobody seems to be asking and that concerns me.

So I am going to pose some questions here...

I have been watching what has been going on for nearly 30 years now and in all of the time in which they have been planning and plotting against humanity the one thing that as remained constant is that all of this is being done secretly because they were afraid of us.

So my first question is: What has changed?

People like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari are now getting up on camera and telling us to our face not only what they are planning to do but what they have already been doing without any fear of reprisal …...Why?

Grant you there has been a lot of indifference in people...especially here in the States but in places like Switzerland they are actually posting pictures of these leaders as 'most wanted' criminals and yet these elite criminals have absolutely no fear.... why?

I believe it to be a foolhardy mistake not to ask this question!

What do these people know that we do not?

Why are these young leaders like Macron not afraid even though the French people shot raw sewage into his mansion?

That should have been terrifying to this little punk and should have caused him to back down, but he didn't, why?


I believe that we are indeed on the brink of nuclear war and that the USA will indeed be nuked... Unfortunately I truly believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I have said before that for the New world order to succeed they HAVE to bring The USA down and that they will do whatever they must to make this happen.

The biggest problem with the US is the guns.

We have the ability to fight back.

So how do the ruling elite plan to deal with the gun issue?

Have you noticed all of the school shootings lately?

Make no mistake these are planned out and executed events to gain public support!

The message displayed is “Guns are evil and we must get rid of them!”.

(Of course the main stream media NEVER covers the stories about legal gun owners who actually saved the day with their guns.
We are not allowed to see these stories!)

The problem is that it is not working!

More people are buying guns now than ever before!

So I guess now we move to plan B!

The lock downs, face masks and fear tactics aren't really working anymore either. Even the dreaded 'monkey pox' scare doesn't seem to be working.

So what's next?

Russia has openly declared that it will not hesitate to use Nuclear force..... against the US and allies!

Now there are a couple of things here that bear mention.

The first is a dream or vision that someone had back in the 70s.

I don't remember many of the details here and I will do my best to locate the video... God willing I will find it.

I think this was David Wilkerson but I am not sure. Still looking.

Anyway in this mans dream he saw many things that had not yet happened. One was the invention of the personal computer, He saw homosexuals marching through the streets and he saw the US being attacked on both the east and west shores by Russia and China..... Both of whom are ready for or preparing for war right now!

Now the next thing that I need to bring up here is that our puppet “president” has shipped most of our war machinery and weaponry to the Ukraine.

Add to this the fact that this same president has done everything in his power to weaken and emasculate our military and we now have a recipe for disaster!

This opens the door wide for an invasion of UN troops!

Many people have been having dreams and visions lately about the Us being nuked and about UN troops on US soil as well.

The good news here is that these same dreams are depicting people being raptured at this time so..... look up!


Now I want to talk about something that may seem unrelated or even irrelevant but that I believe to be intricately connected to all of this and again I will try and post some links.

The super soldier program or the black awakening.

Now I have actually been hearing about this program for many years now but there is a twist that I was unaware of until recently.

Basically the program began as putting soldiers through satanic ritual abuse which consists of torturing someone until their personality splits and they can be demon possessed which gives them super human strength and ability. And it has been estimated that there are millions of these in every country in the world awaiting the time when they are activated and then they will begin their killing spree.

And yes... Christians are their primary target.

It gets worse.

I believe that lately God has compelled me to look at cryptids and I think that yesterday I discovered why.

Cryptids are basically human hybrids... part human and part something else. Such as big foot, dog men, lizard men and even satyrs.

All of which have been seen a lot within the last few decades.

Stay with me I am bringing this up for a reason.

I have been looking at these sightings and my first thought about this was agenda 21/30 in which they talk about filling up the forest and wildness areas with large predators to keep people out.

At first I thought that this meant wolves, bears, mountain lions, etc. but as I started looking at these encounters it occurred to me that maybe it meant something far more sinister!

I believe this to be the case.

Looking at what these people are reporting some patterns are emerging. The dogmen seems to be the most common followed closely by mothman, Wendigo etc.

The dogmen are very tall, 8-9 feet tall, walk upright like a man, have human like as well as canine features, and terrify anyone who encounters one. When people encounter one in the forest they report the total absence of sound... no animal, bird or even insect sounds and they talk about the smell which is reportedly a horrible stench.

