The Third Temple

The third temple in Jerusalem is part of last days prophesy but what exactly is this all about?
There is a temple project going on in Jerusalem right now where money is being collected (mostly from Christian tourists) supposedly for this exact purpose but are things really what they seem to be?

What if I told you that the group collecting the money has already collected enough money to build 7 temples......Yet they are still collecting more!
It looks like they are actually conning the tourists and fleecing them out of their money...doesn't it?
Oh don't get me wrong here there is a small group who are indeed wanting to rebuild the temple but for the most part, most of the Jews could not care less if it ever gets built so what is this really all about?

The real third temple is not a building it is the body of Christ aka God's people! We are the third temple and we are where the anti-Christ wants to sit and declare himself God.

2 Thessalonians 2 -4 King James Version (KJV)
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
I have discussed in other articles how Satan wants to destroy humanity and why, but even though he hates us he still wants to be worshiped by us, it is the ultimate defiance to God.
What Satan is doing with this act is saying to God “See here are your precious children they worship me now as they should have all along”
Angels were created to serve us...NOT be worshiped by us! But Satan's vanity will not allow him to concede to God's plan... He demands to be the ultimate authority over God although he never will be!
He wants God's children to worship him and he will do anything and everything to accomplish this goal!
He knows full well that he will be destroyed and he wants to take God's precious children with him!

There may be at some point an actual physical building called the third temple but the true temple that Satan wants to occupy is us!

Unfortunately the realization of this plan is well underway and many-many Christians are falling into his traps completely unaware!
All because people a) don't read and study their Bible b) don't believe their Bible c) choose to allow their church to tell them what to believe instead of studying it for themselves or d) are allowing themselves to be told what they want to hear instead of the truth!

But Jesus warned us about this:

Matthew 24:4
And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

Well folks it boils down to this: Either you are grounded in Christ or you're not and if you are not sure then you had better get sure and soon!
If something in your Bible doesn't line up with what your church is telling you then dig in and do some research!
Find out the truth for yourself because ladies and gentlemen most of our churches have already sold out to the beast system! And like it or not they have sold out their congregations as well!

Now I want to discuss a few things here that need to be brought to your attention which are connected to this subject and I highly encourage you to dig in and do some serious research on these things.

The Noahide Laws:
There are several Christian organizations out there who are downplaying these laws claiming that they are nothing to worry about yet these are the very laws that will be used to behead Christians! AND they are already in place in United States law and have been since the senior Bush administration!

Every single US president since HW Bush has signed these laws into our legal system every year and this includes Trump! And there's more!
Every congressman and Senator must sign a statement pledging their allegiance to Israel before they take office! This also applies to much of our educational system!

Folks this is treason!

So why are these laws a threat? Because they make Christianity a crime punishable by death.... death by beheading to be exact! Guess what, there are 30,000 guillotines in FEMA camps throughout the USA right now and they have been here for quite some time, in fact people started seeing them around 30 years ago! Although now I understand that we have new and better “smart” guillotines equipped with facial recognition software!
So ask yourself why does the US government need FEMA camps with guillotines?

You need to understand that it is NOT the Jewish people that we are talking about here but rather a group of ruling elitists calling themselves the Sanhedrin a more familiar name to you might be Pharisees or Sadducee's!
This would be the exact same group that Jesus identified as vipers or snakes!
And this is the group pushing the Noahide laws!

So how exactly do these laws threaten Christianity?
One of these laws makes the worship of any man or statue Idolatry, a crime punishable by death!
Of course, Jesus Christ, the son of God and the entire focus of the Christian faith is a man!

This entire agenda is about destroying Jesus Christ and everyone who follows him! This is the Beast kingdom that we were warned about!
Ah you might say but what about Sharia Law being used by Muslims to behead Christians now?

Guess what? The very same people who are pushing Noahide laws will tell you that Sharia law and the Noahide laws are the same... So what does this tell you about who and what these people who are doing this really are? Think about it!

Now for the part that will get the Trump supporters thoroughly upset with me...

Trump is not going to make America great again! He is in fact the instrument being used to destroy us!

And NO! I am NOT a Democrat!!!!!

However facts are facts and nearly everything that Trump is doing is not about making America great, it is about making Israel great!
A great example of this is the executive order that he passed making Antisemitism a hate crime on college campus. This order did not just make antisemitism a crime, it was already a crime, it actually gave Jews authority over Christians on campus! It made Christians second class citizens!
And the Sanhedrin is pushing Trump to enforce the Noahide laws! They are trying to push these laws through the UN right now as well!
After all Trump is the greatest ally Israel has ever had! Right?! Aren't they calling him the second Cyrus?! Even putting his face on a temple coin?

Before we go any further let me stop and say this: I honestly do NOT believe that we have anyone in a major leadership position in this country who is in fact, fit to serve! I do not believe that there is even one true Patriot among them! I truly believe that the last true US patriot we had in the white house was John F Kennedy....and they murdered him!
Vipers and snakes!

Folks you need to understand that Christians are being painted into a corner and full scale persecution is coming to America! We will soon join our brothers and sisters in other countries who are being tortured and murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ!
However folks now is not the time to be silent! We will be forced to take a stand... one way or the other!

Will you stand with Jesus Christ? Or will you turn away and stand with the world? There is no prosperity coming for Christians in this time period, only full scale hardship and major persecution!

Are you ready?

Christians.... true Christians need to understand that they must put Jesus Christ first in absolutely everything!
We must be willing to stand for Christ no matter what!
We must be brave and willing to tell the truth to those who are perishing in the darkness!
Lives depend on us!

The world is trying to silence us, trying to destroy us and trying to force us to betray our savior but we
are the children of God, the true royal blood and the inheritors of heaven and earth! We are redeemed!
So fear not!

In the end we win!

So stand up and be counted!