Like most Christians lately I have been seeing a lot of multiple numbers. 55, 22, 33, 555, 444,111 or 1111, 777 etc. These multiple numbers are showing up so often that it simply cannot be a figment of imagination.

Although I believe this to be some type of preparation for the people of God this is not what I want to focus on today.

The last few days I have been seeing 3s and multiples of 3 a lot.

This brought my focus to a couple of 3s in the book of Revelation that nobody seems to be paying attention to.

I have already discussed the three different things mentioned in Revelation 13:17 Which says that none may buy or sell except those who have the mark of the beast OR the name of the beast OR the number of his name.

These are three separate things 1 mark 2 name 3 number.

I find it interesting that hardly anyone sees this.

Truth be told I never really paid attention to this myself until I started seeing what was in the kill shots.

When they started finding nano particles (number) and started talking about the mRNAs as CRSPR or gene editing technology (name) was when I actually realized why these three things are listed the way that they are in the Bible.

The mRNAs are patented, they carry a name (which of course no one knows) and the lipid nano particles or quantum dot computer chips which carries the patent number 060606 are blatantly obvious.

A quick note here (you can find a video about this in the signs page) through the mRNA (CRSPR) technology they are literally splicing into the name of God which is encoded in every single strand of our DNA and adding extra 6s to the name thereby changing it into the name of the beast!

For some reason lately people seem to be ignoring the fact that when this first came to our attention the 06060606 was the patent number for the quantum dot chip.

For some reason though, there is another number being assigned to it, which in all honesty makes me highly suspicious of the people talking about it!

There is no doubt that deception, misdirection and conflicting information is the game right now and has been for some time but I remember (as I am sure many others do) Bill Gates talking about his quantum dot computer chip and the patent number assigned to it! Even if they do want this information to quietly disappear!

Anyway the Bible deliberately separates these three different aspects of the mark of the beast for a reason and I do not believe that people should be ignoring or overlooking this detail!

I have listened to various different people read this passage and yet not see that there are three different things listed here... WHY?

I do honestly believe though that if you listen to the various preachers and teachers who try and claim that the shots are not the mark for this reason or that, you will quickly begin to see the wheat from the tares!

You will know them by the fruit that they bear!

Anyway with that said I want to bring to your attention another 3 that I recently discovered in the book of Revelation that everyone seems to be ignoring and in all fairness I had not really noticed either until a few days ago.

Revelation 16:13
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet....

These are three separate beings here!

Yet nearly everyone is watching for 2!

I am certain at this point that these three individuals are alive and well right now but the question remains who is who?

There are several candidates!

I will say straight up that I do NOT believe that the book of Revelation is necessarily in chronological order. I do not really see how it can be!

To give you an example of this I recently heard a on-line preacher say that the Euphrates River drying up cannot be the 6th vial from Revelation 16:12 because a couple of the other vial judgments have not happened yet.

Now I am sorry but this sounds absolutely ludicrous to me!

The Euphrates river has been drying up for over 5 years now, does this man think that this river is going to fill up again and dry up again at some future date so as to be in line with the vial judgments of Revelation 16?

To me this seems like one of the great dangers within the Christian church right now.

People seem to want to disregard the signs that are clearly listed within the Bible because they aren't following the chronological order that they or their church thinks that they should!

For some strange reason these people seem to think that these miraculous signs that have NEVER happened before cannot be Biblical because they aren't happening in linear order!

They cannot seem to comprehend that maybe they were never intended to be linear.

They cannot admit that maybe they or their church doctrine might be wrong!

Anyway back to these three individuals.

The prime suspects that people are watching are B Netanyahu, the Yanuka... ,Donald Trump, Obama, Klaus Shwab and Yuval Noah Harari. Interesting that there are 6 possibilities at the moment.

I want to add one more to this mix and this is the Artificial intelligence god that the Satanists crowned on October 31 2019!

I personally wonder if this might just be the dragon or Beast?!

One thing is for certain all of these people as well as nearly every world leader is serving this entity right now!

Absolutely everything that they are doing is directly connected to this A I beast system! EVERYTHING!

The NWO, vaccines, the digital currency, all digital data, cameras, bank accounts, medical records, etc....all connected!

Is there any doubt in anybody's mind that incredible amounts of evil are directly connected to this system as well?

