Vaccine = Mark of the Beast... NO?
Really? Are you sure?

There are a lot of church leaders and other Christians right now who are speaking out saying that the mark of the beast cannot be the vaccine. Well, I am going to challenge that claim!

I will start with a warning: Be very cautious of ANYONE making this claim!

I also want to clarify here that this first vaccine is only part of the mark, I believe this will be done in increments... nowhere in the Bible does it specifically say that the mark is just one specific thing the Bible only give the attributes of the mark. Nor am I sure at what point the vaccines become the mark but I am convinced that it is the first part of the process!



17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

I don't know why it took me so long to see this but the mark is not one thing it is 3!

The mark OR the name OR the number!

The "vaccines" contain the last 2!

One of the things that the so-called vaccines do is rewrite  your genetic code to remove the name of God and insert the name of the Patent holder, which gives them ownership of you!

The quantum dot  computer chip carries the patent number 06060606!

Hence you have both the name and the number of his name!

Satan and his followers have infiltrated nearly every Christian church in the so-called free world and the bigger the church the more careful you need to be! And No I am not saying that all Churches are controlled but many- many are!

**This is now highlighted by the fact that many churches are requiring their people to be vaccinated to attend!

You need to understand that Satan works slowly and incrementally, making small changes over periods of time. Basically one small change is made and we accept it, then another is made and we accept it and so on and so on until you are now inadvertently following his teaching without much question! This has been happening for some time now and it ALWAYS works with most of the population!

So why change a winning formula?

The biggest example of this is the entertainment industry. TV, Movies cartoons and every other form of media are all under Satanic control!
Which is of course why everything possible is being censored right now, they cannot allow anything to interfere with their plan!

When Television was first introduced it was basically moral and decent entertainment but slowly it changed. It was fun to go to the movies or watch cartoons on Saturday morning. Then changes began to happen. Programs about witches and monsters began to air. Think Bewitched, Adams family, The Munsters, Dark shadows, etc. And we accepted it.... Just entertainment right?

People still today honestly believe that TV, Movies, cartoons, etc are “just entertainment” even though it is now full of every vile, evil despicable thing imaginable!

So let's look at the entertainment aka mind control, industry today... Cannibalism shows up regularly in TV shows, movies and even cartoons and sexual immorality seems to be a given in nearly everything.
The hero's of most of our entertainment choices are now in direct opposition to God and Godly principals! Our hero's are now thieves, liars, witches, satanists, murderers, adulterers and Pagan gods! Or even trans-humans aka not human or not fully human! As in part human and part other things, think CS Lewis Fauns/Satyrs, Centaurs, Minotaur's etc. Which are ALL associated with Paganism or Satanism!

Did you know that CS LEWIS is required reading for anyone entering into witchcraft? Hmmm!?

Lets take a close look at many of our so-called hero's: Thor, Odin and Loki... pagan gods! The Hulk..genetically altered human, Wonder Woman.. daughter of Aries a Pagan god. Superman supposedly from another planet aka a fallen angel...think Satan! Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill, part human part god (fallen angel) Rocket, genetically modified raccoon, Groot part human, part plant and the list goes on and on. Even Captain America is a genetically modified human!

Let's look at trans-humanism for a minute shall we? And yes this is also directly connected. In fact everything is connected! Cyborgs aka part human/ part machine, this theme began with the 6 million dollar man and 'evolved' from there. Gomorrah and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy are both 'modified' beings. The Borg from Star trek, Robo cop etc. This theme has been appearing for many years now!

Ask yourself WHY? This is there for a reason and we are seeing this right NOW with the vaccines!

Now before I get into the vaccines we need to discuss the Nephilim Genesis 6.

Many Christians today accept the Nephilim as being the offspring of fallen angels and humans aka the hybridization of humanity and angels also know as reptilians …. serpents. And before you reject this remember that Satan is directly referred to as a serpent in the Bible in several places!

The book of genesis tells us that the cross breeding of humans and angels had gotten so bad that the only true humans left were Noah and his family, which was why God sent the flood... to eliminate this abomination and protect his children.

*** A little side note: The rainbow was a symbol of Gods covenant with humanity to never again destroy the earth with water...Gen 9:13-16. Which is why it is being used by the gay community as a symbol of defiance!**

I won't get into this in great detail here on the Nephilim because it is discussed in other places in my website and in many places on line, it is easy enough to research that I don't really need to, but this is directly connected to now!

This was Satan's attempt to destroy or prevent the Messiah via the destruction of humanity. Since that failed he is now going after the Children of God aka Humanity! And he will make every attempt to force us to worship him and keep us from inheriting the kingdom of God!

He knows that his time is short and that the saints will stand in judgment on him!


There is a program on HBO entitled Lucifer in which the statement is made that He knows he only has a short time! But there is more!

In one segment he is showing his "throne" which just happens to look just like a 5G tower!

Now with the knowledge of what is in these shots, the nanites, the Graphene oxide and the micro chip just what do you suppose the plan to use these 5G tower aka Satan's throne for?!

