There are several different things that I want to discuss today, God had me up half the night in thought about these things and then he made sure I woke up early to get these things written down so there must be and urgency about this.

The funny thing about this is that having been up into the wee hours of the morning I wanted to go back to sleep but my brain engaged and I finally said okay God I will get up, then I looked at the clock and it said 11:11.... not a coincidence!

Anyway this all started with I discussion I had with my son about race.

In case you are unaware Russia just made a declaration that the Jews, including Jesus was black, which I do not believe.

In case you are not aware of this, all prominent world leaders are Satanists..... ALL of them! And all of these people serve the Talmudic (aka Satanic) Jews in Israel.

This is the group of people trying to push the Noahide laws onto the world which would criminalize Christianity and make it a crime punishable by death...... by beheading!

Now in my discussion with my son the subject of black Jesus came up and he immediately jumped in with “skin color doesn't matter” and to be honest I have to agree with that to a point.

I really do Not think that as far a Jesus is concerned that skin color does matter. I truly believe that what matters to Jesus is that you are made in the image of God with pure human DNA and that you accept that you are a miserable sinner in need of Jesus Christ and that you submit your life to him.

I believe that it is your submission and obedience to him that is important to him.... period!

However it DOES matter to Satan and his followers!

There are only two groups of people that the Satanic world leaders are seeking to marginalize, minimize and destroy completely and these are 1 Christians or the true followers of Jesus Christ and 2 White people.

Now knowing that these world leaders are all Satanists and possibly, even probably, not human, the fact that they seek to destroy Jesus the ultimate threat to their desire to dominate and control and enslave the entire world makes total sense... Satan wants everything that belongs to God and will try every trick in the book to get it!

But why white people?

The very fact that they seek to completely destroy the white genome through any means possible begs the question WHY?

The only possible answer to that question is that there is something within the white genome that is an insurmountable threat to their very existence!

What is it within the white genome that they are so terrified of and why the urgent need to completely destroy that threat?

There was a government project a while back called project looking glass run by the Satanic ruling elite and funded by the US tax payer of course, in which they supposedly had people called remote viewers looking into the future seeing coming events. (there are links about this on the daily signs page)

According to the whistle blowers the elites would then try and manipulate events to change them to a more favorable outcome for them.

However the remote viewers all foresaw a coming event in which events could not be altered or changed to stop this event.

Now whether or not this is true I do not know for certain but I have to say that these people all seem to see something coming that terrifies them!

Could this be the great awakening and or ascension!

Whatever the case the rats seem to all be building underground bunkers so that they can abandon ship when the time comes so what do they know that we don't?

Or more precisely that they don't want us to know?

Does this bring the Bible passage to your mind of how they will hide in the rocks and the caves and ask the rocks to fall on them to hide them from the face of Jesus?

The point that I am trying to make here is that if there is something within the white genome that poses a deadly threat to these monsters then all of humanity needs to know just what that threat is!

It is somehow very important!

Okay, that being said I want to move on to the next subject... the rapture.

Now if you have been reading my writings then you know that I do now believe in the rapture but not the rapture as most Christians perceive it.

I really tend to believe that the tribulation period has already happened as well as the thousand year reign and that we are literally in the end of the end days!

I believe that Bibles such as Darby, Scoffield have been commissioned by the Satanic Jews, written and widely pushed on the mostly unsuspecting Christian populations as truth and that most Christian Churches are pushing out a doctrine based on deliberate falsehoods whether they realize it or not!

These Bibles were commissioned to paint the Jews as the “chosen” people to be protected and trusted despite their many heinous acts of horror perpetrated against all of the other peoples of the world.

Many people today believe that the “Jews” are attempting to create events which will appear to the majority of Christians as Gods love and protection of Israel, all while these monsters commit acts of genocide and terror even on children! I even read one account where Israeli soldiers deliberately drove a tank over women and children just for the 'fun' of it!

These are the people responsible for nearly all human trafficking including the rape, torture and murder of children for the adrenochrome in their blood and then they put the rest of these remains into our food supply and think it's funny.

This is why I will not eat or drink certain things, please visit for more info.

Jesus called these people the synagogue of Satan for a reason so don't fall into their trap!

Anyway, I do believe that there is a rapture coming but not a very big one like most Christians are expecting.

I truly believe that the people going will be those who are truly committed to the Lord... those who are seeking out his truth and not simply allowing any church or other religious organization to tell them what to believe.

I firmly believe that we should be searching out the truth after all wasn't Jesus first words about the end time “take heed that no one deceives you”?

Why do people simply assume that this somehow doesn't apply to churches that call themselves Christian?

I honestly believe that those people who refuse to seek out the truth or choose to ignore and not accept the truth God is putting in front of them will not be taken!

God has been putting watchmen and watch women in front of many Christians for many years now but people refuse to see... refuse to even look at the truth, instead they choose to listen to the enemy who tells them not to listen to those crazy conspiracy theorists and this is a very worldly attitude and it will cost them dearly!

I believe that because they refuse to look at the horrors and take a stand against them that God will make them witness these horrors and the resulting outcome firsthand!

