Gods of Old?
Men of renown?

I know that what I am going to say in this article sounds totally crazy and most people think that this is pure myth or fantasy and can't actually be true but I believe that it is!
Why? Because it is in the Bible!
Not only in the official Biblical cannon but in the apocryphal books as well!
And there is plenty of physical evidence to support it!
I have followed the work of Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and LA Marzulli who all discuss events from ancient times when angels came to earth and took human wives and had children with them who were giants.
It is also known that these same fallen angels also tampered with the DNA of other life as well producing creatures such as Satyrs, centaurs and mermaids to name a few.

Please take the time to do some research if you don't believe me, there is a lot of information about this subject and more and more Christians are waking up to the reality of the documented facts.

Although I don't want to get into the full story
about these accounts I do want to talk about a very disturbing trend that I am seeing in various forms of media lately.

I believe that what we are seeing is an announcement or reintroduction of these creatures into our thought processes so that when we see these things we will accept them or maybe even welcome them!

As crazy as that sounds, what is crazier still is the direction some of this promotion is coming from!

The most alarming thing to me is that most Christians have absolutely NO Clue what it is that they are looking at even though it should be obvious!

I believe this to be a result of decades of thought manipulation and mind control efforts! We have been conditioned to think that TV, movies, cartoons and even video games are simply harmless fun while more and more ancient evil and spiritual darkness is being programmed into our thinking processes!

We are being trained to call evil good and good evil! And NONE of this is by accident!

I want to talk about a few different forms of thought manipulation here, not only the acceptance of genetic manipulation which is an abomination to God but also the programming that human beings are worthless and evil and need to be destroyed!
Make no mistake this is an intricate part of our mental conditioning!

Over the course of the last decade or so we are seeing the emergence of movies like Percy Jackson, The Gods of Egypt, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman just to name a few and all of them have a similar story line......Genetic manipulation and or ancient gods!

In the Percy Jackson movies the 'gods' seem to be fallen angels (Gods of Egypt also) I say this because they are not only giants but they are shape shifters, they can change either size or shape or both!
The Bible makes it clear that angels can change their appearance, in fact the Bible says
2 Corinthians 11:14
And no marvel; for Satan himself is
transformed into an angel of light.

Hebrews 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Keep this in mind.

In the Lightening Thief, Percy Jackson's mother is telling him about his Father (Poseidon) She says he was unlike anyone she had ever met, He was 'Dazzling' at which point Grover the Satyr says yeah they all are.

Angels of light?

The main theme in the Percy Jackson movies is the half blood children of the gods (fallen angels) and their special abilities. These movies also spotlight other genetic hybrid beings such as Centaurs (half man half horse), Satyrs (half man half goat) This one is particularly interesting because the Demi-god Pan is a satyr, and cyclops (a product of the union of a god and a nymph) which by the way are primarily giants!
Satyrs are mentioned in the Bible and
are always evil in nature! In fact the Bible treats them as an abomination... pure evil! The demi-god Pan is the god of sexual perversion, pedophilia and umbrellas. Basically he is the very first creature that little Lucy encounters in Narnia! But I digress.

I understand that part of the programming is to debunk or deny anyone who speaks out against this type of mental conditioning but at some point people should wake up the the ever increasing evil and darkness in these forms of media and yet they don't! Why?

It is almost as if people are somehow programmed to simply accept it as normal.

Nearly every day I hear someone say how dark and crazy the world is getting and yet nobody seems to be able to make the connection between what is happening in the world and what they are watching through various forms of media!

What is truly disturbing is the fact that most Christians seem to be just as programmed into this kind of thinking even thought Jesus himself warned about the deception in the end days! It seems that very few Christians are even willing to make the effort to open their spiritual eyes and discern the times and the spiritual battle that is all around us!

This Is alarming!

Before I get too far off track here I want to talk about just what is being portrayed in these movies and programs and the messages being conveyed through them.

My hope here is that I can open your eyes to what is really there so that you will seek the discernment to see these things for yourself. Once you begin to see it you will see it everywhere!

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So what exactly are we seeing?

