Eclipse and...

Lately I have been asking God, a lot... to let me be finished with this calling. And yes I do believe with all of my heart that this is indeed what I am called to do.

It is a very hard thing to have to look at all of the horrible, monstrous things taking place in this world and sometimes the darkness becomes almost unbearable.. It is only my faith that keeps me going.

I am extremely weary of mourning those who simply do not want to see the truth and yes it is definitely a case of them not wanting to see!

People are waking up but it is far too slowly and still they do not want to see the entire truth! This has been abundantly clear to me lately!

People have a hard time understanding that Gods truth is different from what they want to be true and sadly this attitude will cost them dearly! Very soon!

Do not store up for yourself treasures on earth!

A series of things happened yesterday that made me realize that it is time to write another article to tie things together.

I was hit with one of the worst frequency attacks that I have experienced lately... it was intense! Dizziness, exhaustion, nausea, ringing in the ears, etc. etc. but God can use even these things to get your attention and that is exactly what happened!

I started praying this attack down yesterday afternoon and the dizziness all but stopped but the rest remained including the fatigue.

I went to bed around 2 in the morning and just before I did my son gave me a gift of this really cool pen.

I woke up about an hour or so later and the attack had stopped but then my brain engaged and all of this information started playing out in my mind and all of the pieces started coming together.

I took a sleeping pill somewhere between 4 and 4:30 but still could not sleep so I said ok I got the message and got up and started jotting notes for this article... with the new pen!

Just now a dove is cooing outside my window!


Anyway as you probably already know I have some unusual and often very different views of the end times and even though I go by what I see happening in the world in comparison with what the Bible says, I do still appreciate the views of others.

I honestly do not believe that anyone has all of the answers and that includes me but I do believe that it is important to look at the various points of view and how they compare with what is actually happening.

With this in mind I want to discuss how I see pieces coming together.

Before I start getting into the tribulation thoughts I had something happen to me a few months ago that just might bear mentioning.

I was lying in bed talking to God and suddenly it felt like something was being pressed into my forehead! It felt like a coin, about the size of a quarter. I couldn't help but wonder if I had just been sealed by God!

Of course this caused me some concern because it made me wonder if I would be left behind.

Then a few days ago as I was thinking about this I heard a voice in my spirit say that I would be in the first wave taken.

Could this be self talk or wishful thinking on my part... yes so I prayed about it and asked God for clarity. I closed my eyes and opened my Bible and once again to Isaiah 57!

OK good enough but it still doesn't explain the “first wave” part.

This made me wonder again if there are people who are choosing to stay behind (knowingly or unknowingly) to complete their calling!

I believe that the answer to this may very well be yes! If this is true then it means that these people are probably already sealed!

It will take extraordinary courage to stand in the days after the rapture but they are under Gods protection and the enemy will not conquer them!

Are these people then the second wave?

Now I want to get back to the 7 year tribulation subject.

First off I believe that it is possible that the tribulation period and the thousand year reign may have already happened but even if this has not yet happened I have to ask the question: why are people expecting this to last for 7 years?

Yes the Bible says that he will confirm a covenant with many for 7 years (which by the way has already happened) but the Bible also says that unless these days are shortened no flesh would survive but for the sake of the elect these days will be shortened!

Now if a year is a day for God then just because the ant-Christ signed a 7 year covenant it does not necessarily mean that it will actually be 7 years! I have to wonder why nobody else seems to see these things! Maybe because they simply go along with what they have been taught and don't bother to question this.

Anyway if we are indeed at the end of the end and not in the pre-trib scenario that most people want to believe then things will not necessarily go the way people are expecting!

Now I watch a lot of rapture and tribulation videos and I have heard people say that people interpret these dreams and visions by their own beliefs, expectations and understanding of things and I believe this to be true.

If you think about it then it makes sense, You would certainly reach far more people than you would with just one point of view.

Anyway in one video that I watched a while back the man said that he saw the new heaven and the new earth, now according to the Bible this doesn't happen until the very end.... think about that!

Now on to the eclipse.

To begin with I firmly believe and feel to the depths of my soul that this eclipse is a VERY big deal!

To begin with there is good reason to believe that the rapture of Isaiah 57 may happen during the eclipse or shortly after.

Not only does this eclipse go directly over at least 2 towns named Nineveh (I know there are supposed to be 7 or 8) but it also goes directly over the only town named Rapture in the USA... maybe even the world!

I don't believe in coincidences!

