I want to cover a video that I just watched and I will put the link for that video up first. It might be far easier to understand this article if you watch the video first.

I want to add a quick note here, Many people online are very upset about this video, claiming things like; it is NOT poison it is 5G or graphene etc,etc but I am going to say and in fact have said before that I do NOT believe that this is an either/or situation I don't see this as this is the only factor involved I see this as another piece of the overall picture.

 This just looks like further confirmation and deeper understanding to me!

Look around they are using wars, threats of wars, extreme lock downs, hunger/starvation blackmail/coercion COVID passports and everything imaginable against us! Should poisoning or snake venom being used as genetic modifiers even be a surprise?

This is the end game!

He said something about snake MRNA being very stable and being wrapped in hydrogel (nano particles) to make it more stable. I have been trying to get my head around this because this seems like a definite connection to Electro Magnetic Frequencies and or 5G but I haven't quite nailed it down yet. I will keep praying for more information and clarification on this, please do the same thanks.

(This one is more complete)



I have said before that the ruling elite who are fervently working toward this genocide and trans-human agenda can and will use every single weapon at their disposal to accomplish their Satanic agenda so this is not really a big surprise that they would be poisoning us through the water systems, in fact I seem to recall hearing a whistle blower (Bill Cooper I think) talking about a plan to do this very thing decades ago.

Bear with me I am still trying to digest some information here.

I think that this is an important video but I also believe that it is incomplete.

Electro magnetic frequencies such as 5G, graphene, nano particles, masks and other things are all part of this equation and are interconnected somehow and I think that these connections need to be investigated as well.

I do understand that everyone in Gods ranks are doing their best to figure out what is going on and what we are up against and this has been increasingly difficult with the enemy doing their best to censor and or discredit anyone who speaks out against their agenda or who dares to question the “official” narrative so don't think that I am in any way putting down anyone's research in fact I think that understanding the weapons being implemented against us are vitally important to our overall understanding.

You can't really fight an enemy that you know nothing about!

Fortunately for us we not only have the greatest weapon... God almighty himself... We ARE the weapon standing in their way right now!

And they know this! This is why there is an all out assault on Christianity and all Christian values taking place on a massive scale right now!

I will discuss this more in the next article, right now I want to focus on some thing that I noticed in the video.

I want to take a minute here and say something that I don't think I have stated clearly enough yet.

This web page is NOT about my own honor and glory... period!

This web page is about one thing and one thing only...

This page is dedicated to getting enough information in front of people to help them make educated choices!

It is about getting people to safety!

Who I am is not important! What is important is doing what God himself says to do... to seek knowledge... to seek truth!

I honestly do not believe that you can ignore this instruction from God and have that lead to anything but destruction!

To God goes all honor and glory!

That being said let me move on to the video.

In this video Dr Ardis is talking about the connection between COVID and the bio weapon “vaccines” and snake venom which he seems to narrow down to the King Cobra.

Although I do believe that the water aspect of this is important I want to zero in on one aspect of what he talked about:

Using the venom from the king cobra in the gene editing process.

This has been a missing piece of the puzzle for me for a while now and is once again further confirmation of the mark of the beast connection!

He actually found the connections that link serpent DNA to the gene editing “therapy” called COVID vaccines!

I'm sure that if you are following what is happening to people who have been vaxed you have seen the discussion on these people producing “spike” proteins.

Dr Ardis is now calling these out as “snake” proteins!

In other words the gene editing bio weapon is causing peoples bodies to produce snake proteins!

And here ladies and gentlemen is the direct connection to the days of Noah!

What was happening then? The fallen angels aka the serpent race were mingling the DNA of God's children (humanity) with the DNA of fallen angels... the Nephilim!

Which is an abomination to God!

So the question in my mind is this: How can anyone who has any knowledge of the Nephilim, look at this information and NOT see a connection with the mark of he beast?!

I truly believe that anyone who has accepted the gene therapy bio weapon has literally handed their soul over to Satan.

Understand that I don't want to believe this any more than anyone else does and I know that I have said this repeatedly but it is true I don't want this to be true!

I have prayed and prayed about this and I have looked and looked for reasons to believe that this isn't true but over and over again God keeps bringing me back to information that validates the truth behind this belief!

I will do my best to do what God wants me to do and present as much information as possible to people even though the world (including many Christians) hates me for this!

And they do!

I am going to put up another video for you and though this man is not nearly as bold or certain in his statements you might want to listen to what he says.

I have reached a place in my walk with Jesus in which I do genuinely believe that the rapture is true and imminent!


This being said let me also say that I am beginning to look at much of what I am writing and posting now as a type of survival manual for those who are left behind.

As difficult and hard as this has been for many of us it will be infinitely worse for them!

The days ahead will be worse than any of us can even imagine!

I heard an on line preacher say that we should all have cases of Bibles in our home which God might make available to those seeking truth after the rapture, I wonder if this might be true for other information as well such as this site and many other sites.

There may be videos available to these people for a while but at some point the ruling class aka the people running this show will shut down the internet and all access to any information leading to God however I am certain that God will find a way to get the information which people need into their hands.

I think that it is probably safe to say that we all know people who are not “vaccinated” who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ. I firmly believe that we need to be praying for these people like never before!

Pray that God will put his light before them to guide them home!

I am going to try and put up another article as well about the alien/fallen angel connections and the coming deception but I guess this will depend on Gods timing also.

Be strong brothers and sisters and stand upright in the Lord Jesus, knowing that through him we are the light of the world!

 And here is the frequency connection!