Grant you there are still churches and individuals who cannot accept this but the Bible really doesn't make a lot of sense without this factor especially when it all aligns perfectly with today as the the Bible said it would!

Now lets discuss the vaccines and what they do!

The first injection is DNA/RNA altering and they flat out admit this!They aren't hiding anything! Except of course for the propaganda about it being 'perfectly safe' they are telling you that they want to alter or change your DNA...WHY do the need to do this?

Now keep in mind that they have already told us that we will need to get more than one injection!

I will get into a few more details about this in a bit but let's discuss the next 4 ingredients of their witches brew concoction!

Nano particles also known as nanites. These are microscopic machines which once injected cannot be removed! These tiny machines immediately attach to your tissues and begin changing you, they go through your entire body including your brain and other organs.
AND they can be programmed!

Add the recent discovery of Graphene oxide into the mix and you have the perfect witches brew!

Now before I go any further here I want to inject a little piece of information that I dug up years ago. A few years ago I saw a presentation by a scientist that made the claim that they had discovered or created a substance which could kill the desire for God! They wanted to use this substance in the form of a 'vaccine' and inject it into religious zealots supposedly in an attempt to end terrorism!

Now I ask you, if such a substance exists do you really believe that our Satanic world leaders wouldn't try to use it on Christians?

Oh and by the way another little gem of knowledge from this presentation is the fact that the part of your brain that is active during prayer or worship is in your forehead, just below the hairline! And I discovered elsewhere that there is a connection to this part of your brain in your right hand! This is NOT a coincidence!

I found the link for this on line:

I find it interesting that they refer to this as both a virus and a vaccine!

The problem is that they cannot use this on Christians without their consent!
(I truly believe that the Military 'door to door' forced vaccination is a psy-op. If they could really do this then there would be no need for the FEMA camps)*

But if you agree to a so-called “life-saving” vaccine you have given your consent!
Think about this! Please! Ask yourself who's life are they really tying to save here? It isn't yours!

*I am adding another video at the end of this page that I believe people need to see! Please do!

(I will add here that there are people who do not believe that this is the mark in and of itself but is the first part of many as is the case of Steven Ben Noon of Israeli News Live, I personally believe it is the first part of many. However there are reports of this being forced on people against their will so I am not sure.

One person speculated that this may be the cause of some people dying but I just don't know.)

OK so now we have the DNA/ RNA (which by the way contains hybrid DNA as in human/mouse DNA and human/plant DNA) and nanites so what comes next? The next 2 components seal the deal on the mark of the beast!

I am not sure about the sequence of events here so bear with me.

Luciferase! This is a bio-luminescent agent that glows under a certain light it is also CRSPR technology aka gene editing tech that cuts out sections of you DNA and replaces it with something else!
Now I ask you, just how 'in your face' does this need to get for you to see the truth here?
They literally want to inject Lucifer (the light bearer) into your body!

Satan desires to stand in the temple of God and declare that he is God!
Ladies and gentlemen WE are the temple of GOD!

Now we have been told that we will have to carry a paper with us to certify that we have been vaccinated but it won't take long for them to tell us that a paper vaccine certificate just isn't practical so a bio luminescent agent would be perfect for “proof” of vaccination would it not?

A bio-luminescent agent in your hand or forehead would make it much quicker and easier to identify who has been vaccinated and who hasn't! And of course you will want this to be in an easily accessible place on your body!

**** Update****

It is now being reported that people's veins are glowing under UV lighting, they claim that this is the Graphene oxide but it begs the question of whether or not the Luciferase is being injected with the  injection.

I will mention here that in ancient Hebrew your hand can mean anything from the tips of your fingers to your elbow and in some cases even your shoulder!... after they inject you with all of this junk which will likely include a substance to kill your desire for God, will you even care where they put this Luciferase in your body? Just a thought but since the mark can mean any one of three things....!

Grant you this is speculation on my part but it really seems to fit in nicely with the agenda.

Next we have Bill Gates ultimate dream come true! ID2020! Which carries the patent number 06060606! Hmmm!
This is a quantum dot computer chip! Or to put it another way the software to manage all of the other junk they have inserted into your body!
You might want to check out this link as well.

This is an older link but pertinent to today although some changes have been made.

And you wont be able to buy or sell without it!

Now I ask you, how do you NOT see the mark of the Beast in this?

And before you start talking to me about the worship aspect of this, just let me say this: If you are trusting in a vaccine to 'save' you instead of trusting God to tell you the truth then who exactly are you worshiping? I can practically guarantee you that by the time this is complete you WILL worship Satan! Period! You will be programmed to do so!

Folks Satan isn't stupid and he knows the Bible better than most Christians!

He knows very well that if the 'mark' is too obvious that people will not allow this to be put into their bodies but if it is something that they need to 'save' their life, most will!

(*Remember that Christians are the ultimate prize that Satan covets most of all!)

