And a message for those left behind

(For some reason the enemy does not want me to write this! There has been a full blown attack on me since I started this article so there must be something important in it!)

As we wait for the Lord to come and rescue us from this world I can't help but notice just how completely oblivious the majority of the world is to what is happening and what is coming.

I realize that I said I was finished with this site and once again I was wrong, just wishful thinking I guess.

Anyway, I have always been someone who wants to know the truth. Truth is very important to me and if you are reading this website then I firmly believe that the truth is very important to you also.

After all Jesus himself is the truth!

It is absolutely shocking to me how unimportant truth is to the majority of the human population!

Unfortunately this includes the majority of Christians as well. I suppose that there is a certain logic in this. We all have deeply held beliefs that are very precious to us, the doctrines of our churches being a prime example of this.

But what if our churches doctrine is flawed? The Mormons, the Seventh Day Adventists and the Johovah Witnesses all have so called prophets who claim to know the truth and yet both their prophets and their doctrines are deeply flawed. Yet they follow without question, believing that they have the truth!

Can you see how dangerous this is?

If I am correct and the shots are indeed the name and/or number of the beast then these churches allowing or even promoting this are literally leading their congregations down the path to hell!

The prosperity churches and the new age type of churches that teach salvation without repentance is doing the exact same thing!

Yet millions or even billions are following along without question!

I think that the biggest problem here is that people want their desires to be the truth or to put it another way they want to create their own truth and the actual truth, Gods truth, doesn't matter to them.

I told a friend of mine recently that being a watchman in these end days is like standing on a beach taking pictures of people you love. They all have their back to the ocean and they are facing an electronic sign behind you that is putting out messages about what a lovely day it is and how people should enjoy the beach, meanwhile you can see a massive tidal wave coming and you are trying to warn them but they will not believe you... you cannot even get them to turn around and look because the sign keeps telling them that everything is okay!

I have discovered that you can literally put the written proof in their hand and they will throw it in the trash without even a glance at it!

This is the tragic reality that we live in!

The simple fact of the matter is that nearly everything that we have been taught our entire lives is a lie!

Years ago the head of the FBI (I forget his name) said that he knew that their disinformation campaign would be complete when everything that the American people believed was a lie!

Oh truth still exists but we have been brainwashed to believe the lies!

The simple truth is that we do not know our own history! All we know is what we have been told and history is written by the conquerors!

We don't even know what month it is or what day of the week it truly is because they have changed our calendar!

We do not know!

We have been told that Jesus lived 2000 years ago but is this true?

What if Jesus lived 1500 years ago? What if the millenial reign has already happened?

Historical documents have been discovered that suggest that this might be the case!

There were historical writers who lived at that time who documented a Pope Sixtus or 666 who did indeed impose a mark on people, there was an attempt to rebuild the third temple which according to these historians was thwarted by divine intervention, God stepped in and stopped them!

These historians also described huge battles in the clouds and people being taken away.

So what if this is true and the thousand year reign has already happened?

Where does this leave us?

Many Bibles have been tampered with and even rewritten! Many denominations of churches have their own Bible. The Mormons do and so do the Adventists! Others do also.

And yes I do believe that the King James has been tampered with as well but only to a point, I believe that there is only so much tampering that God will allow either with his word or with his people!***

An example of this is when the Bible says that we should obey ruling authority, which a lot of churches tell us means doing what our government tells us, however I am quite certain that this does NOT mean doing what you are told without question!

Only the biggest type of fool would blindly obey any ruling authority without question, especially in these end days!

Romans 13 is used for this by many churches.

The point is that we might not be where we think we are in Biblical prophesy! We may very well be at the end of the end!

The Satanic ruling elite are doing everything that they possibly can to not just destroy humanity (Gods children) but to destroy ALL of Gods natural creation and replace it with a Satanic version instead.

This might just explain why God needs to destroy this world with fire!

I do firmly believe in the rapture because 1) I asked God and he confirmed it to me and 2) there are far too many dreams and visions taking place about the rapture for me to be able to just dismiss it. The Bible talks about sons and daughters prophesying, dreams and visions, I cannot simply dismiss this and I feel it is a mistake for people to do so.

***I believe that this is where the message for the left behind comes in!

The Bible says that these final days will be so horrible that unless these days be shortened no flesh would survive but for the sake of the elect these days will be shortened.

I also firmly believe that the dreams that Tony Lamb has been having are indeed from God and it will be exactly as horrible as he describes.

However something needs to be said here:

Those who come to Christ after the rapture will still have Gods hand of protection on them to a degree!

Yes they will have to endure horrors and persecution beyond imagination that will be just as bad and even worse then the first Christians endured but there will still be things that the enemy cannot do to them!

They will still have their God given free will that Satan and his followers cannot violate!

