The last entry?


To be honest I really was beginning to think that I wasn't going to write anymore for this page. The fact that I am is a tribute to the power of God!

You see I have been under attack here. I have been sick for nearly a month now and at this stage of the game I am pretty certain that this is indeed 1) related to the recent activation of 5G in our area and 2) some kind of personal attack on my household.... me especially.

I realize that this sounds paranoid and I fully realize that they will only go as far as the Lord allows but this sickness combined with the other attacks on our household really feels like a targeted attack!

Especially when you consider what this did to me in a personal as well as physical aspect.

I stopped caring! I literally stopped caring about anything and this is just not me!

I have had to force myself to do the things that I would normally do because I just did not care about anything! Nor did I have the energy and strength to actually do anything!

Physically I lost my appetite and stopped eating, I lost 20 lbs in less that 2 weeks! And I still am not very hungry! I just don't care if I eat or not!

I have been praying for God to heal me, in fact both my husband and I have and we have been getting better but I think perhaps my prayers were not specific enough because last night I told God that if he wanted me to write for this page anymore that he was going to have to give me the will and desire to do so and the same is true of my desire to engage with the world because honestly all I have wanted to do for the last month is to just go home and be with the Lord!

This morning I woke up thinking about what I need to write for this page and with the desire to reengage with the world!

God is good!

This is far from the first spiritual attack that the enemy has lodged against us and I am sure that it won't be the last but it has been pretty intense.

Like I said there have been many attacks on us over the years but the one that stands out as undeniable is this one: We were living in a demonic stronghold and we were trying to get things together to leave there. We had gone there seeking work and had been under nearly constant spiritual attack from the beginning, which is what happens to Christians when they move into demonic strongholds, but the attacks had been so constant that I reached a point of literally yelling at Satan that we were leaving and I didn't care if he liked that or not he was not going to stop us!

Less than 24 hour later I was helping out with a church yard sale and the pastors wife had sent me to get change in their car. I reached the main intersection just in time to see my husband get T boned by another truck! But all things work for the good of those who love God and my husband wasn't hurt and our truck was still drivable! It did however give us a little more money to leave on!

God is good!

This is how it works with God's people, he can and does use the spiritual attacks of the enemy for our good!

One might wonder why we were even there in the first place but I met some people while I was there who opened my eyes to the reality of what is happening within the Christian church.

The reality is that much of the “Christian” church are NOT following Biblical teaching so much as the teaching of the church doctrine that the leaders of their specific church teaches!

This could be eternally deadly for those who refuse to look beyond church doctrine to Biblical truth!

“Take heed that no one deceive you!”

I have said that I believe the vaccine to be the mark of the beast or at very least the first part of it and I found more information that confirms this belief!

I do believe that there are different “vaccines” for different people which are targeted directly toward specific groups, such as the elderly.

Pfizer has now admitted that there is a micro-chip in their vaccine and many people are now having magnets and even metal objects stick to their bodies!

I particularly found it interesting that one woman who had been vaxed and is enduring some pretty horrific physical damage from the vaccine could stick metal objects to her forehead and other parts of her body!!

There is now a magnet challenge on you tube! People who have been vaccinated who are sticking all kinds of metal objects to themselves!

There are also people who are now trying to connect to various websites on the internet via their vaccine chip! When these people get near any wi-fi enabled device the chip inside them will try and connect to the internet site of that particular chip!

The links that I am posting here are about a machine that can and will use the microchip and the nanites which have been injected into “vaccinated” people via 5G for the purpose of mind control!

This confirms what I have believed about these so-called vaccines from the very beginning that once you accept this garbage into your body it is too late to go back! And once you accept the first part of the mark you will take the rest!

Understand that these so-called 'vaccines' are patented and therefore belong to the patent holder! What this means is that once you accept their patented garbage into your body.... they OWN YOU!

And despite the fact that this is illegal genetic experimentation on human beings, you do indeed give them permission to do this when you accept the vaccine whether you realize it or not!

There have been several psy-ops that we have been hit with over the past year and I honestly believe that this is exactly what the 60 minutes episode was about, where the general said that they would go door to door and force vaccinate people.

Your beliefs are everything!

You are controlled by your beliefs and they know this full well!

Then not long after that they started saying that “nobody would be forcibly vaccinated”. However you could be coerced via threats of losing your job, not being able to travel, etc until you do what you are told!

Again this validates the Bible.... You have to ACCEPT the mark!

We are already being told that the new deadlier “India” variant will hit here in the fall! There is no India variant what is happening is that they have locked down people who were already struggling to feed themselves from day to day so that they could not feed themselves and they are starving to death.... which of course is then labeled a COVID death!

Basically this is the same tactic that they have been using all along with doctors and hospitals labeling everything and anything that they can COVID and collecting money for it, just as they are now getting paid for vaccinating people! Which of course is treason against humanity!

Only in India it is resulting in a lot of death because of extreme poverty!

This is called a violation of the Nuremberg codes or horrendous crimes against humanity! One town in Africa refused their evil vaccines and their government shut off their electricity!

This is pure evil!

