Corona Virus in Prophesy?

I have been asked this question a few times lately and the answer is yes.
The Bible does talk about pestilence in the end days and it does say that pestilence will kill many-many people.

**However After much researchI now firmly believe that COVID 19 is nothing more than a well orchestrated LIE!

A lie with a BIG purpose!

What I believe this is really all about is the New world order agenda!
Population control would be at the top of the list. It is no secret that the ruling elite want to reduce the worlds population to about 500 million people...easier to control that number.
In other words they want to kill off nearly 7 BILLION people!

Understand however that this is part of Bible prophesy just like all of the other signs we have been seeing over the last few decades.
Wars and rumors of war, waters turning to blood, drought, famines, locust plagues, floods, earthquakes, volcano's, fish and animal die offs, signs in the sky such as the blood moons and the return of the star of Bethlehem ...All of these things have been going on for a while and pestilence is on that list as well.
There is something else in Bible prophesy that bears mention here... People being beheaded for their faith in Jesus Christ!

Is this somehow related to the corona virus?

I have recently seen reports that there are guillotines on military bases in every capitol city in the USA!

I want you to think about this for a minute.
You tube, Facebook and many other social media have been censoring on their public venues for a while now, basically if they don't like what you say they take down your site or video and or make It so that it doesn't go anywhere that people can find it. In essence they are silencing anyone they don't want heard! Now with the corona virus scare they are essentially declaring martial law! They are forbidding people people to participate in any kind of social gatherings which in essence is yet another form of censorship... is it not?

To put it simply.... We are now unable to unite and object to anything that is being done to conquer us behind the scenes! And with all of the COVID19 hype people are actually giving the government permission to place us under martial law!
Thomas Jefferson once said “anyone who will trade liberty for security will find that they have neither”
Isn't this exactly what is happening right now?

And people think it is a good thing!

The Bible says that in the end days people will hand you over to the authorities and believe that they are doing a good thing (paraphrasing) make no mistake this will happen! We are being set up for this right now!

Think about the messages: "Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is a threat to the rest of us!" and the soon coming "anyone who refuses to get vaccinated is a threat to the rest of us!"

We are being painted as the enemy!

I have to grudgingly say that this is brilliant! Not only are the American people NOT fighting back against this take over they actually have us fighting each other instead!

Instead of us focusing on the real enemy they have us seeing our neighbors as the enemy! And the best part is that people are so brainwashed (think cell phones, TV, radio etc.) that they literally cannot/will not hear the truth!

The hype and panic have reached a level now where the threat from the panic has become far more dangerous that the virus itself!

And this was planned!

So how is the beheading of Christians related to the corona virus?
This falls into the category of what is happening behind the scenes while we are being hyped up over the virus!
When the virus broke out in China they used the quarantine to roll out 5G tech... something which many people are opposed to because of the danger levels of this technology, it is happening here right now!

**Oh by the way isn't it interesting that radiation poisoning from 5G gives you the same symptoms as Corona virus?

China's leader said he wants to ban the use of paper money because it was spreading the virus, ok so what replaces it? The chip perhaps? (Of course forget the fact that paper boxes containing all kinds of merchandise arrives here every day!)
It is no secret that the ruling elite want a cashless society and an implantable micro-chip is part of that agenda!

**Think ID 2020! Part of the Bill Gates vaccine package!**


This WILL be in your hand!

But here is the main thing you need to know.
The USA has been taken over by a foreign power! The New world order agenda is well under way! Part of this agenda is the annihilation of Christianity! AND the laws to pull this off are already in place!

People if you are not well grounded in your faith then now is the time to become so!

And although it may not seem that now is a good time to become a Christian, I would argue otherwise!

Ladies and gentlemen the fate awaiting this group is going to be far...far...far worse than anything they can do to us! But understand this, If you allow them to enslave you and chip you, you WILL share in their fate!

When God pours out his judgment on these people it will be swift and severe! There will be no mercy...period!
Don't allow them to take you with them!

**I want to mention here that I honestly believe that the Corona (Crown) virus is the breaking of the first seal... the white horse!

I also believe that the second seal has been broken as well and the third is just beginning!

We Christians have the power and authority to stop this virus agenda cold! Prayer and faith can and will stop this evil if we simply become united and stand together!

Why do you think that they are trying to keep the churches closed despite the fact that you can walk into any wal mart store at any time! They know where the real power is! It's a shame however that most Christians do not!

Although we may or may not be able to stop Bible prophesy we certainly CAN throw a monkey wrench into the works and begin the greatest revival this world has ever seen!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, it Is time to show them who our God really is! It is time to show them the authority of Jesus Christ and just what his people are really about!

It is time to stand!

Please feel free to copy and print anything on my site and share with anyone who will hear, time is short and we need to reach as many as we can!