Random Thought
What if.........

I have been carrying around a thought in the back of my mind for several years now that I haven't quite been able to completely formulate in my mind.

Lately I have been thinking about it and have been able to complete it a little more.

I don't know for certain why this very persistent thought stays in my mind but it is a very interesting thought and I think that you might find it interesting as well.

Especially now that we are on the verge of watching billions of people lose their lives and souls to Satan.

The thought is this:

We were created in the image of God... God himself gave us our genetic code.

We were created to be Gods children... His family.
He breathed his own life into us and we are the only one of God creations that he did this with.

When we are born we carry the genetic code of both of our parents and their parents and their parents etc...etc.

This means that we are also carrying the genetic code of our siblings... our brothers and sisters as well as part of the genetic code of our children, etc...

We also carry the memory of these people, they literally live in our minds at least many of them do, so what if...

They can live again through us?

What if they aren't really gone forever?

What if when we die we literally carry the DNA and living memories of these people with us?

At first I thought that this would be impossible because we leave our physical bodies behind when we die but I don't think that is necessarily true.

After all God gave us our genetic code which is directly connected to his own so maybe this genetic code still exists when we go to heaven but in a slightly different form.

Our own unique genetic code is intimately connected to our unique identity so maybe our genetic code is carried with us into heaven when we die.

Everything is made up of sound energy....


God literally spoke everything into existence...

When we leave here we leave as energy! So maybe this thought isn't all that far fetched!

The Bible says that God will completely destroy the earth this time and that there will be a new heaven and a new earth and when you know what these evil world leaders are doing to the earth this statement makes perfect sense!

(and before you start talking to me about the thousand year reign let me just say that this is not a Biblically accurate belief... I will try and get to that in another article but I do not believe in the thousand year reign)

So what if the new heaven and the new earth is going to be created so that these people can live again?

What if this new earth is being created specifically so that these people can have another chance, only this time free from the influence of Satan?

What if these people will be able to see their creator and know him on an earth where no evil influences exist!

Now maybe this is an expression of the grief that I have been carrying around for years now or maybe it is wishful thinking but what if God put this thought in my mind for a reason?

I remember someone talking to me years ago about something they read (or perhaps it was something that I read) in one of the apocryphal books of the Bible where Jesus was talking to Peter and said “I tell you a secret if enough of Gods people request that these people (those who were destroyed) be released that they will be.

Of course I am paraphrasing here because I don't remember the exact wording or even where I heard or read this, but what if?

If this were true then it would add an entirely new dimension to Jesus Christ's victory over Satan on the cross!

And it would mean an even greater victory for us... the Children of God!

Perhaps I have been carrying this thought around specifically for this web site and for this time and for this purpose!

God created us in his image, we were created to be creative so maybe there is something to this thought,

I don't know but What If?!