End of the End

I communicate with God just before sleep and when I first wake up. It is that in between awake and asleep when that communication seems to be the clearest... the time when I feel closest to Jesus.

Just before sleep is my time to worship and pray and morning is when I receive what God wants me to see.

This morning was incredible!

I will get to what God showed me this morning in a minute but first I want to discuss a video that I watched 2 days ago that really brought everything into perspective for me.

The original video has since disappeared.... within 24 hours... someone clearly does not want this info out, but I found another one which basically talks about the same thing in less detail so I think it will work.

The link is at the bottom of the page.

This video talks about a time not long after the ascension of Jesus Christ when there was a pope 666 and a bishop Lucifer who basically fulfilled a lot of Bible prophesy!

Long story short, much of what the Christian church is watching for today has already happened!

This includes the two witnesses, Jesus and his army appearing in the clouds and the millennial reign to name a few.

This was very exciting to me because this was the missing piece of the puzzle for me! It answered so many questions.

Steven BeNoon of Israeli News Live says that the word thousand is actually plural as in thousands not thousand or more than a thousand, and he too says that this millennial reign has already happened.

The thousand years reign being taught by so many churches these days has never made any sense to me. Especially in light of what is going on in the world today!

This also explains the duality or even multi faceted nature of the Bible that has always seemed evident to me.

It has always seemed clear to me that the same event can and does happen at different times and in different ways throughout history!

An example of this would be that there is a concerted effort to build the third temple aka the temple of God in Jerusalem right now and many Christians today are waiting for this event, but the Bible says that our bodies are the temple of God which has a different meaning when the Bible says that Satan wishes to sit in the temple of God and declare himself God!

If the rapture happened 1500 years ago then will there be another rapture in this generation?

Most likely YES!

Again this gives us hope because if Jesus took his people then and there are Christians alive today... after the fact then doesn't it make sense that there will be Christians after the rapture?

The other side of this is that much of what we are expecting to happen may or may not happen or may happen in a way that is different from what we expect.

This also puts Satan's all out frontal attack on Christianity into full perspective!

Just like the Bible says; he know his time is growing very short and he is determined to bring as much of Gods creation into his service as possible to worship him and fight God!

His followers actually believe that he will win!

Now I want to share with you what God showed me this morning!

God showed me the Kingdom of Heaven!


There are literally no words that can even begin to do justice to what I saw!

The kingdom was massive! It was bright and shining with a golden light and the sheer power that flowed from it was immeasurable!

It was quite literally the most beautiful and incredible thing that I have ever seen!

Then God showed me the kingdom that Satan is trying to establish.

The first word that comes to mind is “pathetic”!

It was small, dark, dismal and completely lacking in any real power!

Talk about instant perspective!

When it comes right down to it the only real power that Satan and his cronies have is deception!

Oh yes, he can do his little magic tricks here on Earth and manipulate various aspects of reality but this is temporary at best and people still have to believe and obey for these tricks to work!

His time is rapidly coming to an end and he knows it!

What this means is that we are at the end of the end!

When this is over Satan and all of his followers are no more!

This Earth will be completely destroyed and the ancient evil will never be dug up and implemented again....EVER!

Never again will Satan be free to corrupt and deceive the children of God!

The bottom line that I would like to leave you with is this: To anyone following or thinking about following Satan or even to those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, If you could see what I saw you would abandon Satan's kingdom and anything to do with it like a rat abandoning a sinking ship!

Why chase a cheap imitation when reality is so, so, so, so, so much better?!!!