Those Who Seek
Is this what we are seeing now?

It seems like we are in a race right now. People are waking up to the truth that what is happening in the world today has nothing what so ever to do with some imaginary killer virus and everything to do with a world wide socialist takeover.

This is genocide and total enslavement from which you will NEVER again know freedom!

Neither in this life or the next!

This is what the “vaccines”are designed to do!

People are finally starting to fight back, Law suits are popping up all over the world which include human rights violations as well as violations of the Nuremberg codes and numerous other health and safety violations being imposed on humanity via the so called preventative measures.

The question is: Is this happening fast enough to stop this diabolical plan?

Time will tell but if this is happening via Gods timing then they will succeed, at least to some extent.

Every day I hear of more and more people allowing these evil people to inject these 'mad scientist' experiments into their bodies without any clue what they are saying yes to and it is literally breaking my heart!

You see if you say that the “vaccines” are the mark of the beast then the reality is that many of the people whom you know and love have committed eternal suicide and there is nothing you can do to about it!

Which brings me to this:
How many of these people who are accepting these “vaccines” are doing so because they honestly believe that these science experiments are going to “save their life” or somehow protect others?

Over and over I keep thinking that this is a fulfillment of Matthew 16:25 and Mark 8:35 that those who seek to save their life will lose it.

Matthew 16:25
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

Mark 8:35
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.

I have seen several references now to the “vaccines” as being the “great HOPE” or the “savior” and this is what people are placing their faith in!

To SAVE their life!

There is only one SAVIOR and one GREAT HOPE and that is Jesus Christ!

How is it that people cannot see the connection to worship here?

How can you NOT see that you are placing your FAITH in a vaccine aka pharmakia aka sorcery to SAVE your life?

Yet people seem blind to this...WHY?

Even “church leaders” seem to be turning a blind eye to the reality of this evil, diabolical push to enslave and or destroy Gods children aka the human race and the mind boggling truth is that many, many people who call themselves a Christian will be eternally lost when this is over!

All because they chose to believe in this “vaccine Messiah” instead of trusting in Jesus and what he warned them about!

Jesus said take heed that no one deceive you and yet people who claim to follow him think that somehow they cannot be deceived!

How clear does this need to be?

So what is the reality of the “vaccine”?

The reality is that by their own admission anyone over the age of 70 who gets the vaccine has a 40% greater chance of dying from the vaccine than from COVID!

And this is an official statement which means that the numbers are probably far higher than that!

The reality is that the “vaccines” are killing people... a lot of people!

There are people who are saying that they can no longer feel the holy spirit after being vaccinated!

There are people having horrendous side effects such as bells palsy from which there is no cure or effective treatment and in many cases their insurance will not cover their treatment because it is vaccine related!

The mRNA contained in these 'vaccines' has had clinical trials done with animals in the past but they ended these trials because ALL of the test animals DIED!

There is one scientist (I will try and post the link) who worked on vaccines, who is calling this vaccine a 'leaky' vaccine. What he is talking about is a vaccine which will ultimately kill un-vaccinated people!

This has been done with chickens, the chicks were vaccinated within 24 hours of hatching and what happened was that all of the un-vaccinated chicks died!
What this means is that “vaccinated” people could be a true danger to those of us who are not!

This makes me wonder if the green passports which are being rolled out might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for some of us.

In case you don't know what a green passport is it is the “proof” that you have had your shots! It allows you to travel, go to social events and even includes going to stores!
I am quite sure that the end result will be that you cannot buy or sell without it!

Sound familiar?

The bottom line here is this:
ALL of us... every human being on earth will make a choice and to answer the obvious question here I do believe that parents have the authority over their children to make this choice for them. I do not believe that those who are forced against their will are necessarily accountable though.

You will make a choice! We all will and many of us will die for that choice!

This is truth... this is reality!

So what choice will you make? Will you choose to save your life and lose it or will you choose to lose your life for Christ and save it?

You will choose!