Time to Stand!

An uncomfortable message!

For over 30 years now I (and others) have been trying to warn people about what was coming aka what is now happening TODAY!

During this time I and many others have been called names like nut case or conspiracy theorist, we have been ignored, marginalized and treated like the lunatic fringe.

During this time we have heard people say things like “Oh I can't believe that” or “I have young children, I can't look at that” or even “this is America that cannot possibly happen here!”

And now it is here!

So who is to blame?


Or to be more specific the blame is, at this point, firmly on all of those people who refused to look... who refused to investigate and seek out the truth... who refused to believe or even listen, without bothering to question anything!

This unfortunately includes most of the Christian community!

People don't understand (or want to understand) that the enemy sees their refusal to look or to take a stand against them as your consent for them to keep doing what they are doing!

In other words every time that you sit back and do nothing, you are telling them that you are ok with this and you agree with them!

They see the few of us who are speaking out against them as the minority and not an actual threat to them.

They take a step forward and the moral majority takes a step back, they step forward, we step back and now we are at the point where these evil individuals are now tapping the majority on the shoulder saying …. “We want your children and you are going to give them to us to do whatever we want to them!”

And now finally people are starting to wake up to what the “lunatic fringe... conspiracy theorists” have been trying to tell them all along!

Now people are beginning to see where their complacency and their refusal to look has gotten them!

The battle lines are clearly defined now, the enemy army is standing firmly in front of us declaring victory and still the majority of Christs people are refusing to take their place on the front line!

So here is the whole thing in a nutshell America is over! God is angry! God has removed his blessing from this country and has given us over to evil and depravity ...

and we have no one to blame but ourselves!

Unfortunately Christians battling each other over everything imaginable is only adding to our downfall!

Do you honestly believe that the creator of everything, who sees the end from the beginning did not see this division within the Christian faith from the very beginning?

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe... just maybe this might also serve a purpose in Gods plan?

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe we should stop fighting and start listening to each other?

On this note I want to discuss the rapture/no rapture debate that is taking place on all fronts now.

I actually understand both sides of this argument pretty well so maybe I can shine a little different light on this for people.

The rapture believers see the no-rapture believers as some kind of enemy who is addicted to darkness and just wants to steal their joy and they actively warn others to not listen to them.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Most of the non-rapture believers are actually among the rank and file of the actual true watchmen. The ones who watch for the enemy sword and try to warn others when they see the sword coming many of them (like me) have been watching and warning for many years now.

I didn't believe in the rapture for some time but God himself changed my outlook.

I can tell you straight up that NOBODY likes looking at the darkness! I personally hate it! But somebody has to do this and God called me to do this... so I do...it's as simple as that!

Anyway this group honestly believes that they are trying to save your life! (at least many of them do). They believe that you are following doctrine which will cause you to fall away from your faith and lead to your destruction! They believe that when the rapture doesn't happen then it will cause you to fall away from faith or keep you from being prepared to stand against evil.

And to be quite honest I see a lot of danger in the rapture community as well! My biggest concern is that the majority of people whom I have met within the rapture group tend to treat the “rapture” as a kind of 'get out of jail free' card.

People tend to think something like “well I don't need to worry about that because I won't be here for that event”

But what if they are wrong and the rapture doesn't happen until the middle and they are not prepared for it?

Or what if their “get out of jail free” attitude causes them to be left behind? It is for the most part a lazy attitude that offers a false sense of security, especially if your belief goes something like “well all I have to do is believe in Jesus and not worry about seeking out the truth of Gods word for myself. Or “I don't need to worry about doing what God asks me to do because all I have to do is just believe”. Or “I don't need to listen to other Christians who think differently because my church has all of the answers and I like what my church tells me so I don't have to honor what other Christians say.” In other words they treat their church as if is was God and it is NOT!

I see this attitude a lot and frankly it worries me!

It worries me because they are not truly seeking God, they are simply looking for an easy escape!

Faith in Christ has never been easy and Jesus himself said this!

So I have to seriously question the faith of anyone who treats their faith as an easy escape!

So what about the non-rapture believers?

They also are refusing to look at both sides and or listen to the other side of the debate.

They are refusing to accept scripture that says that “your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall have visions and your old men shall dream dreams”

The simple truth is that thousands upon thousands are having dreams and visions!

I fail to see how anyone can just ignore this!

Also has anyone stopped to consider that the Bible says that faith can move mountains?

What does this mean for those millions of people who firmly believe that the rapture will take place?

I also do not understand how people seem to ignore the fact that God has always protected his people in one way or another!

Both sides of this debate are treating the other side like an enemy instead of their brothers and sisters!

Please remember that nobody on earth has all of the answers despite the fact that many of us think that we do!

Neither side seems to be able to see that maybe there is a reason for this division!

God sees the end from the beginning!

I firmly believe that there will be some type of rapture event, although I am not sure that it will be anything like what most people think it will be.

I think that a lot of people who think that they are going won't!

I think that there may be people who aren't expecting to go who will.

I also have a tendency to think that maybe those who do not believe in the rapture just might turn out to be Gods leaders and warriors in the days following the rapture!

Not because they are somehow not worthy to go but because they are prepared for the battle!

These may well turn out to be the leaders and warriors in the last days who will lead the final remnant into the truth!

Simply because they are prepared to do so!

The point is that we don't know when the rapture will take place or even who is going in it and while we are here we need to take a stand!

We MUST stand against evil and we must do so NOW!

Gods people have allowed this evil to have the power and control that it has now and we MUST stop doing this!

I do not believe that all of the children are going in the rapture.

Far too many children have been given over to depravity by those who were supposed to protect them aka their parents.

God did not spare the children in Noah's day nor did Lot bring any children with him out of Sodom.

Does this mean that God will hold them accountable upon their death? I simply do not know!

I do know that every single Christian on Earth must take a stand NOW!

No matter what happens you must stand!

While you are still here on earth.... STAND!

If the rapture happens tomorrow and you are not taken then there is a reason....STAND!

Remember it is the Christians who have the true power and authority.....


I want to mention one more thing here.

History is written by the conquerors, we do not truly know what our history is!

We do not know what year it truly is or even what day because everything has been changed by a conquering enemy.

I do have reason to believe that we probably are not where most people think that we are in history or even in time!

I do tend to believe that the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ has already happened and that we are at the end of the end.

If this is true then much of what people are expecting to happen might be different than what they are expecting.

Although I do believe that many things in the Bible tend to be reoccurring events, things might not happen in the order or sequence that we are expecting or may happen more than once in different ways.

So brothers and sisters can we please put our differences aside and actually listen to each other instead of simply dismissing everything that a fellow believer might say because it doesn't agree with your theology?

Just imagine what we might learn from each other if we actually listened and considered!

We might actually discover that we are a family who actually loves each other!

Unite and STAND!