Days of Noah
  We are there!

Have you ever really thought what it must have been like for Noah and his family?

I think about this a lot.... nearly every day... as we watch this reality unfolding on the world, increasingly more and more every single day!

What was the sin of Noah's day?

I grant you that the sins of Noah's day were many just as they are today but there was one specific sin that people were engaged in that was particularly vile and completely unacceptable to God... Genetic manipulation! The changing or altering of the very genetic code in which God created us in HIS OWN IMAGE!

Everything that was present in Noah's day is present in our world right now!

Every sin imaginable is present right now... from every single type of sexual immorality to human sacrifice in the form of the wholesale slaughter of babies!

Make no mistake that is what the abortion agenda is really all about! These Satanists claim these aborted babies as a sacrifice to their god!

However the primary sin which caused God to destroy the world in Noah's time is the sin being forced on the world right now!

The destruction of the genetic code which God himself gave us!

And this has been planned for many, many years!

They know full well that most of humanity will NOT willingly go along with this if they understood what this was really all about so they have to try to force this on us via scare tactics and mandates!

Unfortunately most of the world will go along with this for one reason or another and in doing so forfeit their soul!

I have said this before and I will say this again... God does speak to us directly if we are willing to listen!

If you are willing to open your mind, your heart and your soul to him you will be able to hear that still small voice in your soul which will guide you in the direction God wants you to go and whatever he tells you will be verified at least twice!

For me this usually consists of just one or two words but as I have said before, once it was an entire sentence which was “I am sorry but I cannot spare you the tribulation of Noah”!

At the time I went huh? What does that mean?

Today I understand this with extreme clarity! It is now crystal clear to me what God meant when he said this to me and it is very hard!

The last few months I have watched as one after another of the people I love have rolled up their sleeves and allowed this DNA altering substance to be injected into their bodies.

I have been in a state of almost constant mourning as one by one people give in and take the shots!

The tribulation of Noah!

What was it like for Noah and his family?

The Bible tells us that these genetic sins were taking place but doesn't give us many specifics about it (Genesis 6).

I do know that it was possible in Nimrods day to alter the DNA of an adult human being. Nimrod became a gibborim...he was not born one.
If this was possible in Nimrods day it was very likely just as possible in Noah's day! Especially since they were so close in proximity on the timeline.
Nimrod was Ham's grandson.
(I can no longer find the phrase gibborim but the Bible does say that Nimrod became a mighty one which is the same terminology used for the Nephilim in Genesis 6.)

The simple truth is that fallen angels possessed knowledge that we humans did not.....even from the beginning!

Noah and his family had NOT engaged in these genetic sins and I am pretty sure that they had probably tried to warn others about these sins as well!

Noah was perfect in Gods eyes.... does this means that he was sinless?
No I am certain that he was just as subject to human frailty as the rest of us but his genetic code was still in the image of God!

God told Noah to build the ark, he even gave him detailed instructions on how to do it and Noah trusted God and was obedient to him. Noah's sons were obedient sons and did as their father instructed them to do, even though it may have been very difficult and even humiliating for them at times they still obeyed!

Up until the day that Noah was given the task from God he was probably an average person who was just living his life. He very probably had more family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins etc. He very likely had many friends as well.... All people whom he loved very much!

When Noah started to build the ark people thought that he was crazy, oh I am sure that he tried to warn them but they still laughed at him, ridiculed him and treated him like he was crazy. Yet he still loved them!

Their hearts were so hardened and their eyes were so blind that even when the animals started to arrive they still did not see the big picture!

Oh at that point some of them might have started to question whether they could be wrong but like today what other people thought about them was more important to them than seeking out the truth.

Then came the day that they entered to ark and God sealed the door.... Then the deluge began.... suddenly the people who had been ridiculing and persecuting Noah and his family realized the truth and became terrified!

Can you imagine what it was like inside the ark?

To have to sit there and listen as people pounded on the ark... screaming, pleading and begging to be let in and all the while knowing that there was nothing that they could do to help them!

People whom they knew... people whom they loved and all they could do is sit there and listen to them die!

This is pretty much our reality today, all we can do is try and warn people and pray that they listen... but most will not!

Thus we watch as the people who we love commit eternal suicide. This is a very hard and dark time to be alive!

So we trust God and keep going in the hopes that we might reach that one soul who is searching for answers.... searching for the truth!

Hoping that we might get one more person on the ark before the door is closed and sealed!

This time however there will be no more chances for this world, We will have a new heaven and a new earth and this world will be consumed with fire.

I tend to believe that we are somewhere near the middle of the tribulation period. I don't think that we are quite to the center point yet but I think it is getting close.

