I honestly thought that I was done writing articles for this site but as usual something came into my thoughts that I feel needs to be addressed so here we go.

I have talked about this before and I am going to talk about it here one more time.

Let me start by saying that I do NOT want this to be true any more than anyone else does!

I truly do NOT want to believe that most of the people whom I love dearly have taken the mark of the beast! The thought that they have is literally tearing my heart to pieces!

But not wanting to believe something does not make it untrue!

The book of Revelation says that none may buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast OR the name of the beast OR the number of his name.

The Bible also says that anyone who has taken the Mark of the Beast will have his part in the lake of fire.

The Bible does NOT specifically say that people who have the name of the beast OR the number of his name are designated to this fate so I sincerely hope that there is still hope for their repentance but it seems to me that since they are intertwined in the book of Revelation that they are one in the same but still I hope not.

So let's discuss what I DO know.

I know that the bio weapon they are calling a vaccine is gene editing technology that can and does alter your DNA.

I know that this technology can snip out portions of your DNA and replace it with something else.

I know that the “vaccines” contain nano technology which contains quantum dot micro chips and that this is a self replicating system.

Which means that it is constantly replicating itself within your body.

I know that this tech can be used for mind control.

I know that this tech can be controlled by 5G frequencies.

I know that in 2013 the Supreme court ruled that anyone who has been injected with a gene altering substance is no longer human and therefore not entitled to human rights.

I know that God himself encoded his name in our DNA. Every single strand of our DNA literally contains the name of God!

So what do you think that they are trying to get rid of?

Through this technology they are snipping out the name of God and replacing it with another.... the NAME of the beast?

I know that the “vaccines” also contain a patent number.... Bill Gates patent 06060606..... The number of the beast!

I know that these “vaccines” also contain the DNA of plants and animals and possibly, maybe even probably angelic DNA (as in the days of NOAH)?

I know that this bio weapon is literally your enslavement!

I know that in the days of Noah that fallen angels were literally destroying the image of God in humanity.

They were altering the children of God and making them into an abomination to God, something that God no longer recognized as his children.

Do you really believe that these human hybrid creatures which appear in mythology were truly just figments of over active imaginations? Especially when they appeared throughout many different cultures all over the world?
And also I might add appear throughout the Bible!

I know that the goal of the Satanic ruling elite is the complete destruction of true humanity by the year 2030!

I know that while they are keeping us distracted through every means possible that they are working behind the scenes to abolish money and put everyone on a set social scale that is completely controlled by them!

I know that the one world government and the one world religion are well under way in their plans.

And I know that all of this is dependent on them getting their control technology into our bodies and that non compliance will result in “punishment” (can't buy or sell or even death).

I know that this (vaccine/gene altering substance) is consensual it has to be taken willingly.

Over and over again I keep hearing people say that the bio weapons aka vaccines cannot be the mark of the beast for various reasons so I am going to address the 'reasons' here.

As I stated above these bio weapons may not be the actual “mark” but do they need to be, considering that they contain both the name and the number?

I should also point out that much of the technology needed to track the “vaccines” is already in place!

Black light check points are popping up everywhere right now, we even saw one in Burger King!

Scanners which detect the wifi signals being put out by “vaxed” people are also being established (including your cell phones) and there have even been photographed sales cases in stores which have readers which will only allow “chipped” people to open them!

All of this has been going on for months and even years now!

This has been the plan for a LONG time!

People say that this cannot be the 'mark' because people took it before the info came out.

In the book of Matthew when the disciples asked Jesus what the sign of his return was, the first thing that he said was “take care that no one deceives you”!

Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't this mean that EVERY Christian alive at this point in time should be on a vigilant watch for deception? Especially when people KNOW that our leaders are outright liars and thieves?

I understood immediately when they began talking about 'vaccines” that they were the mark of the beast, but then again I have been actively watching!

The biggest reason that people don't want to believe that this could be the mark is the children!

So the question in my mind is exactly when did God change?

The very same people who are telling you that the vaccines cannot be the mark of the beast because of the children will adamantly tell you that God doesn't change yet God did not spare the children in the days of Noah nor did Lot take the children with him when he fled Sodom.

So why is anyone expecting God to spare the children now?

Does this mean that the children are lost? I don't know and neither do you. It is possible that God does not hold them accountable for the sins of their parents but I do not know!

The thing that most people (especially Christians) do not seem to understand is that we are the generations of sin!

I believe that the main entry of sin into our lives began when TV was introduced. (although a case could be made for radio and movies)

Think about this: when Television came into our homes it was regarded as simply entertainment and a good way to keep the kids occupied with 'harmless' cartoons etc.

And though it may have begun fairly harmlessly at first it evolved fairly quickly with the introduction of all sorts of un Christian content all while the parents did nothing!

I think that the main turning point was probably the Wizard of Oz. Suddenly wizards and witches are now welcome in our homes and hardly anyone even noticed!

Next we start getting sweet little witches and evil beings such as vampires and werewolves (shape shifters), etc and no one said a word!

After all it's just entertainment... right?

Today it has evolved to the point where you can now find any kind of vile sin despised by God with the touch of a button!

Including cartoons!

It has gotten so bad that we are now at a point where sorcery and witchcraft are even welcomed in our churches!

Enter C. S. Lewis!

Did you know that the Narnia chronicles are required reading for anyone entering witchcraft?

Before you tell me that C S Lewis was a Christian let me ask you this:

Why is it that the very first creature that Lucy encounters in Narnia was a representation of the Greek god Pan?

