It Has Begun

Most people do not realize that we are already at war. They don't understand this because our enemy is a coward who will not openly tell us this!

Although I do believe that they do have to tell us the truth they do NOT have to do so in a way that we will believe!

This is called a loophole!

The thing is that they have been telling us but most of us refuse to listen!

The people who have been paying attention have tried to tell people but....

You know how it goes.... if you if you listen to those conspiracy people then you might be labeled one of them! We can't have that!

And once someone labels you a conspiracy theorist the label will stick... forever!

Even if they are learning the truth for themselves they still will keep that label on you forever!

It doesn't matter that the conspiracy theorists just might be telling us the truth with verifiable facts, if we listen to them and start actually looking at the truth then people might think that we are losing our minds and we might be labeled 'one of them'!

I guess what people think of us is more important than our lives and the lives of those whom we love.

You see the FBI weaponized the term “conspiracy theorist” back in the 70s as a means of discrediting anyone who doesn't go along with the official narrative.

A classic example of this is the UFO frenzy of the 70s and 80s. Many people were trying to get information out there about this topic but the government did their best to make people believe that these were just a few isolated nuts.

Now the truth about UFOs is starting to come to light and world governments are telling us that they really do exist but the damage has already been done!

People still cling to the “conspiracy theory” crazies model and will not trust anyone trying to get any 'unsanctioned' truth out. AKA any information not given to them by their government slave-masters.

This is called mind control programming! It works VERY WELL!

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this also considered 'control of information' or 'fact checking' as it is called now. Or to put it another way controlling what people think!
We are watching Biblical prophesy coming true at an amazing rate right now!

I have to say that I honestly do not understand why most “Christians” do not see what so many others of us do!

For example I do not see how Christians cannot see the corona virus as the first of the four horsemen!

I really do not understand how Bible educated Christians cannot see that they are using the crown (the corona) to conquer the world!

Shouldn't this be obvious? To me this is so very clear!

Now this could be a coincidence except that the red horse is riding too. It was given to him to take peace from the earth and he was given a sword and went out to kill and murder. This is happening too, in fact it is being ramp-ed up, even encouraged right now!

Next we have the black horse which represents high food prices and hunger and yes this is happening too, in fact there are many people around the world who cannot afford food now! Even here in the US! The cost of everything is already starting to skyrocket!

Next comes the pale horse and he actually represents starvation!
The United Nations released a statement a couple of months ago saying that the world can expect famines of “Biblical” proportions THIS YEAR! 2021

(Oh and did I mention that Bill Gates is buying up farm land here in the USA?)

Whether this will happen or not remains to be seen but it is still a good idea to be prepared because it is part of their plan.

Now we have the “vaccines” which fit the mark of the beast narrative given in the Bible almost to the letter yet people still cannot see this!


Because the love of the truth is not in them!

As a Jesus loving Christian who loves people it is very hard to watch as people I care about join the enemy and accept what will destroy them!

I want to add a thought here: There are many people out there who are fellow watchmen who are looking at much of what is happening in the world who think that this cannot be Biblical prophesy because it is being manufactured by the ruling elite but it seems to me that it doesn't really matter how something happens if it is what God said it would be! In other words just because something happens differently than people expect, it doesn't mean that this isn't the event that we were warned about!

The time of freedom of religion is rapidly coming to a close in the 'free' world as well!

Christians in the US and other 'free' countries will soon experience the severe persecution experienced by our brothers and sisters in more oppressed countries and yes this will include death!

Christians and patriots have been labeled as terrorists by the US government here in the US, let that sink in!

The Pope a year or two ago made the statement that Bible believing Christians should be considered dangerous and as much of a threat as Muslim Jihadists!

We are now seeing people on main stream Television calling the “so-called” Trump supporters who stormed the White House 'terrorists' who should be treated the same way we treat Muslim extremists, torture or kill them!
One woman on TV even said that we should use drones to target and kill such extremists!

Understand that they are talking about freedom loving Americans here!

Forget the fact that the storming of the white house was a staged event using ANTIFA and crisis actors to fulfill a purpose.... that fact will never come out in main stream news feeds!

However it is the perfect excuse to target the right wing patriots and of course the Christians!

Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't this look suspiciously like a staged event?

Understand that this war was waged on us a long time ago, many of the things that are happening right now were planned about 50 years ago and some of them even further back than that!

But you see they (the ruling elite) are afraid of us. So they must convince us that the world is in danger and that we are the problem so that we will willingly go along with their agenda, which just happens to mean the annihilation of most of the worlds population!

This is where 'Global Warming' comes in.
For decades now we have been told that the world is warming up and we are the problem aka the ones causing this and this must be corrected!

However let me ask you this: How many oil fields do you own? How many car manufacturing plants do you own?

