Mind Control and Programming
What nobody wants to know!

This is a tough subject because nobody wants to believe that they could be deceived yet we all are to some extent!

The truth is that we have all been brainwashed almost since birth...almost nothing that we believe to be true about our world actually is but we have also been brainwashed into thinking that anyone who questions the 'facts' as we know them is crazy and since nobody wants to be thought of as crazy we simply refuse to look at anything that doesn't fit our controlled beliefs.

Unfortunately this refusal to look beyond what we want to believe is essentially leading to our destruction!

You have to understand that the power positions of this world are all held by an enemy who wants to keep you dumbed down and doing what they want you to do instead of realizing who you really are and challenging their authority! In other words they want good little slaves who will do what they want them to do, give them all of their money and property and then die!

**Are we not seeing this in great detail right now?**

People are so brainwashed and afraid now that they literally cannot hear the truth! Of course the various so-called medical experts say "The COVID 19 pandemic is terrible and will kill many many people but yet people cannot see that all other diseases that people normally die of every year seems to have mysteriously vanished!   Hmmm!

It seems that people can ONLY die of C19 now! Also there is the fact that in May of this year the average death toll for the year was actually 15% less than it has been for the last 4 years....so where are all of the Deaths from the COVID 19 pandemic???

Of course this is how mind control works... You tell someone something then just keep reinforcing that message, which is why you hear something about COVID19 HUNDREDS of times every single day! Which is exactly what is happening, you literally CANNOT escape this programming and that is the point!
Most people are so afraid or so tired of hearing this that they will willingly submit to being vaccinated just to feel normal again and that will never happen they have already told us this!

The vaccines (and there are two of them) will literally destroy you!

And not only in this life but in the next as well! (please see the links on COVID 19 and the mark of the beast)

Everything that is happening now is about destroying the human race! It is the trans-humanist agenda combined with agenda 21 or the plan to eliminate over 6 billion people from the face of the earth!

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that the ruling elite have declared war on us! But they are the only ones who know it! They don't have the courtesy to actually tell us this, they simply are trying to destroy us without our knowledge! Ha ha very funny.......right? Wrong! This is a very real fact and some research on your part will confirm this! You might want to check out the site “stopthecrime.net” You will need to copy and paste this address in or simply type it into your browser but these are people who have researched and documented a great many 'on the official record' facts! It should be an eye opening experience for you!
The ruling elite truly believe that they own the world and all of the resources in it....including you, your property and your children!

The only way to fight this is with knowledge and with the amount of propaganda being slung at us every day digging out truth and knowledge can be challenging but it is out there, you just have to wade through all of the disinformation and ask God for discernment and you will find the truth!

The simple truth is that we think that we are living in a world in which genuine knowledge and information are readily available but if you are truly honest with yourself then you will admit that lies and deception are everywhere! So why should we even be surprised when our world leaders are greedy, corrupt, power mongers who wish to enslave you and take everything you have? After all they have been doing this for a long-long time! Why do you think you pay taxes? Think about this: Why does every new 'law' that they come up with end up coming out of your pocket?

If you are old enough to remember this back in the 70s a mind control project was launched in which they would put subliminal messages in movies and TV shows. It went something like this..... they would put a simple message like 'drink cola' in one frame of a movie then suddenly you find that you are thirsty for a cola. The frame goes by so quickly that the message doesn't actually register consciously but your subconscious mind saw it. Many people thought that this type of thought manipulation was outlawed in the 70s but it wasn't. How much further have we come since then? This is of course just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, Does anyone remember MK Ultra? This is a subject that I could spend a lot of time on but I am not going to do so here. Basically this type of brain washing occurred through torture, sensory deprivation and drugs such as LSD. It might surprise you to know that the same type of mind control is still happening today only now they have another name for it......SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. I strongly suggest that you look it up! AND if that doesn't get your attention look up super soldiers or the black awakening and no this does NOT have anything to do with race or skin color....It is basically a mind control program in which the victims are programmed to kill Christians! There are an estimated 10 million of these people (super soldiers) in the USA alone who are just waiting for the signal! Look it up!

For most of us though the mind control programming is far more subtle and commonplace and it is everywhere!