I do not think that this is punishment but rather a wake up call to what God truly expects from them, forcing them to acknowledge what they do not want to see.

Most people seem to want a God who fits their expectations... their desires and not the other way around.

Unfortunately this attitude seems to be everywhere these days even on so-called Christian radio stations!

Nobody seems to be talking about the need for repentance these days and without repentance there is no true salvation! Yet no one seems to want to talk about this but then again talking about your sin might make you feel bad and we don't want that, we want your money!

The Bible say that there will be a famine for the word of God, maybe it's just me but it seems to me that this has already begun especially when you add into the mix those churches that tell you not to read your Bible but to listen to them instead... and there are many of these!

I truly believe that the people who did not want the real God of the Bible will be given another chance to do things God's way and it will be a very hard lesson indeed!

At least I hope this is the case because I know so many people who fall into this category I truly hope and pray that they have another chance!

You probably already know I believe that there is a shapeshifting reptilian or demonic race living among us trying to pass themselves off as human and this is the next topic I want to tackle.

Many people are seeing these things and they are even being photographed!

By the way this is Biblical Satan, was a serpent!

In fact demonic activity as a whole seems to be increasing massively across the entire world!

This phenomenon increase seems to be everywhere. I think this is a result of the veil becoming thinner or even broken down via CERN.

It is no secret that they are deliberately opening portals to other dimensions but did you know that there are 6 of these large hadron colliders in the world? 2 of which are located in the USA!

There are also 6 HAARPS aka weather modification devices in the world and again 2 are right here in the US!

Knowing that the people controlling all of this are all in the service of Satan then what do you suppose they are doing?

I firmly believe that they are trying to bring about hell on earth!

Now there are a couple of points here that I want to touch on.

First I want to address the subject of the people who claim that there will not be a rapture and yes I know that I have touched on this before, but it seems to me that so many churches and church leaders tend to want to pick and choose what to believe and not believe in their Bibles.

Okay so even if you choose to believe that this is a Darby/Scoffield creation then how do you explain the dreams that are literally happening by the thousands and the fact that even children and people who had never even heard of the rapture are having rapture dreams?

The Bible says that your sons and daughter shall prophesy, your young men shall have visions and your old men shall dream dreams.

When you have this many people believing in this event how can you simply say that this kind of faith has no impact on events when the Bible clearly says that faith does have impact on the physical world!

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say the the mountain 'move' and it will move!

I recently watched a pastor on line say that women should not speak in church... well I have to say that I have a big problem with that also!

Although I have personally
witnessed many women 'pastors' who are definitely NOT the women of God who they claim to be, I have to say that the same can also be said of many men pastors as well but that is not the issue that I have with these men pastors the issue that I have is this: how can your daughters prophesy if women are not allowed to speak in church?

Again they pick and choose what to believe.

To be fair though this seems to be true of most, if not all of the rest of us as well although I firmly believe that some of us are seeking out the genuine truth far more than others. Some of these churches will even try and punish you if you do not follow their script.

Now I can see the dangers of twisting and changing scripture to suit your desires but most of us are not doing that we are questioning the true meaning of scripture and not simply taking anyone's word for what the church thinks it means.

There is a big difference and I firmly believe that this is what true seekers are supposed to be doing!

Needless to say I have been isolated, chastised and looked down upon by many such church leaders in my time especially when I ask them a question that they cannot fully answer.

I am not wanted or accepted In most churches, probably because I am about truth, not money and I challenge them to be the same and most will not.

But I am who God created me to be and I am sure that I will continue to upset people until God takes me home, I will obey him and I really do not care if people do not like this!

Now for my last topic Barriers!

This one just bugs the daylights out of me!

Christians should be talking to each other and trying to understand each other, We should be discussing the Bible attempting to get a clearer understanding which can only happen when we listen to each other and try to understand other points of view but instead everyone just seems to want to argue about everything and this drives me crazy!

Do people honestly think that this is what Jesus wanted for his church? For his people, his followers?

This seems to be the dominant attitude “you must see the Bible the way that we present it to you or you are somehow evil and wrong” even though these days it seems that many churches are leading people down the wrong path!

Of course we also have the leaders of the world doing everything possible to create as much division as possible and they have recruited much of the Christian leadership into this plan as well... remember though... they went willingly even when they knew better in their hearts!

I fail to understand why Christians feel the need to create such barriers when they clearly serve only Satan!

Of course that is the purpose of Russia's declaration of the black Jews and black Jesus.... division and the marginalization of the white race and again it is designed to create barriers!

You really need to understand that the world leaders are not truly divided they are very united under the kingdom of darkness.... they ALL serve Satan!

They seek to create barriers and division amongst us.... divide and conquer! I find it horrifying that much of the so-called Christian church is playing a major role in this division!

What is even more terrifying is that many of them really believe that they are serving God!

Please keep in mind though that even though these monsters seem to have so much control and power that God is still in control... he still has the final say despite the enemies attempts to change that fact!

Even though the rapture did not happen this day of the eclipse... at least not yet, I do firmly believe that we are in the final hours of this world and everything that we do now is very important even if we have doubts.

Remember the enemy is afraid!
They should be!

We don't have to be!