Worshiping the Beast

Could being vaccinated be a form of worship?

For some time now I have been telling people that the Covid vaccines are the mark of the beast and I have heard all kinds of arguments about how it can't be the mark for this reason or that reason.

So I want to break down some of this reasoning for you and explain to you how it is and why these arguments are leading people into destruction!

The first one is interesting, it goes something like this: God is a loving God and he would not allow us to be deceived.

OK, God is a loving God but here's the thing... Love has to be a two way street! If you truly love God then shouldn't you be listening to him? Shouldn't you obey him?

The Bible tells us over and over again to seek out knowledge... to seek out truth yet very few of his 'followers' actually do!

God is also a forgiving God but he has told you straight out that there are two things that he will not forgive... Blaspheming the holy spirit and accepting the mark of the beast!
We have been warned!

If you accept the mark of the beast you WILL have a place in the lake of fire...PERIOD!

Has it ever occurred to you that the Bible speaks the way it does for a reason?

The Bible has been tampered with throughout the ages and although I do believe that there is only so much tampering that God will allow, you had better believe that Satan will twist and turn the Bible in every possible way that he can to accomplish his goal!
The destruction of Humanity... the children of God!

I believe that this is why God speaks the way that he does in the Bible, because he knew that this would happen.

It could also be that the Bible is written in such a way that only those with seeking and discerning minds will see the truth! In other words those who are actually listening and obeying!

I honestly do not believe that any of us has all of the answers and to be honest at this stage I think that it is nearly impossible for any of us to have all of the answers but God measures intent. He knows who is truly seeking Him and who is genuinely seeking truth!

He knows who is willing to listen and who is listening to the world or even their church instead of Him.

The first thing that Jesus said when his disciples asked him about the end days was “take heed that no one deceive you”
Why would he say this if we couldn't be deceived?

Or why would the Bible warn us that the deception of this time would be so bad as to fool even the elect if that were possible?

These warnings are in the Bible for a reason!

Another argument that I have heard is: You cannot accept the mark of the beast by accident.
OK, but here's the thing, if you are not heeding Jesus' warning and seeking out knowledge and truth then it is not accidental, it is willful ignorance!

God is a loving and merciful God which is why he gave us these warnings! It is not His fault if we choose to ignore them!

The next aspect of this is the worship aspect. Which is the most popular thing that people like to throw out there. “the mark of the beast is about worship”

So let's discuss the worship angle shall we?!

I will admit that I really needed God to show this to me in a clear way so that I could write about this in a way that is clear and easy to understand.
The other thing that I have been praying about a lot here is the question... at what point does this become the mark of the beast? Because I have really been struggling with this question.

God has given me the answer to these questions 4 different time now and I am going to share these answers with you.

The last answer I got came in the form of a video which I will put at the bottom of this page.

Wow did this ever come together for me when I watched this!

The first thing that people need to understand is that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! The old and new testament are linked, they go hand in hand, for example Jesus said that these days would be like it was in the days of Noah.

What was happening in the days of Noah? Extreme wickedness and genetic manipulation!

Now would you agree with me that worshiping God and trusting God go hand in hand?

Without faith it is impossible to please him!

The very core of the ruling elite are practicing Satanists, they are waiting for the arrival of their messiah... the sacred serpent who cannot appear until the Christians are removed from the earth. This is their symbol:

The trickster god in mythology | Tree of life, Tree tattoo, Occult

Do you see the serpent? This is the Sephiroth tree.

Now let me show you another symbol

The Caduceus Isn't The Medical Symbol You Think It Is | Art & Object Free Pictures Of Medical Symbols, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Both of these symbols represent the same thing MEDICINE!

People this is basically the same symbol, just represented differently!

Pharmakia or big Pharma are represented by the Sephiroth tree!

So here's the question: Do you place your trust and faith in the serpent or do you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ?

Free Silhouette Of Jesus On The Cross, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip  Art on Clipart Library

Here is the real tree of life! This is the ONLY way you can be saved...Period!

Can you see how this is worship?

I was looking at videos on line about this topic a few days ago and I found a video by a pastor discussing the subject of the vaccine being the mark of the beast... I never watched the video, instead I looked at the comments and WOW!

This was actually part of Gods answer to me about whether or not I was on the right track. You see after hearing Steven BeNoon of Israeli News Live say that he didn't know if the vaccines were the mark of the beast, it made me question whether or not I was actually doing the right thing here and I suppose that it is normal and good to question yourself. After all I DO NOT want to misrepresent God or his word in any way! And if I am doing so I want God to correct me and not let me continue doing so!

