Lately I have been feeling very dispassionate and lack luster toward the world in general and this attitude has been affecting everything in my life.... especially my web page.

The simple truth is that I am ready to go home and be with the Lord.

I often wonder if I am indeed making a difference, after all I am simply a small voice crying out in the wilderness.... one of many.

I realize that in both my writing and my speech I sound quite bold and certain of myself but I am NOT an arrogant person by any means, even though I may sound like one at times.

I do however possess some qualities that are very important to the days that we are living in and for the first time last night God let me see a truth that I had been missing!

Last night as I was lying in bed thinking about church doctrines which are leading people into destruction* and God allowed me to see my website through eyes other than my own.

For the first time I fully realized how important it is to boldly question everything we are being told and this definitely includes the teaching of all main stream churches!

And even small voices such as mine right now are vitally important! People need to hear and see things that will lead them to seek out Biblical truth and not just listen to those who may well be deceived themselves!

I was also given the privilege of seeing myself through Gods eyes, it was (to say the least) an eye opening experience for me!

I mentioned that I possess some qualities that enable me to do what I do so I will mention them here: The first one is that I love the truth!
I love God and I love the truth and I absolutely despise lies! And yes this includes little white lies!

I hate it when people tell me what they think I want to hear instead of the truth!

The way my mind works is that if you lie to me on something small I will be very hesitant to trust you on bigger things, this is just how I think and feel about lies.

I sometimes tell people that if they don't really want to know what I think then don't ask me because I will tell you the truth. I have lost a lot of friends over the years as a result of this brutal honesty!

But the truth is vitally important in this world, especially in these end days. And those of us who are willing to stand up for the truth are key people in these last days!

Does this mean that I have all of the answers? NO! Nobody does!

Only GOD!

We should however all be questioning everything! And we should all be talking to each other and comparing our perceptions of what the Bible is actually saying!

The true believers and followers of Jesus Christ should be listening to what the Bible really says and to each other and setting aside the long held teaching of the church especially when those teachings contradict the Bible!

I will discuss this more in a bit.

The next quality that I have is that I am very good at puzzles and mysteries. I can often figure out puzzles and mysteries that baffle others.

Add this quality to the gift of discernment given to me by God and I can figure out how the pieces fit together.

An example of this is the knowledge that the name of God is literally encoded in every strand of our DNA. Then connect this with the fact that our world leaders are all Satanists and these are the people who are pushing gene editing therapies on the human population.

A little bit of research will tell you that this is CRSPR or gene editing technology that is capable of snipping out and replacing sections of our DNA so 2+2=4, what are they really trying to do with these shots?

If you think about this in these terms then the picture becomes very clear!

Yet very few people are even willing to look at this let alone take a stand on it! Including nearly all of the churches!

I know that I have talked about this before but please bear with me I am trying to make a point here.

Now I don't know for certain that people who have the name or the number of the beast in them are doomed to the lake of fire and I don't know for certain that they are indeed replacing the name of God with the name of the beast although it seems likely to me but I do know that every single one of these injections carries a patent number with it and that patent number is Bill Gates patent number 060606...... the number of the beast! And I know that each of these shots contain self assembling nano particle which are creating micro chips within the body which directly connect you to the beast system!

So at very least you are carrying the number of the beast and gene editing technology that can be programmed!

The very fact that the Bible connects these three things in Rev 13:17 should be very alarming to ALL Christians and especially to anyone calling themselves church leaders!

The Bible also says that you must accept the mark and the fact remains that that people must willingly accept the shot!

Don't get me wrong here, I don't like this either but not liking the truth doesn't make it not true!

I understand now that accepting the truth as it is, is a key factor in our relationship with God but nobody said that we have to like the truth we are being presented with!

Nor is the truth easy. Noah didn't like the fact that after the ark was built he and his family would be the only people left on earth but he didn't try to change this fact by creating another God whom he liked better which is what I see most people/churches doing these days!

Lot didn't like the fact that God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah but he didn't deny the truth he simply obeyed God!

Why then are so many Christians so willing to create false narratives aka lies rather than accept the truth?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard “Christians” say thing like “I believe what I believe and I don't want to hear any other point of view” or “My God wouldn't do something like that” completely ignoring the fact that God DID do that!

These people are refusing to seek out and look at the actual truth and in doing so are actually creating their own god! They are literally creating god in their own image instead of accepting God for who he really is simply because they don't like what God tells them!

AND unfortunately when church leaders do this they are encouraging others to do the same!

I am going to try and write a letter to some of these church leaders and post it on this site as well as send it to some churches. I don't honestly think it will do a lot of good but the truth needs to get out there.

I encourage you to print off and send this letter to any churches that you feel might benefit from it.

I am going to address several issues in this letter so I am hoping and praying that it will at least wake a few people up. So look for it soon.

I believe that the rapture is going to happen very, very soon but I honestly do not think that it is going to look anything like what most rapture believers are expecting.

Going by what God showed me and on the dreams and visions that so many people are having right now which are largely ignored by the main stream church (I will address this in the letter), I think that this event is going to be very different and may not even be recognized as the rapture!

So for anyone reading this please seek out and hang on to the truth for dear life! The truth may not be easy or pretty but it is absolutely vital to us believers.... hang on brothers and sisters... we are going home soon!