First and Last
The beginning and the end

Disclaimer: I wrote this article in sections and I realize that I have repeated myself as a result of this so please bear with me. This has been a difficult article to write since I am attempting to tie the pieces together. I know that there are several little things mentioned in this article that I have not expanded on but this article is already so long that I am trying to shorten it at least a little.

I started this article under a different title thinking that I would be going a certain direction with it however I have been praying a lot about this article because if anything that I ever wrote has the potential to get me killed this is it!

(Especially since I have now been labeled a terrorist by my government)

After much prayer and thought God has been showing me a different direction to go with this article.

He has been showing me that I need to bring this site full circle and connect the beginning with the end so...

So going back to the beginning... what I believe to be the most important message of this entire web page...


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them, the creation process took 6 days. Most of which was done in the first 5 days but on day 6 God did something different... He created MAN in his image!

It is vitally important that you understand this as fully as possible...


On day 6 God said “Let us make man in our own image” and he formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed his own life into his nostrils.

He did not do this with any other creation... including Angels!

Please understand that humanity is the ONLY one of Gods creations that he did this with! The ONLY ONE!

We were created to be a family to God!

The very name of God is encoded within our DNA!

The adhesion molecule that holds everything together within us is called Lamimin and if you don't know what that is then you should look it up... it is shaped like a cross!

God placed the proof of our creation and identity within our very cells!

The proof that we are indeed his children!


It is important that you understand this because this is what is under attack right NOW!

I have talked a lot about the vaccines being the mark of the beast and why I am convinced that this is the case.

The truth is that they do not have to be the actual mark itself because (I am repeating this for a reason here) the mRNA shots are a gene editing technology which these vaccine providers actually admit now on their own web sites!

These shots are designed to EDIT or CHANGE your DNA!

One of the things that these genetic modifiers does is to cut out or remove the NAME of GOD and replace it with another name AND a patent number... Bill Gates patent number 06060606!

This ladies and gentlemen is also known as the name of the beast and the number of his name!!!!!

These shots also contain microscopic machines known as nano particles and graphene oxide which will enable the powers of this world (principalities and powers) to change you into something that is in the image of Satan and destroy your very soul!

According to a law passed by the supreme court of the USA in 2013 anyone who allows themselves to be injected with a gene altering substance is no longer human and therefore has no human rights!

Do you really think that this hasn't been the plan all along?

Please understand that anyone who has been injected with these gene therapies who actually survives the injection is now a slave to Satan and subject to his will!

This is where 5G comes in...
**As a side note here COVID 19 is emf radiation poisoning!

People who have been injected are now throwing off QR codes (computer codes). What this means is that these people are now connected to the internet of bodies and the self assembling machines within their bodies can be controlled!

Maybe I am way off base here since nobody else seems to be talking about this possibility but it seems to me that anyone who actually survives the initial onslaught of these injections will literally become a soldier in Satan's army!

And what's worse is that they will no longer be able to die!

Men will seek death and not find it!

Jesus is coming with his army soon and Satan knows this so he is building his own army using Human beings aka the children of God as soldiers!

Do you get it?

Understand that this is what the enemy of humanity is trying to silence! This is why there is so much censorship going on. This is why they are labeling us outlaws and terrorists! They do not want people to figure this out!


If human beings ever wake up to the true reality of what that means then Satan and all of his plans are dust! AND he knows it!

I apologize, I realize that this is a lengthy article but it is necessary to tie things together so please bear with me.

Christians prepare:
I believe that it is extremely important for the few true Christians who are left to prepare their spirits... their hearts and minds for what comes next.

We need to be ready because there is a lot worse coming and we must be ready to stand!

I think that one thing that many true Christians do not fully understand is how few of us there actually are!

I keep hearing people say that there is a great awakening coming or a great revival and in all honestly I just don't see this!

In fact the opposite seems true to me... let me explain why.

To begin with there are far fewer true Christians than most people realize.

By true Christians I mean those of us who have committed our hearts, minds, spirits and lives to Jesus Christ and are willing to do his will and stand for/with him no matter what.

