Under attack
like never before!

For those of you following this web page, You have seen me reference the attack on me last May/June in which I nearly died. That did not happen because God was not done with me yet and the enemy simply cannot take us out until God says it is time!

I truly believe this.

However the attacks have not stopped.

My whole body seems to be turning against me now including my mind. I am finding it harder and harder to think clearly... harder and harder to write but I am trying.

I have also become a human 5G detector and that doesn't seem to be going away so I guess I live with it.

I want to try to get up at least one more article and God willing a video but we will see.

What I want to do is to connect some dots for you and help you to see what we are really up against because things are not as they seem!

Take heed that no one deceives you!

I genuinely believe that most of what we are seeing in the way of major opposition is staged.

Although there are a great many people taking a stand that are in fact the real deal I truly feel in the depths of my soul that many... many of the so called rebels are actually working for the enemy!

More about this in the next article

The article that I am working on will be pretty big and might take a while to write so bear with me.

I seem to be feeling a little better so that helps but please if you will, say a little prayer for me because I need all the help I can get right now!

Thank you

I will get the next article up as quickly as possible and as I mentioned I would like to do a connected video which will mirror that article but I don't know if that is possible, but with God all things are possible so if You will pray for me on this it just might happen!

Keep in mind however God didn't tell me to make videos... he told me to write so.......................

Also before I sign off on this short article I want to also say that for any Christians reading this you are probably also under attack or soon will be, so put on the armor of God and stand strong knowing and believing that we belong to him and he will protect us, one way or another!

Let us pray for each other and stand strong in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I am glad that I did not put this up yet 1/18/22 because I had a very interesting weekend and I would like to share the latest attack with you.

My husband I often take little trips on the weekends, We happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.... the western slope of Colorado. There are many, many gorgeous sights to see within a few hours drive from our home so we get out and go for drives when we can.

I guess that I should mention here that I am not a materialistic type of person, I truly think that chasing after “stuff” is pure foolishness.

However I recently inherited a very nice pick up truck that is worth a lot of money.

It honestly give me the creeps!

Don't get me wrong... it is a beautiful truck and I am grateful that he did this for me but the truck is very computerized and can connect to satellites, your phones, etc which basically means that you can be tracked wherever you go and this bothers me a lot.

So we were having a discussion about ways that we can disconnect from the grid by getting rid of certain things and getting others as well as things that I wanted to put on my web site.

A few hours later we stopped at the same gas station that we stop at nearly every weekend to fill up and my husbands bank card wouldn't work so after several tries he got mine and it wouldn't work either then both of us got messages on our phones from the fraud detection alert center about suspected fraud on our cards.

Long story short we got it cleared up but it was clearly a message!

The message was that they could get to us no matter what!

Now understand a few things here 1 we have NEVER had both of our bank cards hit with a fraud alert at the same time....ever! 2 this was a place of business that we regularly go to and 3 the only way that whoever sent this message could have known what we were talking about is if they were listening in on our cell phones!

Let that sink in!

However understand that all things work for the good of those who love Jesus Christ!

I have been talking to God a lot lately about my husband, I was concerned that he might not have the conviction of faith to withstand what is coming.

See I don't think that he was 100% convinced that our illness back in late May/June was actually an assassination attempt, even though there have been similar attacks on other Christian truthers as well.

After this happened he is now convinced! I think that he is actually seeing the spiritual battle clearly for the first time and he is on fire!

Now he is searching out truth... Now he understands the importance of even a meager little website like this one and the impact it can have!

Now he is telling me that he is proud of me and even suggesting things for me to write about!

Through this attack God showed my husband the truth and the reality of the battle which we are engaged in and I am no longer worried about him!

All things work for the good of those who love God!

Stay strong brothers and sisters we will be going home soon!