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I am posting a few new links here about frequency and micro chips. The first one is my main focus here.

I truly feel that this needs to be addressed because quite frankly I don't fully buy into this... let me explain why:

First off let me say that I do indeed believe that frequencies are being used as weapons against us and yes I believe that most of the frequency information that we are getting is indeed true but...

In watching some of these videos it seems to me that they are very fear driven in their message and the overall message seems to be that we are powerless against this!

I honestly do not, for one second, believe that this is true!

You see I firmly believe that we have protection encoded in our DNA that the powers that be (no matter how much they want to) cannot override!

That protection is the very name of God himself embedded into every single strand of our DNA!

God breathed his own life into our nostrils and they cannot override God!

We are his!

Now I cannot prove this but let me give you some food for thought:

The mRNA “vaccines” are actually gene editing 'therapies' this is CRSPR technology.

This technology can literally snip out pieces of your DNA and replace it with something else!

Add to this the law passed by the supreme court in 2013 that says that anyone who allows gene editing technology to be injected into their body is no longer human and therefore no longer has any human rights.

Every single injection administered contains both a patent name and a patent number!

Every single injection!

So considering that the people behind all of this are full blown Satanists, what exactly do you think that they are snipping out and replacing?

I firmly believe that they are removing the name of God and replacing it with the name and number of the beast!

Bill Gates patent number 060606!

I honestly think that once this process is complete they own you and can do whatever they want with you and THEN they can control or destroy you via frequency!

Revelation 13:17

You see there is a reason why you have to give them permission to inject you with their poisons!

Only God and YOU can give permission for the defiling of your temple body!

They cannot over ride God!

So why do I believe this so passionately?

I firmly believe that they did indeed try to kill me with frequency a year ago. I have several reasons for believing this it is not simply a random 'this must be it' type of belief.

To begin with I don't think that they have an actual sample of my DNA on file. I am now and have been for many now anti medical establishment.

I guess this came from too many years of watching people blindly put their faith in Doctors who seem to only want to put them on life time medications rather than actually try to heal them.

Both my husbands mother and my mother each had a small travel bag size suitcase full of medications that they had to take every day!

So what do you go to the doctor for if all they do is put you on drugs for the rest of your life, many of which have life threatening side effects!?

Believe it or not I actually remember a time when doctors tried to heal their patients!

Now they (for the most part) seem to be glorified legal drug pushers!

I am not saying that all doctors are in this category many are not but I am saying that we need to be just as careful about medicine as we should be about our churches and church leadership.

Anyway, they do not have my DNA but they do have access to my medical records, such as my blood type. This is easily accessible to anyone with the right clearance.

What I do know about this episode is that only certain people got sick. I believe that I was the main target but my husband was nearly as sick as I was, both of my sons were here at the time, my oldest got sick but the youngest did not.

My neighbor girl and her toddler got sick but her husband did not and we were the only ones in the neighborhood who did.

The EMF tower that would have able to do this is a few blocks away and my neighbors are in a straight line from it behind our house!

I do know that My youngest son (the one who did not get sick) has a different blood type from both me and my oldest son.

It also bears note that my mothers DNA very likely is on file somewhere, so.....

But here's the thing, this sickness went on for weeks and then I finally reached the point where I started asking God to either kill me or cure me.

That was the point where I started to get better!

I don't know why I thought it would just run its course and I would get better, maybe because I always had before?!

But at that time I had not yet realized that it could be an attack.

It was a few weeks later when I found the video of the Government whistle blower who described their ability to use the EMF towers to launch such attacks on “problematic” people.

Am I a problematic person? Oh Yes!

Maybe not as much as some others but I am and have been very outspoken about things our government is up to.

Not that it has done a lot of good over the years, I just do not understand why people reject the truth so adamantly especially when it concerns their very soul!

But the Bible said it would be like this, so...

Anyway ever since this illness I have been able to smell and even taste the EMF (electro magnetic frequency) towers.

You may or may not believe this this is true but I have made a definite believer out of my husband! He has watched me pinpoint these towers so many times he doesn't even question it any more!

Was it an attack? You tell me but I believe it was!

This also fits the snake venom frequency theory to the letter!

The point that I am trying to make here is this:

They do NOT have as much power over us as we are giving them credit for!

Don't let anyone convince you that they do!

What you believe matters!

Matthew 10:28
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

John 10:
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.

I firmly believe that for them to get the kind of control over us that they want they must first remove the name of God from our DNA!

Only God or you can give them permission to do this!

Remember Satan had to ask for permission to torment Job, he couldn't just do so.

Satan had to ask permission to sift Peter... he couldn't just do so!

They cannot simply 'take' what belongs to God!

Have faith... we are his!

I truly believe that I am not going to be here much longer. I don't know if this means the rapture or my death but I do believe that the rapture is going to take place very soon.

I found a video (I will leave link) about a man who died and discussed the Rapture with Jesus. He said that there would be 3 raptures... pre trib...mid trib and at the end.
It mad a lot of sense to me so I will share.

And yes I have come to the conclusion that we have not yet entered the tribulation period... just saying.

Anyway what I am saying is that I believe that much of what I am writing here may actually be for those who miss the first Rapture.

So for anyone reading this after the rapture let me say that you are here for a reason!

I am not going to tell you that what lies ahead of you will be easy... It will not be!

You are facing the darkest time in human history!

Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, get a Bible and hide it.. it will become illegal to have.
Understand that You are a child of God created in his image and that the people trying to destroy you are usurpers trying to destroy God and anything that he has created!

Especially his children!

Understand that Jesus Christ endured some of the most horrendous things imaginable for you because he loves you that much!

Remain strong and steadfast... finish the race and come home!

This is the rapture video

Here are the DNA/ chip videos


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