Who You REALLY Are!
 The Most Important Truth YOU Need to Know!

Who am I? This is the question that each and every one of us asks at some point in our life and this can be a very confusing and often frustrating question! Especially when we seem to be regularly bombarded with 'answers' from various different sources.
  The first time that most of us get an answer to this question is in school. When we get Darwin's theory of evolution dumped on our young impressionable minds as scientific fact when there is absolutely NO evidence to support this theory as fact, in existence! For example: if we really had evolved from rocks as Darwin's theory suggests (and yes it does teach that we evolved from ROCKS which if you follow the train of thinking back far enough you will find the rain falling on the rocks forming the primordial soup you will see this for yourself) there should be literally millions of intermediate species in the fossil record and there are NONE! That's right none, zip ziltch, zero, nada....none they simply do NOT exist!
Basically put the theory of evolution is stuffed down our young impressionable throats to serve a combined purpose which consists of 1) Control! To keep you in your place! If evolution is true then you are nothing more than a dumb animal with no real importance or significance. 2) To destroy the very first book of the Bible which tells you who you are! I will discuss this in detail and if you stick with me you will find this not only fascinating but extremely eye opening!

 I do think that it is prudent to mention here that main stream science seems to be abandoning the theory of evolution lately as a result of just too many problems with this thinking....such as DNA, the Cambrian explosion, etc. The new line of thinking seems to be leaning towards the star seed explanation. Basically put the idea is that we were seeded here on earth by extraterrestrials! Which is not only ridiculous it is actually impossible! But there it is!

 I am not going to get into much debate on this... if you really want to know more a simple on-line search will give you all the data you need to pursue these avenues.

 Lately the trend is again taking aim at children and make no mistake this is deliberate indoctrination!

 We now have our schools telling our children what sex and even what religion they are! Our schools are forcing girls to kiss girls and boys to kiss boys! We have our schools forcing Christian children to worship Allah! We have schools forcing our children to read Harry Potter......WITCHCRAFT!


 This is DELIBERATE indoctrination!

 So who are we really?

We are God's CHILDREN!

  It is extremely important that you understand this!

 In the first 5 days of creation God created the Heavens and the Earth, he literally spoke everything into existence! God said let there be.... and there was! There is scientific proof of this also, it has been discovered that everything and I mean everything is made up of sound energy! If you break anything down to it's most basic form you will find sound energy! But then on the sixth day God said “let us make man in our image” He formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into his nostrils. In other words he took very special care with the creation of humanity! Then he took Eve from Adam!
This is not done anywhere else in creation! ONLY with the creation of MAN! WHY?
Because we were created to be a family to God!

 So what does this mean exactly? To begin with it means that we are indeed very special to God! It means that we are the focal point of this world! We were created to love and worship our father and to interact with him! AND we have far more power than most of us realize!

  To fully comprehend this you must first grasp the concept of the first 5 days of creation. You must begin by understanding that Angels were created to serve US! This is important because it is the main reason for most of the problems that we face today!

 The Bible says that Satan aka Lucifer was of the highest order of angels and that he was beautiful but he didn't want to serve man! He thought that man should worship him! This is where our problems begin. Satan's main goal is to destroy us! ALL OF US!

 Yes, he does want us to worship him and he does want to set himself above God but this will never happen and in reality he knows that his time is short! So his ultimate goal is to destroy as many of us as he can! And yes this includes his own followers! Despite what they believe to the contrary!

 Satan took a third of the angels of Heaven with him when he fell and much of humanity has worshiped these beings as gods throughout history and in fact many people still worship them as gods today!

 But God NEVER intended his creation to be worshiped nor did he want the servants of his children to be worshiped by his children! This is what the final conflict is all about!

 Throughout history people have believed that angels are these extremely powerful beings and that we should fear them, but they are wrong! They don't have the real power....we do! And that is the number one thing that they do NOT want you to know!

 Understand this: we were created in the image of God, to be a family to God. This means that we have a connection to the creator that angels do not have! It is through this connection, this relationship that we can summon angels and create changes in this world that angels cannot!

Matthew 21:21......but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into th sea; it shall be done! 22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive!
  This is why Satan needs to manipulate people into doing things for him that he himself cannot do!
There are rules in place which have been set down by God that fallen angels cannot break! Think about it; if fallen angels could kill us they would have done so already! However there are loopholes which can be and are exploited! These are used all the time! Why? Because people allow themselves to be deceived!

** There is no better example of this than the COVID19 plandemic**

 In all fairness though all of the ruling class leaders throughout history have done everything possible to conceal this truth from people. You cannot reasonably control people who have a true understanding of who they really are! This is why God never wanted his people to be ruled over by a king! Control is always the goal of the ruling class!

 However the time has now come when the children of God MUST wake up and learn who they really are and what their true power really is! The war has begun and we must be prepared for it! We must be able to stand and face our enemy without fear or doubt! Only by knowing our true identity and by putting on the full armor of God will we be able to stand!

 It is time for the bride of Christ to unite, to learn our true heritage and to stand! We must put aside our differences, we must kick satanism, sorcery and witchcraft OUT OF OUR CHURCHES and our LIVES and come together!

The Time is Now!