Now there are tons of different things coming out about the eclipse and I think this needs to be examined!

According to everything that I am seeing about this the enemy aka the Satan worshipers are planning to pull out all of the stops during this eclipse in their attempt to bring their god into control!

I tend to believe that the beast of Revelation is already here and controlling things from the shadows and that these rituals are designed to bring him into full public awareness and control of the earth.

Now I want to mention here that I have heard people say that these Satanists tell you what is coming because it strengthens the magic, I have said before and I will say again that I firmly believe that they HAVE to tell us or their magic will not work.... period!

I honestly do not believe that they can do anything against Gods people... Gods creation without Gods permission!

They only get that permission by telling us in advance what they are planning! Whether or not we choose to listen is up to us, but they have to tell us!

What are they planning?

They plan to release bio weapons on people, they plan to fire 3 rockets at the moon and they are firing up a super charged CERN during the eclipse!

All of this is directly associated with the occult and evil!

(I will try and put up some links)

Now if it is true that we are indeed on a flat enclosed earth covered by a firmament like the Bible says and if they have indeed attempted to break the firmament once before with rockets then is this another attempt?

Or are they doing this in conjunction with CERN to open up more portals to evil entities?

Now lets discuss locusts!

According to something that I recently saw there are 2 different hatching of locusts expected to happen in the USA in April!

These locusts are expected to devastate US crops!

My first thought was the opening of the bottomless pit and the plague of locusts from Revelation!

Is this what they are trying to bring about?

Especially since they are planning to fire up CERN during the eclipse!

It does make me wonder!

I watched a video on youtube the other day, I believe the creator is Mari Mar or something like that and he made the statement that we have surpassed the evil of Noahs day and of Sodom and Gomorrah and this is true!

Although the people of Sodom were blatantly homosexual and evil at least they were not (that we know of) mutilating their children and trying to turn boys into girls and girls into boys, destroying their ability to reproduce in the process!

This world had indeed surpassed the evil of Sodom!

Witnessing the push to destroy Jesus Christ, all Christians and all white people who the ruling elite aka the Jews perceive to be their mortal enemies and all of the outright evil in this world I still tend to believe that we are indeed already in the “tribulation” period.

The Jews (not the original Israelite's) who run the world through everything these days are those who are mentioned at least twice in the Bible “Who call themselves Jews but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan.

The Scoffield Bible was written specifically to paint the “Jews” out to be the heroes or chosen people but the truth is that they are evil!

These people (and I use the word people lightly) are open Satanists and many of them admit this!

Many doctors are saying that the vaccines will kill everyone who takes them and although I do believe they will kill the vast majority, I do not believe that they will kill everyone!

Since I discuss this in other parts of this website I won't go into a lot of detail here but I do still believe that the shots are the name and number of the beast and that they change our DNA into an image of the beast!

Since people who have died of the shots are giving off blue tooth signals from the grave I can't help but wonder if they are really dead or are being changed into something else!?

It is a terrifying thought but governments are preparing for the Zombie apocalypse so it cannot be disregarded without thought!

Are they attempting to create an army to stand against God in the final battle?

The Bible says that men will seek death and not find it!

As Christians we know that God wins in the end and that the enemy is thrown into the lake of fire but how many Humans, how much of Gods creation will they take with them?

The Bible says that Jesus will wipe away all of our tears and I seriously can hardly wait!

I honestly do not know which is worse, having to look at all of the dark and horrible things that the evil one and his followers are doing or not being able to get people to open their eyes to the truth!

I actually once believed that if people could simply see the truth that they would wake up and stand against the evil, that they would come back to God... and it is a hard reality to know just how wrong I was!

Before I sign off on this article I want to mention a few things: The ruling elite and many of the worlds very rich Satanists are building underground bunkers for themselves...could this be hat the Bible describes as them hiding in rocks and cave trying to escape the rath of God?

2 putting up anything on this site is becoming an outright battle, hen I went into Bible gateway last night to get scriptural quotations my tab kept crashing, I will keep trying but right now I am getting up what I can while I can... I suspect that they are attempting to shut down the Christian truthers so bear with me I will do what I can when I can!

Hang on brothers and sisters we are going home soon!

Isaiah 57 The righteous perish and no man layeth it to heart; and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

Revelation 9:3
And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth and unto them was given power as the scorpions of the earth have power.

Revelation 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death and not find it,and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

Isaiah 2:19
And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.

Revelation 6:16
And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:


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