I guess the first thing that should be mentioned is the 'gods'!
The gods (little g) are always portrayed as being far superior to human beings, this is always the primary message in many of these things.
The gods are either fallen angels or their offspring and they are NOT superior to us! They want us to believe that they are because they want to be worshiped by us...God's family! If you do not understand this then please take the time to read the “who you are” article in this site. It should open your eyes to the truth about this.

The next thing that I am seeing a lot of is Human hybridization or genetic alteration.

This message comes in a few different forms. There Is the demi-god, which is half human/ half god, or to be more precise half human/ half fallen angel. Then we have the human/ animal hybrids such as Satyrs, Centaurs, Minotaur's etc. In other words the creatures of ancient mythology. I should mention here that there are high ranking and highly credentialed people who have been in secret underground bases in the USA where human/animal hybrids have been created and are being housed as well as giants and other demonic abominations... In other words they are alive and well right now! If you would like more information on this then let me suggest you search out Steve Quayle's site. And you might want to do a search on giants as well!
Another form of the altering of human DNA being portrayed in movies, TV, cartoons etc. is the trans-humanist movement or the mixing of human and machine aka computers/ artificial intelligence! Make no mistake this is in the works right now! AND once micro-chips are placed within the human body they will be able to alter your DNA and or control you with it This message keeps repeating in many sci-fi programs, for example, the borg (cyborg) of Star Trek TNG would be a classic example but you see this merging of human and machine in other places as well.

This mixing or altering of human DNA has happened before and God destroyed the world over it! “as it was in the days of Noah!”
Now here we are again! Only this time it's going to be worse!
The bottom line here is that the powers behind our world leaders want to change our DNA and make us irredeemable to God! Whether you want to believe it or not this is the ultimate goal and many people believe it will give them god like abilities (you shall be as God) hmm, where have we heard that before?

Which brings me to the last message that is being programmed into us:
Human beings are worthless!
This message keeps repeating over and over! Human beings are worthless or dangerous or otherwise just plain horrible and need to be destroyed! This programming is working so well that people do not even question this!

The basic message here is that we are terrible and dangerous (especially Christians) and need to be destroyed.

Unfortunately very few people stop to ask questions like: Who exactly are we a threat to? Or how can human beings be responsible for all of the worlds 'problems' when we are not the ones who own the factories and industries who are creating the 'problems'?
The simple truth is that we have very few if any problems that cannot be solved with a little common sense! For example when cars were first invented they ran on alcohol not gasoline! Clean, biodegradable alcohol!
There is absolutely no reason why cars cannot be modified to burn alcohol instead of gas yet the ruling elite who own the oil fields aka the very same people who are claiming fossil fuel emissions are creating catastrophic climate changes are doing nothing to eliminate the problem?
Maybe because their real agenda has nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with slaughtering billions of people!
Please take the time to look up agenda 21 aka agenda 30 for their plan in detail. Also please take the time to look us the Georgia guidestones where their plan is literally written in stone!
Unfortunately we are being brainwashed from early childhood to believe that we are worthless animals when the truth is that we are actually priceless human beings loved and cherished by our father/creator and that is why we are so hated by the fallen angels and their forces!

It is vitally important that people wake up... and open their eyes to what is really happening here....especially Christians!

I have heard so many people say things like: I can't think about that because I have children or grandchildren and I just can't look at this information now! Or I just can't believe that. And of course they refuse to look into it either, they just don't want to believe it!

So my question to these groups is this: Is it really better to close your eyes and refuse to see when the end result will only make you and your loved ones easier targets?

I mentioned Narnia earlier so I want to touch on this before I close.

I do not understand why Christians cannot or will not see what is really present in the CS Lewis stories! These creatures in Narnia are genetic hybrids! AKA an abomination to God!
The satyr, which is the very first creature encountered in Narnia is basically a portrayal of the demi-god PAN! You are literally being led to accept a demi-god as a good guy!

So what part of “thou shall have no other gods” is not clear to you?
We (human beings) were created in God's image....to be a family to God and any altering of our pure DNA is an abomination to God!
And wrapping this up in a pretty package and calling it by another name does NOT change that fact!
If you really love God then show it and stop pandering to the enemy!

Wake up! Please!