Much of our programming comes through media, Television, radio, movies, cartoons, computers and phones are all used to convey messages. Stop and think about news broadcasts and how they are slanted to present specific attitudes and beliefs! Does a particular news broadcast about a white man shooting up a black church make you angry over racism? This is mind control.
Does the broadcast about the lesbian couple who sued a Christian bakery for refusing to make their wedding cake make you angry with Christians and make you think that Christians shouldn't have a right to their own beliefs and convictions if it doesn't go along with the gay rights movement? This is mind control programming! What about all of the school shootings? Think about all of the anti-gun hype and how many of these guns are killing children and should be outlawed! Again mind control propaganda!
Unfortunately we are so programmed that very few of us even bother to question the motives behind the broadcasts....we just react....usually exactly the way they want us to! That's the point!

**I want to mention here that Mind control is now beginning to run rampant throughout our churches as well! Many churches are now going along with the new world order agenda and subjecting their congregations to the new mind control programming, an example of this is that churches are being told by our government that they should tell people to take the vaccine! The vaccines are the mark of the beast and no true Christian would ever go along with this and yet many churches are! To put this another way...Our churches are being used against us!*** BEWARE!!!

Let's examine the flip side though shall we?!

In the racism reports: when the white gunman went in and shot up the black church, the media tried to make it a race issue and get people stirred up but when the pastor of the church (God bless him) got up on TV and said that it wasn't about race but about Christian persecution the media dropped the story like a hot potato! The powers that be certainly do NOT want people to make this connection! Then there's the poor lesbian couple who were refused service by a Christian bakery, did anyone hear anything about the gay bakeries who refused to make Christian themed cakes? NO of course not! And yes this has happened! But the slant ALWAYS has to be that the Christians are evil hateful people who condemn others for their beliefs! True Christians do not hate people Christianity is about LOVE but it is always slanted in reverse You will always see more hatred and condemnation coming from the world against Christians than coming from Christians against the world...ALWAYS! This is what the mind control is designed to do! It is by design!
Now we have the anti-gun movement! After all guns are evil...they kill children so the must be outlawed! Does it occur to anyone to wonder why all of a sudden we have so many school shootings? Remember the satanic super soldier program I mentioned? Think about it! If you want people follow a specific agenda then you need to hit them where they live....through their children! You have to make them WANT to go along with the agenda! Don't make the mistake of thinking that these people wouldn't do this, because they will do anything to further their agenda and remember that the ultimate goal of these people is the death of all humanity! I will discuss this in another article but meanwhile you can look up agenda 21 as a starting point.

***Another quick update... hey are pushing through a bill to make vaccines mandatory and this bill includes outlawing guns!***

Unfortunately one of the biggest mind control programs working in the world today is SCHOOL! Our education system today is not aimed at educating our children it is aimed at indoctrinating our children!

Like it or not Paganism, witchcraft and sorcery are rampant in our schools along with sexual immorality which is shoved on our kids at an early age and every type of religious belief except CHRISTIANITY! Make no mistake this is NOT an accident! This is by design!

And don't forget that we are all taught from an early age that we are just worthless lumps of flesh with no true meaning in this world...aka Darwinian evolution!

Add to that the fact that every possible attempt is being made to take any and all parental rights to the education of children away from the parents! In other words you as a parent have no right to teach your children anything that the education system doesn't want them to learn! Let that sink in!

*** They are ramping this up as well! COVID19 is now being used as an excuse to take children from their parents!***

Don't believe me?....LOOK IT UP! Do the research!

Are you awake yet? Are you beginning to question your reality? If so then good for you! There is hope!

I want you to stop and consider this:
*Why do the ruling powers of this world need to control us?
*Why do they need to paint Christians out as villains?
*Why do they need to control the children?
*Why do they need to get rid of the guns?
*Why do they need to eliminate Christianity?
*Why are human beings portrayed as evil in movies and TV programs?
*Why are we being taught that humans have no real value?
*What is it about human beings that the ruling elite are so afraid of that they feel the need to do all of this to us?

These are vitally important questions!