Did you know that when the automobile was invented it ran on alcohol?

Yes, clean burning biodegradable renewable alcohol!
And cars can be made to run on this now! So if there is really a global warming crisis and fossil fuels are a big part of the problem then why are we still using gasoline?

Did you know that countries all over the world posses weather weapons?
And they have been using these weapons for over 50 years now!
In fact there are treaties in place that prohibit the use of weather weapons.

This is the real cause of “Global Warming”!

I strongly suggest that you go to stopthecrime.net Deborah Tavares the woman who does this website is excellent at putting up documented proof of what these evil people are really up to! She has tons of information on her site about what is really happening behind the scenes that we need to be aware of, but I warn you much of her information is extremely difficult to look at!

So back to the global warming issue:

We have been told continually for decades that we are the problem and at this point most of the worlds population actually believes this to be true!

The point of this is to get us to agree to our own destruction! In other words we are giving them permission to destroy us!

Your beliefs are everything! This is how they get you to relinquish your free will!

So is all of this connected to the plandemic (not a typo) and the vaccines? You bet it is!

There is a coalition of over 87,000 (and growing) doctors, health care professionals and lawyers coming forward and risking everything to tell people the truth about this!

They are calling the so-called pandemic a hoax and calling the 'vaccines' weapons of mass destruction!

Did you know that Bill Gates made a speech to a group of the ruling elite decades ago saying that he would reduce the worlds population by 85% with vaccines?

Let that sink in!

Some of these doctors are saying that the vaccines will directly kill off nearly everyone who takes them within a year!

People are dying from the vaccines! Are you hearing anything about this on main stream media? NO! People are developing all types of other adverse reactions too. Things like bells palsy, where they cannot control their body and they are constantly twitching and jerking or paralysis miscarriages, etc and we are not hearing a peep about this on the news!

And once you have been injected with these so-called vaccines it CANNOT be reversed! Once they are in you they are there till you die!

I also want to point out the great double standard that is being used here.

Last March they started telling us that doctors should label everything possible as COVID19 and that has been a regular occurrence ever since. Cancer, strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, lung disease..etc...etc has been regularly labeled as COVID deaths by many so-called health care professionals over the last year! They have even gone so far as to label suicides and drug overdoses as COVID!

Money! They are being paid $30,000 per patient to label these deaths COVID!

Meanwhile COVID seems to cure everything else! Nobody seems to be able to die from any of these other causes anymore!
(I personally believe that anyone labeling any death as COVID when it obviously wasn't is treason! Treason against God, humanity the USA and the World!)

Oh and did you know that 3 major separate laboratories in the USA did studies on the so-called COVID samples and found NO COVID in any of them? All they found was influenza A and influenza B. In fact they requested a sample of the COVID virus from the CDC and NEVER got one!

(I actually saw a Christian minister on face book selling the narrative that the “Flu” has all but disappeared thanks to the face masks! REALLY?!)
(more on this in a bit)

The truth is that the annual death toll here in the US has been pretty much right on par with past years! In other words NO INCREASED DEATH TOLL!

But you dare not have the audacity to question any of the 'official' facts you will be labeled a liar or worse!

In fact we have been told over and over that even questioning the official story is dangerous despite the obvious lack of any kind of proof on their part!

Now for the twist, we are witnessing first hand that people are being harmed and even dying from the vaccines but yet we are being told that these injuries and deaths are not related to the vaccines!
People just die... especially the elderly!

So You cannot question the “truth” of the so-called virus and you cannot question the safety of the vaccines!
Think about this!

A few weeks ago our scripted news announcers made a statement basically saying that people like me and others trying to get the truth out there are dangerous liars! (paraphrasing here)

Saying that information that goes against the official narrative is “a threat to our democracy”.

So basically what they are saying is that freedom of speech, our constitutional right is a threat to our democracy!
Let that sink in!!!!

And people believe this!

Understanding their agenda:

The goal of the ruling elite is control! They want to control absolutely everything that you do including the very thoughts that you think!
Of course this must begin by eliminating most of the world population!

They must have a controllable population!

AND this must look like they are the heroes in all of this which is why they must constantly bombard people with propaganda!

The propaganda is EVERYWHERE! TV, radio, computers, phones, school, stores and even churches and Christian radio stations!
They must keep the masses as dumb-ed down and brainwashed as possible while they take control of the world! Of course while people are SO focused on “being safe” they can get away with pretty much anything they want to and it is working brilliantly!

Now they are fully aware that there are going to be people who are awake and seeing what they are really doing so they must silence them and they can do this by turning the controlled masses against them, by convincing them that such people are a threat to them!

By making people like me out to be the monsters they can appear as the 'savior'!

This is a set up and most of the world will fall for it!

Of course Satan is behind all of this and you had better believe that by the time all is said and done the world will see this for themselves!