It won't stop here either there will be and already is in fact a form of vaccine passport in effect.

This is why we are hearing that vaccinated people don't have to wear a mask anymore in many places.... coercion!

Eventually it will lead to you cannot buy or sell without it!

I hear people say that they were forced to get the vaccine for their job, to which I have to reply NOBODY FORCED YOU!
You were not forced you were coerced! There is a difference!

Again the Bible warned us about this!

The simple truth is that things will very likely get very bad for those who refuse their genetic experiment aka mind control methods, especially the true Christians but we were warned that this was coming!

I have said before and I will say again that we are on the threshold of the worst time in human history!

This is the beginning of an all out attack by Satan and his minions to completely destroy humanity aka the children of God!

Especially those of us who love and cling tightly to Jesus!

They hate us the most!

I don't know if there will be a form of rapture or not but I have to believe that God will make a way for his people one way or another, he always does!

We are not appointed to wrath!

Things will however get VERY BAD for Satan and his followers!

And yes I have to believe that this will indeed include everyone who is blindly going along with their agenda!

Those who trust in the world are of the world .... Not of God!

Again we were warned about this!

The group of people whom I worry about and pray over the most are those who are refusing the vaccine but are not rooted in Christ!

I honestly fear that many of these people will be lost in the coming days!

It is easy to refuse the vaccine aka mark when things are easy and you can get what you need but it won't be so easy when you can't feed yourself or your family. When you can't buy the basic necessities of life, it won't be so easy then!

It appears that they are now pulling out all of the stops and we watch as more and more of their evil plans get pushed to the forefront.

Anyone who is paying attention and watching what is going on in all forms of the entertainment industry has to be able to see the Evil, Satanic garbage being pushed on us and especially our children!

They aren't even trying to hide their agenda anymore They are directly in your face about everything now!

Some see this but those who have been hardened to this world do not!

It has become quite clear that most of the world is directly in outright defiance of God! And proud of it!

Lately we have been seeing a lot about UFO's on main stream media and about the public disclosure of classified documents.

This is another part of the plan.

What I find interesting is the fact that we are now being told that our world governments have been lying to us for decades yet somehow people still trust their governments!

How many times do people need to be lied to before they acknowledge that they are dealing with liars and deceivers?

But back to the UFO disclosures.

Part of their plan (at least this is what we have been told) is the 'alien invasion'.

Basically this is about “aliens” taking center stage as the “saviors” of humanity!

(think Superman) just a thought.

They will appear as benevolent beings who have come to save humanity from itself!

This is what the 'global warming' narrative has been about from day one!

The main message being that human beings are evil and wasteful who are directly destroying the earth and must be stopped!

This is the TRUE global warming message!

Of course it is not the bulk of humanity doing this but rather the people with all of the money and power.... the ruling elite aka Satanists!

Are they deliberately destroying the earth? YES! And the Bible says that God will punish those who harm the earth!

Not only are they destroying humanity but they are destroying plant and animal life as well!

However the world will be told that these “aliens” are here to help us... to save us from destruction!

Does anyone stop and think about just how this is to be accomplished?

I have said many times in the past that everything is connected and you just have to figure out how... So let's talk about CERN.

Did you know that the war in Afghanistan was fought for the main purpose of finding Nimrods tomb? So that the government aka ruling elite could get their hands on fallen angel/nephilim technology?

They needed this technology to open demonic portals at CERN and the other Hedron colliders worldwide (there are 6... nothing Satanic about that number right?)

FYI, CERN is now openly admitting that they are opening gateways to other dimensions!

Everything hidden shall be revealed!

Folks this is where the 'aliens' are really coming from!

They are demonic beings who have been locked away and are now being released via the hedron colliders!

Interesting that they need human being to accomplish this...!

Revelation 9:1
Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts from the Bottomless Pit
Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit.

It is not a coincidence that many

Satanic rituals are performed at these hedron colliders as well!

These people are fully aware of what they are doing!

And WHO they are doing this for!

Are all of these things: the so called virus, the vaccines/mind control mark, the deliberate attempts to destroy humanity and the earth, the opening of demonic portals, and the so-called alien disclosures connected?

You bet they are!

And the Bible warned us about all of this thousands of years in advance!

We are at war!

There is an all out war being waged against the whole of humanity, however our enemy won't tell us this because if they do then they have to tell us who and what they REALLY are and what this war is really all about!

AND if you know that you will fight back and they don't want this because they would lose!

They are afraid of us and for good reason!


Unfortunately there are far too few of us who see through the lies and deception to the real truth of what is happening in this world and this includes most of the people who call themselves Christian!

Be of good heart though because their time is short! God will not tolerate this forever!

They think that they are getting away with this and they are NOT!

Their days are numbered!

When Christ returns which will be soon they will try to run... try to hide, but every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD!

If there is anyone out there who has not allowed the enemy access to their temple (body) and has not allowed them to blaspheme the holy spirit with their lies and poisons, then I strongly suggest that you repent!

Turn away from your sin and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Confess your sin and accept the holy spirit that You may escape the coming wrath and have eternal life... eternal joy and peace!

Time is short!

Christ will return soon!