False Worship

Many times now I have heard people say that the “vaccines” cannot be the mark of the beast because the mark of the beast is about worship.

So I thought that I would look up the word worship and just for fun I thought I would look up false worship as well I found the results interesting and I believe that you will also!


Worship can be defined as “the reverence or adoration that one shows toward something or someone; holding a person or object in high esteem; or giving a person or an object a place of importance or honor.” There are hundreds of scriptures in the Bible that speak about worship and provide guidance as to both who and how to worship.

It is a Biblical mandate that we worship God and Him alone. It is an act that is designed not only to bring honor to Him who deserves honor, but also to bring a spirit of obedience and submission to the worshippers.

worship implies homage usually expressed in words or ceremony.

Worship Is A Command
Throughout the Bible, we are actually commanded to worship. This is not a negative burden, but a clear invitation to glorify the only One who deserves our praise, Jesus. He is holy and we are called to give Him thanks and praise. This is a joy for the redeemed.
(Have we not been commanded to take the shot?)

reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.
formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage:

What is Worship?
The word in the Hebrew for worship in the verb form is “shachah” and it means “to bow down, to prostrate oneself” or to “lay flat on the ground.” We see many in the Old Testament prostrate themselves before the Lord. The Greek word for worship that is often used in the New Testament is “proskyneō” and this means to “kiss the hand, to fall on the knees,” or to “prostrate oneself” which is similar to what it is in the Old Testament but there are other Greek renditions of the word worship like “prokeneuo” which means to “pay homage” and “sebazomai” which mean “to render religious honor.” The word worship comes from the old English word “weorþscipe” with the root of it being “worthiness” or “worth-ship” or “worth – to give” or in its simplest form, “worth to something.

False worship

Holman Bible Dictionary. False Worship. A broad category of acts and attitudes which includes the worship, reverence, or religious honoring of any object, person, or entity other than the one true God. It also includes impure, improper, or other inappropriate acts directed toward the worship of the true God. Worship offered to a false object is the most obvious and easily recognized form of false worship.

9 Characteristics of False Worship
1. Idolatry is motivated by political or other sociological concerns.
2. Idolatry finds advisors to support the false worship.
3. Idolatry attributes to idols (science) what God has accomplished.
4. Idolatry will find historical precedent. (medicine)
5. Idolatry will establish its own institutions. (CDC,NHS,etc)
6. Idolatry will appoint its own priests. (Gates, Fauci)
7. Idolatry will co-opt elements from true worship of the Lord. (Vaccines are our savior)
8. Idolatry will be financially supported by its people.
9. Idolatry is devised in the foolish hearts of man.

So let's break this down.
Idolatry is motivated by political or other sociological concerns

Are the C19 vaccines motivated by political or social concerns? Of course they are! This has been the case since the very beginning of the plandemic. Make people afraid of the boogy man and then make them afraid that they are a danger to the people whom they love so that they will willingly do as they are told without question!

All of this is of course part of the Satanic agenda of control and depopulation!

Idolatry finds advisors to support the false worship

Does the “vaccine” have advisors to support the false worship?

Yes it does in fact nearly every government in the world is advising the worship of this object aka the shot!

Idolatry attributes to idols (science) what God has accomplished

Haven't they been telling us from the very beginning that these vaccines are the “savior” of humanity? That this is the only thing which will save the human race?
In other words they are taking away the role of SAVIOR from Jesus Christ and applying it to these vaccines.... this OBJECT!

Idolatry will find historical precedent.

Does this idolatry have historical precedent? Yes!
Have they not been telling us for over a 100 years how wonderful and life saving vaccines of all kinds are?

Idolatry will establish its own institutions.

Phizer, Moderna, the CDC, NHS, and the WHO just to name a few! Does this idol have its own institutions? YES!

Idolatry will appoint its own priests

Does this “vaccine” have its own priests? Gates, Fauci etc. ?

Yes it does!

Idolatry will co-opt elements from true worship of the Lord

I have already discussed this a little but yes! The clot shots have in fact been deemed as the savior and protector of humanity, some how saving us when God cannot!
This is the underlying message that is being sent here!

Idolatry will be financially supported by its people

Does the “vaccines” have financial support? I would call billions and billions of dollars pretty impressive financial support... wouldn't you?

Idolatry is devised in the foolish hearts of man

This is also true!

How many people truly believe that this idol will actually protect them from evil aka the corona virus? Literally billions!

And at least a billion or more who believed that allowing this idol into their lives would somehow allow them to keep their job or livelihood so that they can keep the life that they have created for themselves?

All of which is nothing but foolishness!

Okay we have discussed false worship what about worship?

Reverent honor and adoration... aren't people treating this “vaccine” as if it were something to be honored and adored? The 'savior' of humanity?

Are people not paying homage to this idol in words and in ceremony?

How many people have proudly boasted about having gotten their shots? How many have proudly displayed a button or bandage proclaiming that they have had their shot?

Wouldn't you call this words and ceremony?

Obedience/ submission. This is also true! People are indeed obeying and submitting themselves to this idol!

Worship aka giving worth to something, it goes without saying that this is also true!

So I ask you.... When people are going in and getting these shots which directly connect you to the beast system are they or are they not worshiping an idol?

Worship belongs to Jesus Christ.... period!

He alone can save us!

No idol, witchcraft, spell or pharmekia (medicine) can replace or protect us from anything in this world!

So the next time that you hear someone say that the shots cannot be the mark of the beast because the mark of the beast is about worship think about the true meaning of worship!

The simple truth is that these vaccines fit the description of a false idol almost to the letter!