Why do you think that the deadly 5G and 6G towers keep going up? To connect all of the digitally vaxed people to their A I god system perhaps?

If you have read through this web page then you probably already know that I believe that we may very well be approaching the middle of the great tribulation.

If the crowning of their AI god on Oct 31 2019 was actually the beginning of the tribulation period then the middle of the tribulation would be the end of April 2023.

Obviously this puts me in the mid-trib rapture believers camp and I am watching for this any day now!

I honestly hope that I am right about this especially for the sake of those brothers and sisters who will come to Christ after the rapture I hope and pray that they only have to endure 3-4 years of horror rather than the 7 that many Christians believe that they will!

I want you to stop and think about everything that has happened since 2019.

First we had the terrible boogeyman virus that our mind control devices told us was real (even though our eyes told us something very different) that led to being imprisoned in our own homes.

Next we were told that we must all wear face masks which do absolutely nothing to protect us from anything but which just happens to be part of Satanic indoctrination.

Face masks that are doing enormous amounts of irreversible harm and brain damage to everyone wearing them, especially our children!

This horrendous charade resulted in a huge number of suicides, lost businesses and jobs, major increases in drug use and addiction as well as the loss of a huge number of our elderly!

What followed next was the new miraculous “savior” injections which everyone was told that we must take to save the world from the terrible virus that never really existed and the true statistics prove this!

This was followed by forced coercion in which many people had to accept this injection or lose their job... their livelihood!

Those who refused lost their jobs and those who accepted lost their souls!

And let us not forget the huge numbers of deaths, miscarriages, vaccine injuries and infertility caused by these injections!

And now of course they are preparing to make their injections mandatory all over the world and you will not be able to buy or sell without compliance and there have been many “camps” created all over the world for the stubborn non-compliers.

Now let's stop and consider the Biblical signs happening now and over the course of the last several years.

Some of this I will not elaborate on because I have already discussed this in other articles within this web page.

The 4 horsemen, the white horse which I (and many others) believe to be the vaccines... he went out conquering and to conquer!

The red horse, the black horse and even the beginnings of the ride of the pale horse!

Waters have been turning to blood for more than 2 decades but this is now accelerating.

We have had a plague of locusts in the middle east and parts of Asia and Europe.

The one world religion has been officially launched and is up and running.

Assisted suicide has become legal in certain countries and people are now seeking help with this option because they can no longer afford to live!

Christian persecution is definitely accelerating, millions have been slaughtered in Africa and other nations and many of those have been murdering Christians are now here in the US!

I have already mentioned the Euphrates River.

Signs in the moon and stars, anyone watching at all knows about the Revelation 12 sign, the blood moons, the eclipses etc. I have heard recently that we now have 3 moons.... I don't know if this is true or not but people are observing something else up in our sky!

There is a link for this on the daily signs page.

We have had earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, massive storms and droughts.

Wars and rumors of wars.

Many people who have been vaxed are getting nasty sores!

Something else came to my mind last night and this is a TV series about  Satan, (HBO I think) I have not watched this program myself but I have seen a clip from this program that someone else posted a while back in which Satan was talking about his throne and pointing to a 5G tower saying that this is his throne.

Think about this in terms of the surveillance software being injected into people via the shot!

They are not hiding anything!

There can be no doubt that we are seeing a massive up-rise in lawlessness and outright perversion not to mention a major loss in natural love or affection for others and everywhere selfishness abounds!

If what we are witnessing in the so-called church of God right now isn't a falling away from the truth of God I honestly do not know what you would call it!

We have witnessed sign after sign after Biblical sign appear over the last few years!

One of the latest signs has been animals, fish, birds and insects walking in circles!


I had a dream about 2 moons and people walking in circles a couple of days ago I will try and get it up soon I believe it was a rapture dream of some urgency!


Many people are connecting this to Noah and the ark! Because this is what the animals did when God sent them to Noah... they circled the ark!

This, to me is one of the clearest indicators that Jesus is about to evacuate his people!

Think about what has happened in the last 3 years, can you see why I think that we may very well be approaching the middle of the tribulation period?

There seems to be a general agreement within Christian end days beliefs that the last half of the tribulation period will be the worst, literally hell on earth but the Bible says that we are not appointed to wrath.

Look up brothers and sisters for our redemption draws nigh!