In other words Gods people cannot for example be forcibly injected with the mark of the beast.

They will still be able to connect with God and receive supernatural help and guidance from him.

I am not sure where the 2 witnesses comes into play in all of this but I do tend to believe that those left behind are indeed the 144,000 spoken of in the Bible!

I simply cannot believe that it is a coincidence that 144,000 just happens to be the exact number of genes in the DNA given to us by our creator, or that a third strand just happens to add up to 666!

I don't think that this is the exact numer of people as much as those who have a pure God given, double strand DNA comprised of 144,000 genes.

There is little doubt anymore that the Satanists are indeed trying to force a third strand of DNA into the human genome, creating a triple helix of 216 genes or 600 x 60 x 6 = 666!

Which gives Satan authority over those people who accept it.

They will do everything in their power to destroy the 144,000 but they will not be able to silence them, they will remain a witness to Jesus and to the truth even amidst the horrors till the very end!

And for their sake these days shall be shortened!

Many will die during this time but not all!

I do honestly believe that many of these people will be honored amongst the greatest of the Biblical heroes because they will endure much for Jesus Christ!

I want to address something that is being presented on the internet as truth that I am not at all convinced of:

Stew Peters is promoting a doctor by the name of Karen Kingston who claims that the C19 vaccines contain lipid nano particles but no mRNAs.

I have to say right up front that even though I have put up some of Stew Peters videos in the past I do not trust him!

I know very well that there are many people now who claim to be on Gods side who are in fact controlled opposition!

I believe Stew peters to be one of these and Karen Kingston may well be another and I will tell you why:

She claims that she is only finding lipid nano particles in peoples blood but no mRNAs right? Well I find it interesting that this is what Yuval Noah Harari said as well, that the shots were about getting people to allow surveillance software to be injected into them.

She also claims that these nano particles have wi-fi access (which they do) but can be used to send frequencies through which they can alter DNA.

So here is the problem that I have with this...

If Satan can use frequencies to alter our DNA and add a third strand, don't you think that he would have done so already?

So let's discuss what we know is happening to people who have taken the injections.

To begin with I believe that these injections are opening demonic portals in people.

One woman on bitchute claimed that she saw demons for weeks after her first injection. I would be extremely curious to find out if she took any more shots after this...

There have been numerous videos of people who look up and spin around seeing something and then collapsing, what are they seeing? Something that scares them, judging by their reactions, one man was even trying to fight off whatever he was seeing!

I heard one woman say that after taking the shot she could no longer feel the holy spirit!

Access for demons?

There have been several birth defects caused by the shots, including black eyed children, a baby with a tail, babies that can do things that normal babies cannot do like hold their head up the first day or walk in a few months etc.

Numerous miscarriages.

Vaccine injuries, millions of deaths and long white rubbery things being pulled from the arteries of people who have died from the shots.

If there is no mRNA in these shots then why are insurance companies refusing to pay out on people who die from these shots claiming that experimental gene altering therapies qualify as suicide?

How can they do this if there is no gene altering technology in the shots?

Can lipid nano particles do all of this? I don't know but the ruling elite is making no secret of their end game here.... to completely corrupt the human DNA genome given by God and replace it with a Satanic one!

Although I do not believe that there is viable mRNA in all of the shots I firmly believe that it is in some of them, this is an experiment after all!

I do believe that at some point everyone will have to submit to their injections and accept the end game to be able to buy or sell! But it is possible that those who have already had C19 injections may not have to take any more.

Revelation 13:17
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

There is also a lot of talk about putting mRNAs in our food and water supply, well let's be honest here they have been tampering with our food and water for years now. And there is absolutely no doubt that there are indeed some pretty horrible and abominable things in out food and water... and even in the air that we breathe but they still cannot break our connection to our creator unless WE ALLOW IT!

I believe that this goes for the shedding issue as well!

Unless you lock yourself away in a cave in the middle of nowhere and cut off all contact with the outside world it would be literally impossible to not touch something that a vaxed person has touched!

You must willingly accept the mark of the beast!

Can you be decieved into taking it ...YES but it cannot be put into you without your permission!

They cannot violate your God given free will!

The problem these days is that there is so much deception and so many subtle lies that it is hard to tell where the lies stop and the truth begins!

And they are always intermingled!

This is why I firmly believe that there is only so much tampering that God will allow with his word!

We have to have access to the truth!

Those people who are alive during this horrendous time must know that the enemy is NOT as powerful as he wants you to believe that he is!

No matter what God is always God and Satan cannot take what belongs to God!

I believe that they are going to pull out all of the stops to try and accomplish their goals, including the UFO/alien god agenda. Nuclear bombs (especially in the US) EMPs, Starvation and every other dirty trick in the book to make this happen but in the end they lose.... PERIOD!

And Satan know this full well!

In the end God wins!