Oh there may be a few million of us but compared to the billions of people on earth that is a pretty small number and yet this small number are capable of completely obliterating the darkness if we simply just came together in agreement!

Ask yourself this question: Why do they need to break the connection between humanity and God?

Do you think that they might know something that most Christians don't?

This is the power of God that the enemy is trying to destroy!

So let's talk about what we are up against.

First off let's talk about church doctrine.

I truly believe that most of the core beliefs of the many different churches are basically designed to keep Christians apart.

Unfortunately there are always people who are willing to go along with what their church tells them is true rather than trust what their Bible says on the matter.

We see this every single day but the main problem with this is that our enemy has no such division within his ranks!

Think about this!

Within the Christian ranks we have the obvious evil such as the Ku Klux Klan which like many other churches use the word of God to manipulate and control people into doing evil in the name of God.

Then we have churches such as the Catholic church, the Mormons, the Seventh Day Adventists. The Jehovah witnesses etc, all of whom either change the Bible for purposes of controlling people or rely on false prophets or false doctrine which is spoon fed to their congregations to keep them in line.

Much of what these institutions teach as fact is so far from Biblical truth as to be completely ridiculous yet people believe it to the point of attacking anyone who would tell them the truth of the Bible!

All of this is a planned assault and has been operating for centuries and again Jesus Christ warned us about this!

I should point out here that I am NOT saying that there are not true Christians within these groups.... there are, but like in many other churches as well people tend to hang on to what they want to believe rather than seeking out the full truth of Gods word.

Which is a form of playing god, expecting God to live up to our standards rather than trying to live up to his.

Unfortunately hanging on to what we want to be true rather than what the Bible tells us can have very deadly and even eternally deadly consequences!

Since I have talked about this in other places within this site I don't want to get into a lot of detail here, I am simply trying to make a point, which is just how deeply divided the Christian church really is and how unwilling most Christians are to seek out the truth and come together in true unity with God.

Now I want to talk about the church of Satan and the fact that there is no such division within their ranks!

Oh to some degree I guess you could say that there is some division but when all is said and done MOST of the world is working against God and his people and are very united in their efforts!

Anyone who is paying attention knows that the world is currently under control of full blown Satanists, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists and just plain lunatics.

This includes nearly all world leaders, nearly all of the entertainment industry including movies, television, cartoons, and music and yes this also includes the main stream media!

And before you ask, the answer is yes this includes much of the so-called Christian entertainment industry as well.

You need to understand that MANY so called Christian churches have sold out their congregations as well but I digress.


Witchcraft and Satanism has been on a steady rise for decades now. Over 50 years ago the area that I lived in had over 500 practicing Satanists and Witches in the area and that number has exploded in growth ever since and is in fact, still growing!

And this is taking place everywhere!

These people are extremely dedicated and united in their missions and are systematically working to destroy God and his Children!

I can absolutely guarantee you that these people have infiltrated nearly every (if not every) Christian church and organization in the free world!

These are the people who sow distrust and discord within the churches and do everything in their power to destroy and take over the leadership of these churches!

If you have the discernment of God within you, you can actually watch them walk in and sit down in nearly any church in existence!

The point that I am trying to make here is that there are far... far more of these people than most Christians realize and thanks to the entertainment industry there are more and more coming into being with each and every day!

TV, Movies such as Harry potter, Narnia series, Hocus Pocus, Bewitched and even cartoons (this includes Disney), video games even card games such as magic the gathering etc. Basically anything promoting MAGIC is Satanic in nature!

Let that sink in!

Think about how many children that you know who watch this stuff and then go out and 'pretend' to cast spells!

This is initiation into witchcraft!

Are you beginning to see the enormity of this yet?

But wait there's more!

Next we have the atheists many of whom are also practicing witches and Satanists despite their claims to be non believers.

This group is also standing against the Children of God!

And this group also contains the 'Scientists' who are pushing the trans-humanist agenda on us.

And just for your consideration, many people who are deemed 'leftists' are also practicing witches as well.

In fact the entire world is being set against us and unfortunately this number also includes many people who claim to be Christians!

All of these people are against God and his people... in fact their main purpose is the complete destruction of ALL of Gods creation!