The very fact that they are this afraid of us speaks volumes!
If we really had no power and our lives really had no value then why are they afraid?

Could it be that we human beings...the creation of the one true God...coupled with the power of the blood of Jesus Christ have all of the true power and authority?

Could this be the real motive behind their desire to destroy us? To control us?

If this sounds like I don't think of the ruling elite as human....I don't! At least I do not believe that they are completely human and I will discuss this in another article. Although I do think that there are actual human beings in the mix I believe them to be corrupt beyond redemption, which is sad but a choice that they themselves made.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

If you are a Christian then it is time to put on the armor of God and Stand against the enemy!

If You are not a Christian then it is time for you to truly look at what Christianity is really all about....don't let anyone make that choice for you! You have a right to know!

*** Some updates or you.***

The mind control or mind enslavement program is cranking up into high gear!

Let's start with Trump's recent executive order which this video can explain far better than I can:


Basically this executive order strips people of their 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech and makes all non-Jewish peoples second class citizens!

To understand why this is important you need to first understand that there is something called the 7 Noahide laws which are being established as law throughout the world. These laws are already  established in US but are not yet being enforced and the Jews are trying to push them through the UN right now!


These Laws make Christianity idolatry punishable by death... specifically "beheading!"

But Trump is a good guy with the best interest of The USA at


Revelation 20:4
And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

This means that President Trump's executive order is the first step toward establishing the 7 Noahide laws in the USA.

By the way do you know that there are many FEMA camps throughout the USA which are equipped with guillotines?

***Another quick update.. FEMA insider and whistle blower Celeste Solum has recently stated that guillotines are now in military bases throughout the USA and could become active as soon as the end of 2020!**

Next I want to discuss a bill in congress which was introduced in 2015 and reintroduced in 2019 but has not yet been pushed through, the bill is HR1111.

Basically what this bill does is hand control of the USA over to the UN! AND there are many congress people behind it! This is treason folks! Yet we are told that we should support our 'elected' officials!

Should they push this bill through (and for whatever reason they probably will) It is the end of the USA!

This include your right to own guns, your right to raise your children the way you want to, Your freedom of speech and every other freedom that you hold dear! It makes you a slave!

You see the USA stands in the way of the New World Order! Or One world Government. Therefore we must be eliminated!

*** The GLOBAL RESET!!!!!***

Make no mistake, one way or another they will destroy America!

I have already mentioned the mind control devices that we all have...TV, Movies, Cartoons, cell phones, computers etc. but are you really paying attention to the repeating subject matter coming through the various media?

There are several subjects that keep repeating 1 cannibalism

2 attacks on Christ and Christianity 3 global warming and or the need to reduce the human population 4 human beings are evil 5 gods and goddesses. 6 Tranhumanism

1 cannibalism, they are putting this in your mind so that when they cut off the food supplies you will think about killing and eating your neighbors!

***The UN is now saying that there will be famines of Biblical proportions in 2021! Unless they are given trillions of dollars to stop it! Still think that agenda 21 is a joke?***

2 attacks on Christianity, which elevates people to what they really are, children of the most high God, not animals or even less important than animals as the 'ruling elite' want you to believe that you are.

3 global warming (which tens of thousands of scientists agree isn't true) which is a ploy to get you to agree to your own annihilation, do you really think that what you believe doesn't matter!?

4 human beings are evil, we are rapidly becoming more and more so...why? again...how important is what you believe? Think!

5 gods (little g) and goddesses, as preposterous and fantastic as this sounds, they are preparing you for the reemergence of these beings as well as other beings which brings us to

**6 transhumanism, the hybridization of human beings!** Think vaccines! The mixing of human with machine or animals, or angels/aliens. I keep telling people that everything is connected and this is where the mark of the beast comes into play. When your DNA is no longer fully human aka children of God you are no longer redeemable to God! This is their goal!

Folks You must wake up to the realization of Christianity and the truth of the Bible! The Bible is your safety net, your life line to survival. It is also the one thing that can expose them for what they really are and they know it! 

Folks they are afraid of us and for good reason!

We have the true power...they don't!

This is why they need to control what we believe! We can be destroyed through our beliefs!

Please think!