The number of people who are part of this great deception is enormous! Some are willing participants and some are deceived but all are doing Satan's bidding in one form or another!

In Matthew 24 Jesus said take heed that no one deceive you, how I wish more Christians understood this!

The Satanic humans taking part in this horror show honestly believe that they will profit from their efforts in the end but the irony of this is that it will result in their destruction!

The simple truth is that they cannot follow Satan without knowing that he is a liar!

If you put your faith and trust in a liar then how can you possibly believe that he would tell you the truth about anything?
Yet they cling to this illusion!

Remember I said that there was a pastor on face book saying that face masks and social distancing have all but stopped the flu this year?

This guy is absolutely working for the enemy!

It is impossible to honestly believe that faces masks, etc have somehow miraculously stopped the flu but not stopped the so-called COVID 19!

Make no mistake there are a great many “Christian” leaders taking part in this charade! And some of them are fully aware of what they are doing!

Of course there are also those who are simply following the crowd, going along with the plan without bothering to seek out the truth for themselves and they are just as dangerous if not more so than their deceiving brethren!

Either way these leaders are a direct threat to their congregations!

The world is choosing up sides.... The war is here!

Understanding God's agenda:
Unlike our enemy who is trying to force his agenda on the world, God is a gentleman. He doesn't force himself or his plans on anyone. He wants you to come to him willingly!

He wants you to seek out his truth for yourself and he has done everything that he can to give us plenty of warning about what is happening today so that we would be prepared and not fall into the trap set by the enemy!

And yet so few actually see this!

The simple truth is that WE are the children of God!
God formed us with his own hands and breathed his own life into us... and this is the very basis of our DNA!
Human beings are the ONLY thing in creation that God did this with!

Fallen angels do NOT have Gods DNA in them... We do!

WE are the children of God...... WE are the ones with the true power!

So ask yourself this question.... Why would the ruling elite want to inject us with something that would alter our DNA?

It seems pretty obvious when you look at it from this perspective, doesn't it?!

The problem is that very few human beings really understand this! Very few people understand the true power that they possess and this is not by accident. It is the result of many, many years of mind control and thought manipulation!

In truth the battle for our minds has raged for thousands of years, and the invention of TV, radio etc and the programmed agendas of evolution, global warming and “bad Humans” has heavily contributed to keeping people in the dark about their true nature and power!

Satan and his angels are doing everything that they possibly can to keep humanity from this realization and this is the very reason why they must recruit human beings into their service!

Humans can do things that angels cannot... like kill other humans!

And by changing our DNA and putting us under the control of computers we are no longer the children of God and therefore become the property of Satan!

There is only one catch... They cannot override our free will!

This is why they need such elaborate deceptions! This is why they must convince you that you are somehow in GREAT danger and must allow them to protect you from this danger by changing your DNA... this is the only way to protect yourselves and your loved ones from this dangerous disease that isn't really killing anyone!

Understand people....YOU are the disease that THEY need to be protected from!

Do you not know that you will stand in judgment on angels?

Oh I am certain that they will indeed use anything and everything possible to destroy as much of humanity as they can, especially those of us who resist and these methods will include everything at their disposal, wars, civil wars, technology which includes the nanites (microscopic machines) that they they have saturated everything with and which they plan to inject into our bodies to further the process of making us in the image of Satan and not the image of God, and everything else imaginable!

Then when it gets too dangerous for them they will escape into the underground cities that they have been preparing for decades now, thinking that they will be safe.... but they won't be!

God will punish those that harm the earth!

I watched a video about the nanite technology that they have been saturating everything with for decades now, in which they have been dumping these microscopic machines on us for years, that talked about how these things are in everything now, plants, trees, water and even the ground itself and yes I believe this to be true because I have been seeing these reports about this for years now.

Something in the Bible that I didn't really understand suddenly started to make sense to me!

The Bible says that God will destroy the earth with fire this time and that there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

God will make a new earth for his people that has not been poisoned and contaminated by the enemy!

All of their evil devices, technologies and poisons will be completely incinerated and no one will every dig up or unleash these evils on us ever again!

This is why God will create a new earth!

Anyway the war has begun and the world is choosing sides even if they do not fully realize this yet.

Those of us who are awake and rooted in Christ can see this coming and those who are asleep will not only be caught off guard but will soon be facing horrors beyond their imagination!

My heart breaks for these people but they have to want to see the truth and none of us can change this fact!

This is a very hard time to be alive! It is very hard watching people whom we care about self destruct knowing that there is nothing more that we can do for them!

However we are in the end days and all of this must come to pass!

The day will come when Jesus wipes away all tears and we will live and rejoice forever!

Take heart for our Lord Jesus will return soon!

Matthew 16:25
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Ephesians 6:12 KJV
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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