I am not entirely sure why but somewhere deep down inside of me I have come to believe that the mid point of the tribulation is when the proverbial door closes and
your right to choose is over!

I tend to think that when we hit that middle point in the tribulation is when Jesus will come for his own. I could be wrong about this but something that I read in the book of Revelation lately made me think that but I will have to go back and look again. I could just be wishful thinking but......

Now that I have expressed my desire to be gone before things get much worse, lets discuss what I see coming in the not too distant future!

Not only do the shots alter your DNA they have other substances in them that are pretty horrendous!

I guess we should start with Supreme court document (USA) No 12-398, Association for molecular pathology.... June 13, 2013

This is a Supreme court ruling that basically states that anyone who has been injected with a genetically (DNA) altering substance (vaccine) in no longer human and as such no longer has any human rights!

You can find a link for this on my daily signs page.

Does this give you an idea of just why they are so desperate to get their poison in you? When you lose your human rights you no longer even have the right to protect your own children! You are then a piece of property!

It gets worse from there!

Revelation 13:
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Do you get it yet?

The mark of the beast is not just one thing! It is 3 things!

The mark or the name or the number!

The vaccines have the last 2 in them! The name and the number!

Via their gene splicing garbage they are literally removing God's name from your DNA and replacing it with Lucifer's! The vaccines carry a patent number via the gates foundation number 06060606...... The number of his name!

Next there is a substance called Luciferase and I am not sure if this is in the vaccines or if this is coming at a later date but it is definitely in the works as part of this and many people are indeed glowing under UV lights after having the shots so there you have Lucifer again!

It also bears mention here that in many cities here in the USA street lights have been replaced with blue light or UV lights! Coincidence? I seriously doubt it!

Now lets discuss nano particles and graphene oxide!

Also in the shots.

Nano particle or nanites by another name are basically microscopic robots that can disassemble and reassemble via programming into whatever they are needed to be. They work in conjunction with the graphene oxide and 5G technology!

Graphene oxide is from what I can tell, something strait out of a horror movie!

I have seen videos where they take a blob of this stuff and put a cell phone next to it and it starts moving by itself! It is a black substance which is highly conductive to electricity, radiation and computer applications. It works very well with nano particles! And it is also self replicating!

There are many people who are calling this black goo and if you don't know what that is I strongly suggest that you look it up!

It is quite literally a Satanic/demonic substance!

These things working together literally form a network throughout your body and particularly around your brain connecting you to the internet of things which then allows them to access and control of your thoughts and feelings!

This is what they need the 5G for!

This basically means that if you survive the process then you are a slave, subject to their whims!

The question in my mind lately has been “what happens when they decide to 'activate' people?

Might it be possible that you could be visiting a vaccinated friend and suddenly they pick up a knife and try to kill you with it?

I do know that both the CDC and the US military both have protocols in place to deal with a zombie apocalypse!

Could this be preparation for this coming activation?

Time will tell!

Is there more...YES!

There is also aborted fetal tissue in these shots... think a form of cannibalism!

There is also human/mouse DNA another abomination to God and there is also some speculation that there might also be some angelic DNA from a fallen angel... Lucifer?

I will say that not everyone who has been injected has this substance in them, many have gotten placebos or saline instead... I'll get to that in a second.

From what I can glean there are different shots for different groups of people with different purposes per group however they are all evil!

It is estimated that 30 -70% of recipients have received a placebo instead of the actual “vaccine”, the purpose of which I think is so that people will say “Look, I got the vaccine and I am just fine” So now we have the booster shots!

Basically I see this as a game of Russian roulette, sooner or later you will get the chamber with the bullet in it!

However the number of “unvaxed” people is growing smaller every day and of that number the number of Christians is a smaller percentage yet!

As of this date 10/08/21 the persecution of Christians is ramping up.
Churches are being burned, Pastors are being imprisoned, Christians are being slaughtered, Some so-called Christian churches are refusing to allow 'unvaxed' people into their churches which probably means they shouldn't be there anyway), In one church an evil woman stood up and actually called the “vaccine” a gift from God and said that anyone refusing to take it was disobeying God!!!!

People will call evil good and good evil!

They are also not hiding the fact that they are building concentration camps for those of us who refuse to worship Satan which is what you are doing when you accept the shot. The Greek word for worship literally translates to mean to enter into agreement with...etc!

Oh they will begin by calling them quarantine camps but just like the Hotel California you can never leave!

Eventually the stark truth will come out and people will realize these for what they really are.... death camps!

We have had guillotines on military bases for 25 years now just awaiting this day!

Make no mistake folks all of this from beginning to end has been about one thing the destruction of humanity or destroying that which was created in Gods image!

Jesus is coming back very soon are you ready?