Something is wrong

God has been pressing on my heart that there is something wrong in this site but I don't yet know what it is.

Of course I do not believe that anyone has all of the answers and that we all have at least one or two wrong beliefs that we carry around but there is something in this site that isn't right.

Every person who follows Jesus Christ should be searching out the truth for themselves and praying fervently for the revelation of Gods truth and doing our best to help others seek out truth as well.

But we must also be open for correction from God as well. The last thing that any of us should want is to be wrong yet like I said we all are to some degree which is why we need to be seeking out Gods truth... especially now!

God has been pressing on me that something is not right but I don't know if it is something already in this site, something that I am writing or something that I am missing. OR all of the above...

I do feel with every fiber of my being that I am missing something.... something really important!

I really do feel that there is something in the deception category that I am missing and that it is really important!

Unfortunately for the last week or so I have been feeling like I am being beaten down and of course this once again coincides with radiation frequency so …..

So I ask you to please pray for me and I will dig in and try to figure out what is wrong and what I am missing. I am going to say though that should I stop posting to this site there is a possibility that I am no longer here, so.....

Anyway brothers and sisters please keep searching out the truth and I will do my best to get this figured out.