Who to trust?

I wanted to cover this topic because there is a lot of disinformation, misinformation and out right lies being spewed out as truths right now and we need to be careful.

There are a lot of watchmen and women right now doing our best to get important information in front of people to prepare them but not all of us are the real deal, some of us are pretenders looking for their 15 minutes of fame and some are even self deceived.

Test everything! Question everything!

(Yes this includes me)

I have said before and I will say again that none of us has all of the answers and you need to keep in mind that everything you see, read and hear is conjecture.... opinion!

This includes the many well known and well versed on line voices!

Although we are doing our best to try and present how things which are happening in the world line up with Biblical scripture I seriously do not believe that any of us are 100% on the mark!

The problem is that Scripture can be interpreted in different ways and most people choose what sounds right to them or aligns with their church doctrine.

Add to this that the Bible is often multi-dimensional. What I mean by this is that the same event can happen more than once in different ways!

Other people may not see it this way but I do and always have!

It seems to me that people believe what they have been trained to believe or what they have trained themselves to believe and this strikes me as kind of dangerous.

It just seems to me that listening to your church doctrine as absolute fact instead of considering that the Bible may be telling a different story can be misleading especially when most if not all church doctrine was written 100 or 100s of years ago!

People writing these doctrines had only their own knowledge to go by and could not have possibly known what would transpire in today's world!

In other words they didn't have all of the facts!

Add to this the fact that nearly every church in America if not the world) has been infiltrated on some level and this could be very dangerous for those seeking truth!

As a quick note here I want to put up the Seventh Day Adventist church as just one example.

Ellen White their “prophetess” (whom I believe was simply a narcissist) taught that the mark of the beast is Sunday worship.

Which they still teach today.

Now how could someone living over a century ago possibly have any idea what would be happening now? Yet...

Another thing that I see happening over and over is different people quoting Revelation 13:17 as the mark without stopping to realize that the Bible is talking about 3 separate things here!

The mark of the beast is one of three different things working in conjunction with the others!

The mark of the beast OR the name of the beast OR the number of his name!

Two of which (name and number) are contained within the C19 injections! Yet people don't see it or want to see it!

Now some of this is simple genuine belief, some is willful ignorance and some is outright deception but it can sometimes be very difficult or even nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Now please understand that I question myself and what I write constantly!

I DO NOT want to deceive people or misrepresent God in any way shape or form and I ask God to keep me on the right track and not allow me to do anything which is wrong in his eyes!

And I do this regularly!

I personally can think of nothing worse than being on the wrong side of God and never seeing Jesus!

OK all of this being said I want to share with you how I decide who I can and cannot trust.

The first thing that I look at is how people present themselves.

How do they refer to themselves?

Anyone calling themselves a prophet or prophetess is instantly suspect to me!

A true prophet of God is very humble and extremely careful in what they say and do because the consequences of being wrong are terrifying!

There is a least one person out there who claims to be getting messages from God which supposedly are about Trump and how he is going to save us!

Anyone pumping up Trump is not of God!

Jesus Christ is our savior.... PERIOD!

Likewise anyone pumping themselves up and claiming to be more than a simple servant of Jesus Christ I avoid!

This also could refer to the word Rabbi etc. The Bible says call no man Rabbi! So be careful! Often these days church leaders are far more interested in their own image rather that God!

The next thing that I look for is the message.
Does the message align with the Bible?

Anyone claiming to have received a message or messages from angels is an instant red flag for me!

A lot of harm has been done by people who are receiving messages from angels.... remember Satan is an angel!

Many church founders have received messages from angels!

I watched a video on you tube the other night of a woman who had taken the injections and was upset that she had taken the mark of the beast.

She said the she was visited by 2 angels who told her that the vaccine was not the mark of the beast and quoted scripture about snakes and poisons not harming us.

This really put me into a tail spin for a few days and I spent a lot of time praying about this and questioning my own message.

But when I started taking apart her message and comparing it to what God had told me at other times I realized several things!

The first thing that I realized was angels are not always from God! They quoted scripture but never really addressed the book of Revelation!

And let's be honest Satan and fallen angels know the Bible better than most Christians!

Secondly this woman was aware that people were calling this the mark of the beast yet she took it anyway because she wanted to travel to see her husband... in other words her husband was more important to her than listening to God and seeking out the truth!

Back when I was heavily grieving the people I love who had taken the injections I really felt that I had failed but God showed me that every single person who had taken the shot had been presented with the truth at one point or another yet ignored it.

Thirdly (and maybe most importantly) her message could go far towards convincing people who have refused to be injected because they fear the mark of the beast that it is OK to take it!

The implications of this is alarming! Is she being manipulated via the garbage in her body?

And how many people will simply believe her?

“To fool even the elect if that were possible?”

The next red flag I look for is:

God changed his mind.

I have heard this statement in one form or another from various people over the years and it instantly tells me that this person cannot be trusted!

They will say something like “God told me this or that” then a while later they will say something like “God changes his mind” or “God decided he was wrong about this”

God does NOT lie! God does NOT change! God knows the end from the beginning!

If God changed we could not trust him... period!

Last but not least is discernment! Sometimes you simply know in your spirit when something is not right. You might not know why at first but that still small voice is warning you to be careful about the message.

Usually you will figure it out later on but if you get that feeling it is probably there for a good reason!

One thing that I have noticed about false information is that it is almost always accompanied by a profound darkness so beware!

Pray and trust God!

We live in the age of deception and we all need to be extra careful to be true and not be led astray.

I hope that these guidelines help in some way although I honestly think that this message may primarily be for those coming to Christ at a future date.

God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ!