I think that I want to start this article by first saying that every time I put up articles and content on this web page I ask God to keep me on track and not allow me to put up anything that might lead people away from him. The last thing I want to do is lead people astray or to dishonor God in any way!

I do however firmly believe that there are many other people in this world who, like me are seeking answers.... seeking truth, searching for answers to questions that are not being satisfied through the churches.

This is why I write this page.

I am a watchman, just one of many, seeking out the truth so that I can warn people about what is coming.... that is my calling.

I am not always right and I do not believe that anyone has all of the answers or all of the pieces despite the fact that there are many-many people out there that seem to think that they do!

Over the last few days I have had many things happen that have given me answers, new insights and new perspectives that I had not considered before so I am going to talk about some of these things.

I want to discuss the recent attacks that I have been experiencing and some things that I have discovered throughout the process.

I will talk about the healing first. About a week ago I had a hip go out, which is the only way I can truly describe it. This hip has been bothering me for quite some time now but this time it literally went out and I could barely stand or walk all day long. I started praying about this and prayed and prayed and believed all day long and that night I stood up straight.. It had been healed and it has been perfect ever since!

I am 100 percent certain that Jesus healed me!

However the attacks have been pretty brutal this week, a lot of pain, the ringing in my ears has gotten very loud and I am certain that there is some kind of frequency attack taking place, I am just not sure if this attack is aimed at me or if it is aimed at the general public.

I am going to mention here that I realized that God allows these attacks sometimes to open our eyes to things we might not have fully understood before!

Somewhere in this website I have talked about losing my sense of taste and smell in which I could actually smell the towers, 5G was one smell, 4G was somewhat different and then there is a tower that I could not smell but could feel that was a headache that hit one side of my head and went away after I passed the tower.

All of this gradually went away and my sense of smell and taste pretty much returned although never quite returned to normal. It always seemed to be a little off.

Anyway for about a month now I have been smelling that foul 5G smell again from time to time. Now keep in mind that the stench from 5G smells like rotting flesh to me also so it can be difficult to distinguish the difference and my husband has been smelling this at times too so I had just been writing this off as dead deer and such, but about 3 days ago we were driving through the city and I smelled the 5G stench and I looked up and there was a 5G tower!

There was absolutely no mistaking that I was smelling that tower!

This begs a couple of questions: why am I suddenly smelling the towers again and is this a coordinated attack on me personally which is possible via tracking your cell phone, or is this a concentrated attack on the general public?

I will mention here that I am not smelling the 4G towers but I am feeling the headache towers again even at home at times.

I will say that they cannot kill me or even seriously injure me unless God allows it and thus far he is not allowing it!

I have been taking over the counter pain pills and what God made me realize is that all pharmaceuticals carry demonic entities!

Pharmakia! Witch craft!

This makes sense when you stop and consider that all drugs, even over the counter drugs are produced by the same people who want to destroy all of humanity... its funny that I never really considered the possibility that there could be demonic entities attached to these drugs!

What made me realize this was the fact that after taking these drugs (ibuprofen) the following day I would wake up angry and be angry and even mean most of the day. Looking back on this I could see that this happened every time I took this drug!

That cannot be a coincidence!

I know that the same people own nearly all of the food, drink entertainment and pharmaceutical corporations of the world and I have known for a long time now that they are putting some pretty horrible things in our foods, drinks and in prescription drugs (which I will not take and there are foods and drinks that I will not even consume period) but it never really dawned on me that these Satanic monsters might be attaching demonic entities to things!

Although I always pray over my food and drinks I never took into consideration that I needed to bind and cast out anything attached to the things we consume!

You can believe that I am doing so now!

Although demons cannot possess a Christian they can influence us if we give them access.... I will be more careful!

You need to be mindful of this as well!

I came upon this video (below) that asks the question has the millennial reign been hidden from us.

If you have been keeping up with this site at all then you know that I tend to believe that the thousand year reign has already happened and that we are in the little season or the end of the end.

I do understand that there are many others who believe this as well and I understand why they believe that we will need to endure until the very end however this point of view seems very bleak to me and doesn't really account for other things in the Bible.

I also understand why these people get so concerned with the dispensationalists who believe that the tribulation period and 1000 year reign was somehow pushed out 2000 years to now.

The fear is that this belief will result in a lot of deception, it certainly leads to much confusion... at least it has for me!

I am also aware that the Talmudic “Jews” aka Satanists have gone to a lot of time and trouble trying to paint themselves as “Gods chosen people” and even rewritten Bibles to this purpose and are currently attempting to manipulate world events to serve their purpose and yes this includes the rapture, the tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ (or fake Jesus Christ).

They have done everything in their power to convince most of the Christian community that they are Gods chosen people and that we must defend them and protect them even when they are committing horrendous acts genocide.... even against the Christians!

A fact which much of the so-called Christian community refuse to even look at!

It seems that we live in an age where brain washing/mind control has consumed most of the world, even the church!

Maybe it shouldn't but it always aggravates me when pre-trib rapture believers call themselves watchmen!

They seem to think that because they are watching for the rapture that this somehow qualifies them as watchmen.... it doesn't.

In fact many of these people will not even listen to the true watchmen and women, nor will they seek out the truth, they simply believe what they are told even though there are many-many big gaping holes in their reasoning!

So yes I can understand why so many of these people who are searching for truth... for answers get upset and angry with these people and deeply concerned for them but as I said, sometimes their point of view seems very bleak to me.

The way that they talk they make it seem like we are on our own until the end and God isn't really there for us and I cannot accept that or believe it!

The power and authority of God is all around us and in us we need to learn how to use it because most of us do not know!

I hear people talking about rightly dividing the word of God in regard to end times prophesy but are they really doing this?

If they are talking about pre-trib rapture then maybe not!

It just seems to me that so many of these people who believe that we are in the end of the end are ignoring things in the Bible that maybe they shouldn't.

The Bible makes it very clear that our faith, our beliefs, our words and even our thoughts directly influence the world around us so how then can we completely disregard the effect that faith, prayer and beliefs have on this world even at the end of the end?!

The Bible also clearly says that sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams.

Again this is clearly happening even in children and in people who have never even heard of the rapture so how can we ignore this?

I realize that we need to take into consideration that many if not all of the dreams and visions are being expressed through the personal beliefs and bias of the people having them but still I think it is foolish to ignore these even this doesn't line up with your thoughts and beliefs!

(And of course not of the dreams and visions are necessarily true there are frauds out there and even A I generated fakes designed to muddy the waters so-to-speak but there are very real ones as well!)

People experience things in a way that they can understand.

I can't help but wonder if maybe this is a big part of the reason why we have been given so little information on this time in history.

It seems to me that there is indeed some kind of tribulation period under way that does seem to include much of what the Bible said would happen. Could this be staged? Maybe, some of it is but again I simply cannot believe that the God who knows the end from the beginning did not foresee this!

I have said before and I will say again that I believe we are well into it!

I will say up front that the idea of a pre-tribulation rapture doesn't make sense to me but despite many things happening or having happened that points to the fact that if there is indeed a tribulation period then the rapture that people are expecting should have already taken place, still people cling to the pre-tribulation rapture very tightly instead of seeking out truth.

I have to say that I simply cannot believe the phenomenon that we are witnessing right now!

In peoples all over the world and even within the so-called church!

The denial, the outright refusal to see or even the desire to see the truth! People clinging desperately to lies and illusion so that they do not have to look at the truth!

People are waking up slowly but still the majority seem to want to only accept part of what they are being shown, not the whole picture.

I will give you an example of this my husbands sister and her husband came for a visit a few weeks ago and they were talking about the vaccines being so evil and how they were killing people, I mentioned the DEAGLE report, explained what it is and told them that this report was saying that 90% of the population in the USA would be gone by the end of 2024.

Her reaction was “well that is the vaccinated people”

Well if the statistics are correct then only 70% of Americans took the shots so....

But that's the mind set that we are dealing with! People simply do not want to believe that everything that they have worked so hard for, their entire lives could be stolen from them just that easily!

Many are clinging so tightly to their American dream, to their treasures, to their stuff that they do not want to see the truth even when it is right in front of them!

The Bible says do not store up for yourself treasures on earth, yet few truly understand this!

I have to say that over the last 4 years it seems very clear to me that 3 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are well into their ride!

Other people have different perspectives on this and that is alright but this is what I see happening and people do not have to agree with me.

Yet many will tell you that this can't be true because the pre-tribulation rapture hasn't happened!

People do not want the truth they want their version of the truth whether it's true or not!

I do believe that there is some kind of rapture coming, I am just not sure what that will look like.

It may have already begun!

Rob Skiba who was talking about the mark of the beast coming in the form of a vaccine was killed by the convid protocols during the scamdemic.

Tom Horn who has been actively speaking out about the return of the gods of old and the nephilim also died under suspicious circumstances recently.

Isaiah 57 the righteous perish and no one takes it to heart and good men are taken away, no one realizing that God took them to spare them what comes next!

Were the deaths of these 2 men a case of the righteous perishing?

I think so! They along with others might just be the beginning of this prophesy!

I also believe that the part of the Bible which speaks about the restrainer being removed is also speaking about our time period.

A few weeks ago I heard God say that I would be in the first wave taken, I wasn't sure at the time that this wasn't just self talk or wishful thinking because I do not want to add more importance to myself than I should, I am after all just a watchman but then I found something that made me stop and take note that the restrainer is the watchmen and those standing firm on the word of God!

The watchmen are the ones who are currently holding back the evil by digging out the truth and getting it in front of everyone possible!

It is our efforts that stand in the way of their ability to deceive and enslave the world!

However the world is now under judgment and the restrainer will soon be removed!

I do not know for certain if the video that I watched and posted about project looking glass was true but if it was then they may have very well witnessed the rapture!

They called it the ascension and not the rapture but supposedly they foresaw this event. An event where the enlightened (their words) ascended to heaven.

Now according to the video all of the remote viewers foresaw all events coming to a bottleneck and these events could not be changed.

Just as a side note here the people funding projects like these were using these projects to alter events in the future until this point. I do believe that they are still attempting to do this and this may well be the reason for the urgent, desperate attempts to push through their Satanic agenda.

So what did these remote viewers see?

“good men are taken away to spare them what comes next?”

I do believe that this event is coming and deep down in my soul I believe that it will be soon!

I am just praying that those who are left behind will get another chance and that this isn't the very end!

If we truly are in the little season then we simply do not know... It is in Gods hands but the fact that Jesus is putting forth such an effort to reach people now that it makes me wonder!

Here is the video I mentioned

There are 16 separate mentions of watchman in the Bible and none of them are referring to the rapture!

Ezekiel 33:6
But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.