Gods of old again?

As often happens with me God woke me up this morning and started the gears of my brain again. As I lay in bed thinking about recent events and articles a few more puzzle pieces fell into place so I thought I would share.

In my article yesterday I mentioned that Tom Horn and Rob Skiba had both been killed recently and connected this with Isaiah 57.

As I was thinking about what these men were bringing to light it suddenly jolted things firmly into place for me.

Tom Horn was talking about how the world leaders aka Satanic ruling elite (my words) are attempting to bring back the gods of old. He spoke of opening portals via CERN and the ongoing efforts to bring back these evil deities.

Rob Skiba was talking about the mark of the beast coming in the form of a vaccine …. years before the plandemic and C19 vaccine scam hit.

I realized that these are directly connected as well as the war against Christians and white people!

And Humanity in general for that matter, but bear with me.

This made me wonder if Steve Quayle was still alive and as far as I can tell he still is but I went into his website and found a prophesy from 1992 that I found very interesting and posted on my signs page.

While thinking about Tom Horn and his research I started thinking about how the gods of old and or the Nephilim died off in the first place.

The flood of Noah wiped them out the first time but then they reappear after the flood.

God sent his people in to destroy them, every man woman and child and even their livestock!

Genetic manipulation is a direct threat to humanity aka the children of God created in his image!

To put it plainly, the human race has the ability to destroy these beings and they know this, so they are trying to destroy us first but they have to do this in hidden and deceptive ways because if we figure it out and start coming together against them we will destroy them because we have the power to do so!

And I might add... it doesn't take a large number of believers to accomplish this!

I have said that I believe that the white race is the original Israelite lineage and who pursued these evil beings across the promised land and destroyed them? The Israelite's!

When they came into the Americas they were often destroyed by native Americans. The human race poses a huge threat to them and they know it!

When you understand this then it begins to make sense as to why they need to annihilate the human race!

It also makes sense that they would want to eliminate the white race first even though all of humanity is their ultimate goal. It also explains their extreme hatred for the white race!

The goal of the vaccines is to accomplish certain goals 1) to be able to track us and everything that we do, 2) to enslave and control us and everything that we do 3) to make us irredeemable to God and unable to redeem our inheritance 4) to sever our connection with our creator. 5) To change us into an image of the beast via adding a third strand to our DNA, a triple helix that carries the beast genetic signature.

In other words they want genetic slaves that can never rise up against them!

They want to feel safe and dominant.

These individuals understand the Bible and Bible prophesy, probably better than most Christians!

They are aware of the prophesy of the 144,000 and I am quite sure that they are acutely aware of the fact that the human DNA genome consists of 144,000 genes.... I am quite sure that this fact has not slipped their attention!

I am also quite sure that they are aware that by adding a third strand of 70,000 genes to our DNA that it now adds up to 216,000 or 600x 60 x6!

This is why they created the law, passed by the Supreme court that say that anyone who allows themselves to be injected with a gene or DNA altering substance is no longer human and therefore no longer has human rights!

I am sure that the elimination of human rights is very high on their agenda and this was stated as one of their primary goals set by the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently even though as servants of Satan they are fully aware that cannot take what belongs to God!

The only loophole that they have is our free will, our mind and our beliefs!

If they can get us to believe that they can, then they can!

I know that I say this a lot throughout this website but I simply cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your mind, your thoughts and your faith/beliefs in check!

Knowing who you are and what you are in relationship with God our creator is quite simply the single most powerful weapon that you possess!

The enemy knows this which is why they constantly bombard us with propaganda!

They want us to doubt they want us to question, they want us to fall away because if they can accomplish this then they can destroy us!

They prefer to take us away from God but if they cannot accomplish this then their next option is to destroy us... kill us. They do not like this option because it might mean that we will come back with Jesus to destroy them and they want the army of Christ to be as weak as possible!

Somehow in their sick, twisted deluded minds they seem to think this will somehow make them stronger... it won't.

I want to add Steve Quayle's prophesy to this page and I highly recommend that you read it!

My brothers and sisters we are living in perilous times and being a Christian makes us an enemy target for the most part but remember that we are the children of the inheritance, the children of the promise and it will be worth it in the end!

Stay strong in the lord and I will meet you on the streets of gold soon!

Steve Quayle, prophesy 1992