Mandatory Masks?
Use their own weapons against them!

There is a growing movement against the mask mandate and there are many people telling you to “not wear a mask” which I agree with in theory but unfortunately this is not a practical solution and I will explain why:

Many people have jobs in which they must wear a mask, if you don't wear a mask you don't have a job and with half of the American people out of work those of us that do have jobs really cannot afford to lose those jobs! Especially in light of what is coming! We need our jobs to prepare!

However... there is nothing stopping us from using their own weapons against them!

Before I get into how this can be accomplished I want to throw out some interesting facts which have been surfacing lately.

All of these facts are easily researched, (I used to put up links for people but I have found that people do not usually respect the research of others and find more value from their own research) You can however find some links in this website.

Statistical facts:
Keep in mind that a lot of the so-called data on the Corona virus is manufactured... the actual numbers have been pumped up.

Twice as many people have died from being “locked down” in their homes as have died from the virus!

The suicide and drug overdose deaths resulting from the so-called preventative measures now far exceed the death toll from the “virus”.

Twice as many people have died from the ordinary yearly flu as have died from the “virus”.

Deaths in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are through the roof as a result of 'social distancing'

'Social distancing' is a torture technique developed by the CIA in 1961 and is more effective than physical torture!

A government report was issued not long ago that projects a total death toll expected from all of their 'preventative' measures and other 'actions/ inaction' is expected to be 84% by 2025!!!!

This is agenda 21 in action!

A couple of other facts that I want to throw out before I get down to it:

You might have heard of the great depression?!

I have spoken to people who lived through the great depression and they have interesting stories to tell.

One of these stories tells about our government sending out troops to farms where they rounded up livestock aka food animals, took them out to a field, doused them with flammable liquids and set them on fire!
Think about this! Why would they do this? Yet many old people remember this clearly, isn't it convenient that most of these old timers have died recently?!

Now consider that they are doing something very, very similar to this with our food producing farms right now! All in the name of COVID19...the boogie man that is going to kill us all or so they say! So starvation is better?!

Now I want to briefly mention the experiment that was done on human babies. This is also mentioned somewhere else in this site. I don't remember many of the exact details except that babies were taken from their mothers and were denied human touch, they were fed, changed etc without ever receiving human touch. The end result was that every last one of these babies died!

Social distancing, lock downs and masks are all deadly tortures!

And don't make the mistake of thinking that the world governments don't know this...They know perfectly well what they are doing and they DO NOT care about you!

And there is a lot more coming!

So how can we use their own measures against them?

Use your masks to speak for you! Use them to send a message! Use them to organize people to take a stand!
Put e-mail addresses up through which people can get organized to take action and demand that our so-called elected officials take a stand against this garbage and do what is right for the American people!

People may not listen to what you say but they WILL read your mask!

I know this for a fact because I do this all the time!

I have masks with several different messages on them including: 'show me the LAW that makes this legal', 'Anyone who will trade freedom for safety will find they have neither', 'COVID19 is a LIE', … 'and he was given a crown (corona) and he went out conquering and to conquer..... REV 6:2' and others.

(I should also mention that any mask that I wear is open at the bottom to allow air flow since breathing your own CO2 and not getting enough air is really bad for you).

I can tell you first hand that people DO read your masks and even though you will get plenty of dirty looks you will find out pretty quickly that there are a lot of people on the same page as you! I am constantly getting comments like “I like your mask” or “you have inspired me to make some masks” etc!

People ARE waking up!

I do want to warn you though that there will likely be repercussions but I honestly believe that in the long run it won't really matter since their end goal is the death of nearly 7 billion people (which they will Not get) and the trans-human enslavement of the rest.

I should tell you here that they do not want to simply depopulate the world, their goal is your destruction not only in this life but in the next as well! That is why they are doing everything that they can to change your DNA!

When you are no longer fully human you become irredeemable to God! This has been done before (think Noah) and is being done again all to destroy the children of God!

However historically during socialist and communist takeovers of countries in the past they have used protests to identify and weed out those who will take a stand against their plans and destroy them. These days the internet make that much easier to do but as I said it really doesn't matter in the long run.

The bottom line is that if we don't take a stand they will roll over us like a steam roller! If you care about people... take a stand! If you care about your freedom... take a stand! If you care about religious freedom... take a stand! If you care about your civil liberties... take a stand!
If you do NOT want them messing with your DNA take a stand! Because I can guarantee you that if you don't take a stand they will demand that you be vaccinated aka have hybrid DNA injected in to you and ACTIVATED and you will be micro chipped!

Now you might ask why I am not organizing protests, I guess in a way I am but I am 67 years old and not in the best of health but I was born a rebel and I will die a rebel!
I will do everything in my power to get as much information and truth out to people as I possibly can! I was born for this and I will continue until my last breath!
I am a child of GOD! And I will stand in judgment on these evil people along with all of the other saints!

Right now every Christian and human needs to understand who and what they REALLY are! Please take the time to read the 'who you are' article in this site and seek out any and all other information that you can find about this because you are NOT just an animal... You are a child of GOD created in his image! You are VERY special and have FAR more power than you realize!

Take a stand people!

Just as a quick note here, if anyone in the Grand Junction, Colorado area decides to organize a peaceful protest please contact me with details, I may not be able to do this myself but I would definitely take part in this if it is at all possible!