But I did not get correction... I got answers and confirmation! 4 times!

Now I want to share with you one of the comments I found on the video I was talking about.

I should first mention that I did not watch the video and I didn't need to, the comments told me what was in the video. Basically this 'pastor' was saying that the vaccines were not the mark of the beast and that him and his wife were going to be vaxed so that they could continue to travel supposedly to “do Gods work”.

EVERY SINGLE COMMENT was calling him out on this! Every one!

On a side note this is one of the biggest threats I see to the Christian church right now... Church leaders telling their congregations to get vaccinated... to take the mark!

Anyway a couple of the comments that I found were very interesting, one of them I do not want to share here because I cannot verify it yet but the other was eye opening because this person caught something in the book of Revelation that I had missed and it ties in perfectly with the subject of vaccines being the mark of the beast so I want to share this with you!

My Abba is the King of kings & Lord of lords*
Revelation 18:23 “by your SORCERIES were ALL THE NATIONS DECEIVED”. The word for SORCERIES in Greek is PHARMAKEA. Pharmakea is the word our English words like pharmacy and pharmaceuticals comes from. So, “by your PHARMACEUTICALS were ALL the nations DECEIVED”. What is a vaxx? A PHARMACEUTICAL. They were DECEIVED into taking the mark of the beast, Revelation 19:20.

So can you be deceived into taking the mark? Sure sounds like it!

The vaccines are straight out of the pits of hell... there is no doubt about it!
And I can understand why people might be reluctant to call this the mark of the beast. The simple truth of the matter is that saying this is the mark is basically saying that anyone who has been vaccinated has taken the mark! This includes many 'Christians'!
This is hard!

Nobody wants to stand in judgment...I certainly don't but I don't think that we really are.
We are simply telling the truth that God wants people to hear and know... the choice is theirs!

I told you that I was praying about this and the question that I had was “At what point does this become the mark of the beast”?

You see people whom I know have already taken the first vaccine and I didn't want to believe that they were doomed for it. But the answer that I got from God was that this is the mark from the first injection!
This is a very hard reality for me!

God told me once that he could not spare me the tribulation of Noah and I guess this is part of it... watching people self destruct but in all honesty I am so tired of grieving!

I will be so glad when I am in heaven and Jesus wipes away all tears and I can be happy and not have to look at all of the horrors and ugliness anymore!
But it is what I am called to do so I will be faithful.

So what do we know from the Bible about things related to the Mark of the Beast?

I truly believe that the first of the four horsemen is directly connected to the mark.

He was given a crown (a corona) and went out conquering and to conquer!
The world is definitely being conquered by the crown virus, is it not?

He causes all to receive the mark, the vaccine are going to be mandatory, we have already been told this!

One of the 4 parts of this vaccination process is the proof of vaccination, the injection by micro needles of a substance called Luciferase to verify that you have been vaxed

The mark contain 4 elements which do the following
1 alter or change your God given DNA the essence of who you are!

2 put DARPA hydrogel inside you, nano particles or micro machines that can be programmed to change the way you think and connect you to their beast system via the internet and 5 G.

3 Luciferase, a bio bio-luminescent agent which is also gene editing tech.

4 ID2020 the quantum dot computer chip that connects to the nano particles and all of the other junk in the vaccine!

The world is deceived into taking the mark via sorcery or pharmakia!

Satan desires to sit in the temple of God and declare that he is God!

You will not be able to buy or sell without it!

The Bible says that he causes all to receive the mark.

It does NOT say forces all!

However any kind of normal life will be impossible without it!

They are already telling us that you will not be able to travel unless you have been vaxed and it is only a matter of time before you are told that you cannot work without it (this has already begun in some places) you won't be able to go to the store or visit people etc, etc.

In other words you will not be able to buy or sell without it!

When they crash the economy which they are in the process of doing right now, money will no longer exist!

But if you have been vaxed and all of the control garbage is in you, the nanites, quantum dot chip and Luciferase will connect you to the 5G network, so then your slave masters can decide if you get food, clothing or other necessities or not!

If you refuse... well there's always the FEMA camps!

Once you have taken their vaccines with all of the accompanying garbage you will do what you are told... Period. Then your slave-masters will decide what you can have and what you can do!






Worshiping the serpent via vaccines

Revelation 18:
23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.