As it was in the days of Noah!

Enter the A I (artificial intelligence) god!

A I god and the timeline

Oct 31 2019 A I god is crowned by Satanic leaders.

Less that 3 months later Corona (crown) virus appears
(rider of the white horse)

Less than a year later a new 'miraculous' vaccine appears which will save the worlds population against the terrible and (not so) deadly boogy man virus!

Vaccine companies just happen to be putting nanites and graphene oxide into “vaccines” Something which they lied about at first to get people to accept the vaccine but are now saying outright that these things are in their vaccine.

Oh and by the way it is literally impossible to create billions of doses of a vaccine in just a few months time! Let alone know what it will do without testing it, which they are now starting to admit to.

These evil corporations deliberately left their package inserts for their 'vaccines' blank and in doing so violated our most basic human rights! Informed consent! (They broke the law!)

These vaccines also contain ingredients which are an abomination to God meant to defile the children of God, aborted fetal tissue (cannibalism) which again they lied about at first, as well as chimeric or hybrid DNA from human/animal cross mixes and who knows what else.

Oh and now HIV or AIDS is now being reported in the so-called vaccines as well to the point where now countries are telling their people to get tested for AIDS!

There have also been parasites found in these shots and of course the nano particles and graphene oxide or mark of the beast components designed to connect you to the beast system!

People get injected and become connected to the A I god.
'Vaccinated' people are now throwing off QR or computer codes.

The so-called vaccines are actually gene editing tech which alters or changes DNA, removes the name of God and replaces it.
This gene splicing tech actually splices out the name of God which our creator put in our very DNA and replaces it with another name and a patent number, effectually turning that person into a slave or property with no human rights!

**This is the main reason why I cannot see these vaccines as anything but the mark of the beast or 2 of the 3 parts of the mark.
Until I started looking at Genesis 6 and the sons of God aka Angels having children with human women and corrupting the DNA of Gods children the mark of the beast did not make sense to me.

The mark had to be something which was such an abomination to God as to be an unforgivable sin, it HAD to be something that creates an irreversible change within a human being. Something that changes the children of God into children of Satan.
The vaccines do this.**

They demand that people get injected and those who refuse will be denied even the most basic of human rights. People are being denied access to public places, travel, jobs and even their most basic needs such as food and medical treatment!

And they are even doing this with children!

You cannot buy or sell....

Connection to the AI network is a form of mind control, which is of course, the point... you will do as you are told!

I have said before and I will say again that it doesn't matter whether this is the actual mark of the beast. This contains 2 of the 3 parts of the mark.... the name of the beast and the number of his name!

Once you have these things in you.... you belong to the beast!

There are people out there who are saying that you can repent of this.... I simply do not know but I sincerely hope that this is true!

Controlled opposition:

Ok I guess the next thing we need to talk about is the opposition or push back which is currently taking place throughout the world.

Although much of this is indeed sincere you must understand that the enemy has put a lot of controlled opposition in place as well.

These people appear to be on our side… on the side of humanity but are actually working for the enemy!

I really do not believe for one second that these evil individuals would be attempting to pull off something as ambitious as world domination unless they had all of their ducks in a row so-to-speak.

To pull off something this huge they literally have to have planned for every possible aspect or outcome and have put a plan in place to deal with these possibilities!

So don't get too excited... we haven't won!


I have said outright that I firmly do not
believe that the people running the world are human.

Back to the days of Noah scenario.

The enemy is using every trick in the book to label any and all opposition as terrorists.

But this is typical, evil always accuses their enemy of what they themselves are doing.

The end of free speech and an all out assault on Christianity!

They are fully aware of what they are doing!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that humanity is winning against all of the COVID mandates these are simply temporary concessions designed to give you false hope.

They are still moving forward with their plans!

Black lights are popping up everywhere!

What does this have to do with anything?

Many vaccinated people are now glowing under UV/black light!
There is some debate on whether this is being caused by the graphene oxide or by a substance called Luciferase which is directly tied to the vaccines... mark! And this substance is definitely in the Vaccine 'patch' being rolled out now! Oh and now we are being told that everyone will have to get a 'yearly' injection as well!