I don't know that I need to describe a bigfoot or mothman since they have been sensationalized via various media outlets for some time now but the Wendigo may need a little explanation.

I am not sure that I have a full grasp of what this thing is but as near as I can figure it seems to be some kind of human deer hybrid that is basically a corpse with antlers but it is 'alive'.

There have also been reports about some of these other creatures decomposing as well and I find this deeply disturbing for more reasons than one!

All of these reports say that these creatures have glowing red or yellow eyes. Even the “corpse” creatures.

I just want to point out here that something which is dead aka a corpse, which is animated and can attack you is called a zombie.

Keep this in mind because I believe there is more to this equation.

There have also been several reports by 'whistle blowers' as well.

There have been people coming forward saying that these creatures are part of secret government programs and that there is a mind control aspect to these experiments as well.

The video that I watched last night was someone who claimed that the government creation of these things was part of the super soldier program!

Let that sink in!

These experiments have been going on for decades... at least since the 1950s!

I am also going to point out here that these creatures have not only been reported in wilderness areas but on the outskirts of human populated areas as well.

Now for the thing which I find deeply disturbing.

The US government has been preparing the military for a possible “zombie apocalypse”. Why?

The people who have been studying what is in the COVID19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID AI) vaccines have discovered that EVERY single vial contains lipid nano particles aka nanites or microscopic machines which can self replicate, self assemble or reassemble via 5G control.

It has also been reported that there were experiments done in which they had created zombies and at least two of the four separate ingredients which cause this phenomenon are in the shots, one of these is the lipid nano particles!

These nanites are (in some cases at least) filling up arteries in people and killing them.

SADS sudden adult death syndrome!

These microscopic machines are also sending out blue tooth or QR codes which are still being sent out even after the person dies!

Yes at least one doctor has discovered that vaccinated dead people are still sending out codes even from their graves!

I have always believed that there is a mind control aspect to these shots and so far I have not seen anything to change my mind.

In fact there seems to be ongoing confirmation of this.

Are the people who have been vaccinated going to be the Zombies that they are preparing for?

And is this one of the major weapons that they plan to use against us?

Matthew 10:36
a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.???

Could this be part of the reason why they are so unafraid?

Unfortunately there is more.

There have been reports for many years now about secret underground bases which house a horredous freak show of assorted monsters including some that I just mentioned as well as enormous giants which they plan to release at some point!

There are entrances to some of these bases near where I live in southwest Colorado and yes we have stumbled on one of them in our travels!

However there are others nearby as well, there are bases in the Delta and Montrose areas of Colorado and even more in the four corners region.

The 4 corners region is well known for their underground freak show bases. Many people who have been in these bases have reported seeing some horrble things including 'gray and white' so called aliens. People who have gone into these places have been told not to use the name Jesus for any reason... not even as a curse word! Christians who have gone into these areas and have started praying about what they were seeing have caused such a commotion that they were asked to leave!

I believe this to be an Satanic arsenal of weapons to be used against humanity!

Now lets talk briefly about controlled opposition.
Have you noticed that the people who are supposed to be standing up for us really are not making much headway?

The steady march toward transhumanism keeps moving forward while the opposition seems to be almost at a standstill!

I think that the question needs to be asked... How many of these people are actually on our side and how many work for the elite aka Satan?!

I believe that the purpose of many of these people is to flush out the resistance... Remember these Satanists have been working toward this goal for several decades now they will leave no stone unturned, they have planned all of this out.

Now let's quickly discuss the fact that these same Satanic individuals also control the worlds commerce including food, water, medicine, fuel and everything else we need to survive and they are cutting off these supplies right now!

Basically this is about to become an all out fight for survival!

Are you beginning to see the bigger picture yet?

Luke 21:26
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken

Matthew 24:22
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

I truly feel that this article is primarily for people who have not yet come to Christ and that they will need the information contained in this to face the coming days.

I further believe that we need to be fervently praying for all of these precious people because what they are about to face is unbelievably monstrous!

I am looking for the videos for all of this but am having trouble locating them bear with me I will add them when I find them.