Pan (half goat/half man) is the god of sexual perversion, pedophilia and umbrellas!

And that is just the beginning! I truly am disgusted that Christians did not get the memo that Aslan who is supposed to be the representation of Jesus Christ was sacrificed on a SATANIC ALTER!

And this is ok?

Yet most Christians do not see this! Just harmless fun right?!

It occurred to me that I did not tie this together very well so I will do this here.

The point that I am trying to make here is this:

Every single sin that was present in the days of Noah and in Sodom and Gomorrah is present NOW!

But for some reason most people including most Christians do not see this!

Or want to see it!

Our children like us are all being indoctrinated into every vile reprehensible thing imaginable and nearly everyone seems to be oblivious to it!


Human sacrifice, cannibalism, every sexual sin imaginable, murder, Satanism, witchcraft....the list goes on and on, is readily available with the touch of a button and most people think that this is just harmless fun!

AND what isn't indoctrinating your children at home or in church is happening in school!

This has been a steady ongoing assault on Christianity for many, many years!

The main focus of course is the children!

Let me give you a few example of what is being presented to our children.

Super hero's!

Let's take a look at super hero's

Superman: he comes from another planet (fallen angel)

Is the 'savior' of humanity...(Satan) can walk on water, is nearly invincible and has a child with a human.. a hybrid or Nephilim as depicted in the Bible!

Wonder woman:

Wonder woman is a Greek goddess!

Spider man: a human/spider hybrid

Cyborg... need I say more?!

Captain America and hulk... both genetically altered human beings.

The list goes on and on!

And have you noticed that nearly all of our entertainment "hero's" are liars, thieves, murderers etc?

And of course witchcraft, sorcery and the casting of spells.

Video games  are full of darkness as well, It is hard to even find one that doesn't have some sort of sorcery in it!

Then let's not forget about pharmekia!

Which the Bible calls sorcery!

We were all indoctrinated into the idea as children that man needed to fix Gods mistakes via vaccines and medicines!

And we bought it!

 In case you didn't know this a great many of the maladies of today were never even heard of until after vaccines appeared on the scene. When autism made its appearance doctors were clueless about it!

And again the list goes on!

Nearly all medicines these days are not designed to cure anything, they simply address the symptoms. They are basically designed to keep you dependent on them for life!

And we say ok!

Don't get me wrong here I do think that God did indeed give us some things which were created to help us but for the most part the practice of medicine these days seems to be about pushing drugs not actually curing the ailment!


And ALL of this is an abomination to God!


And we are allowing this!

So tell me again why we should be expecting God to spare the children of this generation?

We have allowed every type of evil ungodly thing  imaginable to infiltrate not only our lives but the lives of our children and have not even admitted it let alone repented of it and then sit back and expect God to spare us... to spare our children?

The Bible says that the days ahead will be the worst in human history That they will be horrible beyond imagination!

So bad that unless these days be cut short no flesh would survive!

And this is the exact plan of the ruling elite... to destroy ALL of Gods natural creation!

I truly do not believe that there is any stopping this now, that it will continue to play out according to the Biblical prophesies and that the only way out now is  complete

repentance and surrender to Gods will and authority.

You are either with God, with Jesus or with the world and there is NO MIDDLE Ground!

No compromise!

So where do you stand?

God has been showing me lately that there will be a rapture but from what I am seeing I do not believe that it will be anything like the event most people are waiting for.

To begin with very few people will actually be going and there is no reason to believe that our bodies will disappear. It is possible that it appears to the world that we simply dropped dead! I might also note that it is quite possible that the rapture might not be simultaneous as in we all go at the same time, this could happen over the course of hours, days, weeks or even months we don't know but in Isaiah 57 is says that people die and no one realizes that God took them to spare them what comes next so.........

Lately we have watched as the book of Revelation is coming to life before our very eyes but because much of this is happening in a way that most are not expecting most Christians are rejecting the truth or refusing to accept that this could be true.

This is why so many will be deceived!

To me this seems very arrogant! It is a form of expecting God to live up to our expectations instead of trying to live up to his!

How are today's Christians so very different than the pharisees of Jesus' time?

Isn't this the same thing? Expecting God to fit into the box that we have created for him?

Declaring that God must do things our way?

Yet this seems to be far too common of an attitude among Christians!

I realize that it is very easy to fall into the trap of misinterpreting the Bible after all this is how so many false doctrines have sprung up but is it really so hard to understand that Satan and his followers have been actively seeking to infiltrate and destroy all of the churches of God for eons?

Or that you need to actually read the Bible yourself and not simply rely on the interpretation of your church?

Clergymen are human beings and can easily fall into the same traps that any other human being can fall into and many- many have!

So maybe it's a good idea to try talking to and listening to God instead of simply trusting your clergy to have all of the answers!

We are supposed to actually have a living relationship with Jesus not a proxy one!
I honestly hope that I am finished with this website and that Jesus will come for me soon. I am beyond ready to go!

I understand that some of us have to look at the horrible, dark and terrible things that are happening in this world because it is hard to fight an enemy that you know nothing about especially in the days of deception that we are currently living in but it is hard and it takes a toll on you.

I understand that some of us need to sound the alarm and that the watchmen are important right now but that doesn't mean we have to like it.... We just need be willing to obey God and do what we can.

However I truly feel in the depths of my soul that God has released me from this burden and that at this point and I am pretty much just preaching to the choir anyway.

I will end this by simply saying that I look forward to meeting you when we get home!