Black light street lights are popping up all across America a few days ago we even saw a black light fixture on the wall in Burger king!

Think about this!

Now I want to move on to the red and black horses.

The red horse.

I have talked before about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and that I believe that we are witnessing the riding of the first 3.

I have not changed my mind... if anything we are watching this play out before our eyes.

The red horse represents violence, murder and war! Violence has been growing exponentially over the last year and our illustrious world leaders are doing everything in their power to ramp up or cause violence within people and yes I do honestly believe that frequencies are being used against us for this purpose!

I said in my last article that I truly believe that the USA is the great whore of Babylon and that the wicked rulers of this world have to bring America down for their new world order to succeed.

We are on the brink of war with Russia and China right now! This has been ongoing for a few weeks now and it appears that brain dead Biden is pulling out all of the stops to make sure this happens!

The US will fall and violence and turbulence will blanket the earth!

This will happen!

I tend to think that this is the point where we will see our alien “saviors” appear to save humanity from itself by uniting us via the beast system.... at least that is the plan of the ruling elite.

Now the black horse.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind anymore that prices are beginning to skyrocket?

This is happening everywhere and in south Africa they have food lines that go on for miles! In China they can no longer buy fresh produce! There are now empty ships sitting in Chinese harbors not being loaded!

The famines are beginning!

I believe that within the next year or two we will see the pale horse riding throughout the world!

The book of Revelation is coming to life!

The waters turning to blood should have been an eye opener for people and yet here we are!

So next I want to talk about the importance of our beliefs and our faith and I will conclude with how this will all end.

You need to understand that we are in an all out, no holds barred WAR right now and things are going to get much worse!

Satan and his cronies are doing everything they possibly can to annihilate the Children of God.... the true heirs to the kingdom of God!

Satan understands that we are the ones who will stand in judgment on him and his angels.... “Do you not know that you will stand in judgment on angels”

He KNOWS! Why do you think that he want to destroy us so badly?


I have said many times that there are rules that even Satan cannot break and as time goes by this is being born out more and more but you must understand that the enemy can and will use every loophole and dirty trick in the book to get around those rules and most of this is directly connected to your beliefs!

You cannot be vaccinated or marked against your will!
(however I am not sure that this applies to people who are already vaxed)

Your beliefs... Your FAITH is the single most important weapon that you have in your entire arsenal!

I don't know if there will be a rapture or not but there seems to be a lot of Biblical references to God removing his people from this earth before things get too bad, one such reference if Isaiah 57.

There have also been several people having dreams lately about world war 3 (that we are currently on the brink of) and the rapture happening about the same time so maybe?!

Jesus wondered if he would find any faith on earth when he returned so I tend to believe that one way or another most of us who are here now will not be in the near future!

This makes me wonder if much of what I am writing here might in fact be for some who have not yet come to Christ but will after the bulk of Christianity has been taken away!

At any rate your faith... your beliefs are your greatest weapon and your greatest protection against the forces of darkness... the forces of evil!

And you can and should ask for God's protection!

The enemy will do everything in his power to shake your faith... to get you to question your beliefs because if he can get you to believe that he has all of the power over you then he does... period!

Your beliefs give him that power!

So don't give him that power!

Think about what you have seen and about what you KNOW to be true and hang tight to that no matter what!

God has written his name in the very code of our existence, we are his children! Jesus said that you must be born again.

This means that you must personally choose to accept him and the gift that he has given you.

Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice so that you can have eternal life free of darkness, pain and evil!

This is how much he loves YOU!

Accept him, accept this gift, accept the holy spirit!

Most of all do not allow anyone or anything to shake your faith... to take this gift from you, they have no right to do so!

Your faith... your beliefs are your most powerful weapon use it!

In conclusion I want to say this:

We are living in one of the most incredible times in human history!

We are witness to the conclusion of this earth!

Jesus Christ will return soon with his army and evil shall exist no more!

All of these evil beings will go to their eternal destruction and there will be a new heaven and a new earth!

Never again will the ancient evils be raised against the children of God!

We will finally be free to be what God created us to be from the beginning!


Praise God!