And with months of mind control programming to make you afraid of the boogie man virus and keep you afraid with constant fake virus updates and wearing of masks (a constant visible reminder) and all of the other draconian measures that they have put into place you will surely want to get vaccinated as quickly as possible... right?!


Israel has now declared that un-vaccinated people will not be allowed to buy or sell!

Did I mention that people are already dying from the vaccines?

Now I want to talk about the pre-trib rapture believers and why I believe that this is a dangerous theology especially in light of today's events and the mark of the beast.

I will start by saying that I DO believe in the rapture but I strongly question the when!

This is why: It seems to me that most if not all pre-trib rapture believers see this as a kind of get out of jail free card, in that they won't have to face persecution or see the Anti-Christ or deal with the mark of the beast!

Will the rapture happen before the wrath of God? Yes but the word tribulation translates as persecution! So who exactly faces great persecution during the tribulation period if the Christians aren't here?

I recently watched a Christian film called before the wrath. It is a pre-tribulation rapture film put out by some well known on line pastors. The film was basically comparing the rapture with a Galilean wedding and Jesus making this comparison to his disciples.

Here's the problem: The film claims that once the doors are closed for the wedding feast no one else is allowed in! Which would mean that once Jesus takes his people from the earth, no one else is going to heaven! So who is here to face great persecution? Who is left to endure to the end?

Although I believe that most of these pastors genuinely believe what they are teaching and are indeed well intention-ed people, I can't help but wonder how many of them will be lost because they didn't take the time to know their enemy or what their enemy is doing?

It is nearly impossible to fight an enemy whom you know nothing about! How do you fight a weapon that you know nothing about?
It's like walking onto a battlefield with a sword when the enemy has tanks and bazooka's!

The Bible tells us to seek knowledge... seek wisdom and does so many times throughout the Bible. So why is it that we simply go along with what our church tells us instead of seeking out the truth for ourselves?

Christians will face great persecution... period... and much of this persecution will come at the hands of people calling themselves Christian!

This has already begun!

And there are many “Christian” churches right now who are actually aligning themselves with the one world religion which is taboo for Christians to do!

When Church leaders place their church theologies over what the Bible warns you about then there is a serious problem! Many church leaders are accusing other church leaders of not wanting to teach prophesy saying that it removes the most important parts of the Bible, they accuse them of refusing to listen to what other Christians are saying while they themselves are doing the exact same thing! Refusing to hear other points of view because it doesn't align with what their church teaches!

Or maybe with what they want to believe!

This is a problem! This is deep division! And it is willful!

How many people will fall away because the rapture didn't save them from persecution? How many people will accept the mark of the beast because their church said it was ok to take the vaccine?

I have heard church leaders say that you cannot be deceived into taking the mark of the beast... Really? Then explain to me why when Jesus was asked what would be the sign of his return the first thing out of his mouth was “Take heed that no one deceive you”? Or why did he warn that the deceptions of this time would be so great as to fool even the elect if that were possible?

The simple truth is that if you are not firmly rooted in the Christ of the Bible right now, you WILL be deceived! PERIOD!

The word of God MUST come before church theology!

We need to be digging into EVERYTHING right now! Take absolutely nothing at face value as in the case of these vaccines and the people pushing this agenda!

Folks Satan is running the world right now and he is behind ALL of what is going on in the world right now! He IS behind the actions of ALL world leaders!

He is presently in the process of establishing his one world government and his one world religion which is really what the so-called pandemic is really about.

Fear tends to make people compliant to actions that seem to offer safety or security so people go along with the agenda to feel safe but there is no safety!

The only TRUE safety right now is found in Jesus Christ!

Matthew 10:28
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Before I sign off on this article I want to elaborate on something I said earlier about them not being able to force this on us and why I believe this to be a psychological operation.

I have said before that what we believe is everything right now and I firmly believe this to be the truth. Unfortunately with the many years of brainwashing and mind control psy-ops we have been programmed to think that our beliefs are insignificant. This was a necessary step that had to come first because if you truly know who and what you are and who and what God really is then you will know that they have no true authority over you!

To put it another way they cannot simply take what belongs to God!

Of course if you 'believe' that they have the power and authority to do so then they do because your beliefs gave them the authority. In other words you are giving your permission!

Bill Gates the head of this vaccine/mark of the beast operation is currently trying to involve 'leaders' such as church leaders and other community leader to step up and convince people that they need to get vaccinated.... Why do we need to be coerced if we can be forced?

And FEMA has begun hiring for the round up of non-compliant individuals as well!

Many military bases (aka FEMA camps?) are now equipped with guillotines and are fully prepared to use them!

And yes this is part of the plan and to answer the obvious question, yes they can and will, behead many Christians and other dissidents!

The Bible makes this pretty clear!

But take heart brothers and sisters they cannot steal our eternal inheritance...... unless we allow it!

John 12:25
He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

Remember in the end we win!

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***These are medical doctors from around the world, part of a coalition of over 87,000 doctors and growing, who are speaking out against the vaccines and the corona virus itself!***

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